Enjoy Japanese kaiseki cuisine and hot spring baths at the Shougetsu Grand Hotel, where all guest rooms overlook the valley.

Shougetsu Grand Hotel is the only hotel in Jozankei where all guest rooms overlook the valley.

Why don’t you enjoy our signature Japanese kaiseki cuisine and spring water onsen while feeling the changes of the four seasons!

In this issue, we will introduce in detail the charm, location, room features, and cuisine of this Shougetsu Grand Hotel in Hokkaido.

Location of Shougetsu Grand Hotel

Location of Shougetsu Grand Hotel
Source : https://www.shogetsugrand.com/

Located approximately 90 minutes by bus from JR Sapporo Station, the Shougetsu Grand Hotel is a long-established culinary inn located close to the center of Sapporo City.

Jozan Fountainhead Park, a 5-minute walk away, is located in the center of Jozankei Onsen district and was created to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the birth of Jozanbo, the founder of Jozankei Onsen.

The hot spring water flows through a recreation of the rich forests of Jozankei, complete with footbaths, knee baths, beauty baths, and a hot spring waterfall.

There is also a wildflower trail that is perfect for a stroll!

The park also has a hot spring where you can make hot eggs, which are boiled from the hot spring source in about 15 to 20 minutes.

The Futami Suspension Bridge, a 15-minute walk from the inn, is located in Jozankei Futami Park and overlooks the Toyohira River.

It is a popular spot for viewing the seasonal scenery of the upper west side of the Toyohira River, which flows through the Jozankei Onsen Hot Spring Resort area, as well as Futami Iwa and Kappa Fuchi.

During the fall foliage season, it is crowded with many tourists!

At night, the area is illuminated and project mapped out to create a wonderful moment.

Attractions of the Shougetsu Grand Hotel

Attractions of the Shougetsu Grand Hotel
Source : https://www.shogetsugrand.com/

After checking in at the Shougetsu Grand Hotel, you can first take a break with manjuu (steamed buns) and tea from Jozankei’s famous confectioner Daikokuya.

There is also a “honey buffet” where you can taste honey from all over the world.

The store offers a wide variety of Jozankei and Hokkaido souvenirs, so feel free to stop by.

The hot spring baths are rich in beneficial properties and smooth to the touch, soaking the body and soul.

The large bathhouse has a three-tiered bathtub with a sleeping area in the middle, where you can relax and enjoy the view of the sky outside the window.

The “yunokiri” source steam bath is a steam bath that utilizes the steam produced by the 75-degree spring water.

The steam from the natural hot spring is used as it is, allowing the skin to perspire without strain, and it is rich in beneficial effects.

In addition, there are two types of private baths: “Sankei no Yu,” which offers an outstanding view of the Toyohira River and the valley, and “Meditation no Yu,” a unique bath where you can meditate!

You can enjoy your own time in the faintly lit space with a dome-like roof created over the bathtub.

And the beer service after your bath is the best kind of hospitality!

Shougetsu Grand Hotel Rooms

Shougetsu Grand Hotel Rooms
Source : https://www.shogetsugrand.com/

All rooms at the Shougetsu Grand Hotel overlook the valley.

You can also enjoy the changing seasonal atmosphere, the richness of nature’s activities, and the beautiful scenery spreading out in the window.

The 67㎡ spacious and relaxing rooms are premium rooms with a hot spring and a view of the seasonal valley.

The Family Room is a Japanese-style room with a living room that can be used by families and groups to relax.

Superior twin room with moon motif art installed in an intimate space.

Modern Japanese/Western style room with 10 tatami mats Japanese-style room and wooden flooring with twin beds.

Comfort Spa Room, a twin room with a warm atmosphere and a Jacuzzi bath.

Each of these unique rooms overflowing with charm can be selected according to your style.

There’s a space waiting for you to fully enjoy your base of operations for your trip!

And you’ll love all the amenities they have to offer!

Cuisine at Shougetsu Grand Hotel

Cuisine at Shougetsu Grand Hotel
Source : https://www.shogetsugrand.com/

The cuisine at Shougetsu Grand Hotel is traditional kaiseki cuisine using locally grown vegetables.

We prepare fresh, seasonal ingredients that have been carefully selected over the years to preserve the original flavors of the ingredients.

The kaiseki cuisine, which combines traditional Japanese cuisine with the chef’s own creations, will make your stay the most luxurious experience ever.

After-dinner sweets are a very popular delight! The hospitality of the evening meal is also very thoughtful.

Breakfast is a Japanese set meal, a three-tiered stacked dish and a healthful morning hot pot of the four seasons.

We also recommend the petit buffet with colorful salads and drinks!

On the 5th floor, enjoy freshly prepared delicacies at the “Oborozuki” dining room, a space where you can spend your private time in an open atmosphere.

And at the 6th floor dining room “Dawn”, you can enjoy a relaxing moment while gazing at the beautiful nature of the valley spreading out all over the windows.

In the lounge “Shougetsu Club,” the fireplace creates a magical atmosphere in a space that harmoniously blends Japanese and Western decorations.

Enjoy our signature dishes in each of these spaces!

Basic information about Shougetsu Grand Hotel

Facility Name Shougetsu Grand Hotel
Address 3-239 Jozankei Onsen Higashi, Minami-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan
Phone Number +81570-026-575
Budget Approx. 35,200 yen for 2 persons (tax included)
Official website https://www.shogetsugrand.com/


This time we have introduced Shougetsu Grand Hotel in Hokkaido.

You can enjoy our Japanese kaiseki cuisine and hot spring baths with free-flowing hot-spring water in a location not far from the center of Sapporo City.

Please visit Shougetsu Grand Hotel, where you can enjoy a panoramic view of the beautiful seasonal valley from all guest rooms.