Taste luxury at “Fukiya” an inn that is dedicated to the beauty of Japanese style.

Fukiya stands on a hill with a quiet and scenic view, where you can enjoy Michelin-starred Japanese cuisine in your room.

Why not enjoy seven hot spring baths, including a private open-air bath, and Japanese cuisine using seafood from Sagami Bay near Yugawara!

In this issue, we will introduce in detail the charm, location, room features, and cuisine of this Fukiya in Kanagawa Prefecture.

Fukiya Location

Fukiya Location
Source : https://www.yugawarafukiya.com/

Fukiya, located 8 minutes by cab from Yugawara Station on the JR Tokaido Line, is an inn that is built on a hill with a quiet and scenic view and is dedicated to Japanese style.

There are many recommended sightseeing spots nearby, including the Aerial Walking Museum, Shigemitsu Aoi Memorial Museum, and Raccoon-fukujinja Shrine.

The Aerial Walking Museum is a hidden museum in Yugawara.

Visitors can get a close-up look at the huge oil paintings on the wall and touch the sound works to feel art close at hand.

Visitors can also make their own works of art using wooden blocks and purchase the pieces on display.

It is nice to be able to purchase accessories, carved glass, and other wonderful works of art at affordable prices.

And the Aoi Shigemitsu Memorial Hall, where the Minister of Foreign Affairs signed Japan’s Instrument of Surrender aboard the U.S. battleship Missouri as a representative of the postwar government, introduces the history of the diplomat and politician through photos and videos.

The museum’s exhibits, including photographs, diplomatic documents, a study desk, and a large vintage suitcase with signs of use, allow visitors to learn more about Shigemitsu’s efforts for peace behind the scenes of World War II.

In addition, the Raccoon Fortune Shrine is located in Manyo Park in the center of the Yugawara hot spring resort area.

The shrine is marked by four small, cute red torii gates, and ema (votive picture tablet) depicting a cute raccoon dog soaking in hot spring water is a popular item that will grant your wish.

Attraction of Fukiya

Attraction of Fukiya
Source : https://www.yugawarafukiya.com/

Fukiya is a quiet hot spring resort located in the mountains, where you can relax and enjoy your trip to your heart’s content.

The seven baths in the building include three private baths, an open-air rock bath, and separate large public baths for men and women, which can be enjoyed in turn.

The large baths are colorless and odorless, with a low salt content, making them easy to enter and gentle on the skin.

The two open-air baths on the rooftop are large enough to relax in, and the beautiful ridge lines of the mountains surrounding Yugawara come into view as you step into the baths.

At night, enjoy bathing under a star-filled sky.

The floor of the bathing area is made of thick pine planks and is very comfortable to enter with bare feet.

Massage chairs are also available for your relaxation after bathing in the hot spring.

The private bedrock baths are also available, allowing you to relax without disturbing anyone.

It is also nice to be able to adjust the indirect lighting so that you can enjoy the healing space with the brightness of your choice.

The esthetic room is a salon that creates beauty and health with deep relaxation in a relaxing and calm space.

Please be healed both mentally and physically by our careful and high quality treatment.

room with facilities for boiling water

room with facilities for boiling water
Source : https://www.yugawarafukiya.com/

Fukiya offers seven types of guest rooms. They are Japanese-style rooms with the comfort of a sukiya Japanese-style room.

The special rooms with a garden are all flat tatami mats, including the step-in veranda.

We recommend you to sit on the chair of the masterpiece by Finn Youl prepared on the veranda and enjoy the changes of the four seasons.

The Japanese-style room with a Japanese cypress indoor bath is also equipped with a restroom, allowing you to spend a relaxing time.

Other rooms include a cozy 10 square meter room and a 12 square meter room in a purely Japanese style.

Each room has its own unique character, and you will feel the attention to detail and hospitality.

The amenities are also well stocked with little items such as letter sets and sewing sets.

There are moments when you will be glad you chose Fukiya, when you discover the satisfaction that permeates the senses and the spirit of hospitality!

You will experience the weight of history and dignity that allows us to casually maintain the high quality that is inevitable but natural, and it will be an irreplaceable memory of your trip.

Cooking at Fukiya

Cooking at Fukiya
Source : https://www.yugawarafukiya.com/

Fukiya’s cuisine is Japanese cuisine with a sense of the four seasons, using carefully selected seasonal ingredients.

Each Japanese dish, which changes monthly, is delivered with fresh seafood and carefully selected seasonal ingredients.

Please enjoy a banquet of flavors that combine tradition and novelty.

As the cuisine progresses, the taste of the Koryu no Shizuku you drink becomes more pronounced.

Our signature dishes include plump, sake-steamed shredded sea bream prepared with shredded shredded sleet and autumnal blowtorched grilled dish.

The matsutake mushroom and pike conger soup, matsutake mushroom rice, and natural kukai shabushabu are also excellent.

Desserts such as chestnut yokan made from Tanba chestnuts simmered in honey and crushed jelly with heated Cointreau are also very popular!

And you can order additional dishes such as black beef or abalone steak.

For breakfast, rice cooked in our original earthenware pot is delivered to each room.

You can also enjoy the aroma of high-quality nori seaweed that has been roasted on a brazier with binchotan charcoal.

Homemade tofu is another source of energy in the morning.

Between 7:00 and 8:00 a.m., morning coffee is served in the lobby, which is also a nice touch.

If you are feeling a little hungry for an evening meal, you can also enjoy the service of fine sushi rolls, etc.

Fukiya Basic Information

Facility Name Fukiya
Address 398 Miyaue, Yugawara-cho, Ashigarashita-gun, Kanagawa, Japan
Phone Number +81465-62-1000
Budget Approx. 71,148 yen for 2 persons (tax included)
Official website https://www.yugawarafukiya.com/


This time we have introduced “Fukiya” located in Kanagawa Prefecture.

Enjoy the best of Japanese cuisine in a guest room that combines the comfort of a sukiya Japanese-style room with Japanese-style furnishings.

We hope you will visit Fukiya, an inn that is dedicated to the beauty of Japanese style.