Enjoy delicious food and hot springs while letting your mind play “Delicious Onsen Yumemisaki & Villa Yumesaki”.

The hotel offers delicious meals such as fresh local fish purchased from local fishing ports, Boshu shrimp, abalone, and other delicacies only possible in Chiba Prefecture, which is surrounded by the sea, as well as a full range of hot springs.

A variety of guest rooms are available for you to choose from according to your travel style.

  • Those who want to stay with a view of the sea
  • For those who want to enjoy fresh seafood
  • Those who wish to enjoy hot springs in the hotel.

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In this article, we will introduce in detail the charms, location, room features, and cuisine of this delicious hot spring Yumemisaki, located in Minami-Boso Chikura-cho, Chiba Prefecture.

Delicious Onsen Yumemisaki Location

Delicious Onsen Yumemisaki Location
Source : https://yumemisaki.co.jp/

Delicious Onsen Yumemisaki is a hotel located in Chikura-cho, Minami-Boso City, Chiba Prefecture.

Accessible from the Tokyo metropolitan area in 90 minutes, the hotel is a hot spring hotel with unspoiled nature and a restaurant.

If you are coming by car, you can use the Tokyo Bay Aqualine or Tateyama Expressway from the Tokyo area.

The hotel is also easily accessible by highway bus or train.

In nearby Minami-Boso, there are many tourist facilities such as Mother Farm, Kamogawa Sea World, and Tokyo Deutsche Mura, where you can directly feel the charm of nature through the plants and animals.

The roadside station Tomiura Biwa Club, which won the National Roadside Station Grand Prix in 2000, is also close by, so you can enjoy sightseeing without wasting time when you come by car.

In Minami-Boso City, you can feel the seasonal changes of flora and fauna, and you can also easily access the Winter Illumination at Tokyo Deutsche Mura, which is recognized as one of the three major illuminations in the Kanto region.

For those who want to enjoy shopping while sightseeing, we recommend the outlet malls in Kisarazu.

It is a popular place to buy brand-name products you have been wanting at a great price.

Why not go and see the goods that you can only encounter in this place?

Delicious Onsen Yumemisaki Attractions

Delicious Onsen Yumemisaki Attractions
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The concept is “delicious food and hot springs.

The most attractive point is that you can forget about everyday life and spend a relaxing time while enjoying exquisite meals and soaking in elaborate hot springs.

You can enjoy both the “countryside” atmosphere of Boso, with its old fishing ports, beaches, and flower fields, and the “retro-modern” atmosphere that overflows from the cafes and restaurants.

The hotel is built along the coastline of Chikura, offering beautiful sea views from the observation baths and rooms.

The hotel offers a wide variety of facilities so that guests can stretch their legs and warm themselves in the blissful hot spring baths.

The first floor has a large garden bath, the seventh floor has an open-air bath with a view, and the sixth floor has a spa zone where guests wear swimsuits and enter the water.

Each of these hot springs has a completely different concept, so guests can enjoy a tour of the hot spring baths just within the hotel.

Delicious hot spring Yumemisaki room

Delicious hot spring Yumemisaki room
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We are proud of our guest rooms with open-air baths.
You can choose a guest room with a playful atmosphere to match your travel style.

We offer a variety of “unlikely” guest rooms, from standard, relaxing Japanese-style rooms, to compact rooms with an open-air bath, to executive suites where you can enjoy a spacious and relaxing atmosphere.

The 10 Shin Nagisakan (special rooms with open-air bath) rooms offer a spacious place to enjoy a premium stay.

All rooms have an open-air bath, massage chair, large-screen TV, and a spacious washroom for a luxurious stay.

In addition, 5 New Cape Sensibility (Western-style room with open-air bath), 10 New Cape Sensibility (Japanese-style room with open-air bath), and 5 New Cape Sensibility (Japanese-style room and twin room with open-air bath) are compactly designed rooms despite having an open-air bath.

The five New Wakkan (Japanese-style room with bath with a view) rooms have either a half-open-air bath or an open-air bath with a view, providing an ideal space for small groups, such as families and girls traveling together.

Each room has a different concept in terms of furniture and layout. You can choose a room according to the purpose of your trip and your particular needs.

Delicious Onsen Yumemisaki Cuisine

Delicious Onsen Yumemisaki Cuisine
Source : https://yumemisaki.co.jp/

The best feast you can find in a food powerhouse.

You can enjoy fresh and delicious dishes such as exquisite local fish from the local fish market, Wagyu beef, crab, sea urchin, and other fresh and delicious dishes that are carefully selected from the region where they are produced.

We are so particular about our ingredients that we always visit the local market and discuss gourmet ingredients from all over Japan with the producers before deciding on the ingredients to purchase.

Our main dining room offers not only delicious food, but also a space to enjoy conversation with our staff and taste our famous a la carte buffet, giving you a new sensation of dining.

Breakfast is served buffet-style, featuring handmade items such as omelets baked right in front of you by the chef, freshly cooked rice and flavorful dried fish, to get your day off to an exciting start.

Please enjoy the best treats that change from season to season.

Ajishii Onsen Yumemisaki Basic Information

Facility Name Delicious hot spring Yumemisaki
Address 2980-133 Seto, Chikura-cho, Minami-Boso-shi, Chiba, Japan
Phone Number +81470-44-2000
Budget Approx. 45,600 yen for 2 persons (tax included)
Official website https://yumemisaki.co.jp/


A hotel located in Minami-Boso where you can enjoy the bounty of the earth and a panoramic view of the sea.

The cuisine uses plenty of local ingredients and the view of the sea from the open-air bath with a panoramic view.

The delicious hot spring Yumemisaki will heal and invigorate your body and soul by visiting the hot spring baths.

Spend a luxurious moment of travel in Chiba Prefecture, where you can enjoy the changing of the seasons.