Enjoy richly flavored dishes at “-yamado-” a ryokan where mountain masters entertain you.

Yamato -yamado- is an inn where you can enjoy nourishment with the hospitality of mountain masters.

Why don’t you enjoy the rich nature and healing that you cannot experience in the city, only here, in our 12 rooms with hot spring water from the source!

In this issue, we will introduce in detail the charm, location, room features, and cuisine of Yamato Yamado in Iwate Prefecture.

Yamado- Location

Yamado-Yamado Location
Source : https://yamado.co.jp/

Located about 50 minutes by car from Iwate Hanamaki Airport, Yamato -yamado- is a secluded inn for adults where you can enjoy hot springs and the nourishing taste of the forest.

For sightseeing in the area, you can enjoy a meal at Yumu Plaza, a soba restaurant, or a workshop at Kenji’s classroom.

The Nishiwaga soba, made with 100% Nishiwaga-grown buckwheat flour produced in the natural Nishiwaga climate, has a firmness and flavor that is hard to believe it is buckwheat soba.

We recommend tasting the original flavor and texture of soba without dipping it in sauce.

In Kenji’s classroom, plants, animals, stars, and birds that appear in Kenji’s fairy tales are displayed by theme, and workshops can be enjoyed.

You can also have the wonderful experience of crossing the Milky Way while gazing at the twinkling stars, a fantastic sight that is sure to thrill you to no end!

When the weather is nice, you can play as much as you like on the grass outside, and around noon, the tents and stores open and you can have a relaxing lunch outside.

You can even learn what you learned at Kenji’s school in each of the classrooms, which could be perfect for your child’s free research!

Charm of Yamado

Charm of Yamado
Source : https://yamado.co.jp/

At Yamato, the entire building is considered to be a mountain.

Each building is located from the top of the mountain to the middle of the mountain, and then to the foot of the mountain, so that you can enjoy a healing moment free from the hustle and bustle of the city and everyday life.

The lobby is an open space with a fusion of Scandinavian style and Japanese taste.

A moment immersed in harmony with jazz music in the background is the best time of your life!

The open-air baths along the mountain stream are available for private use.

For relaxation, the esthetic salon incorporating bodywork techniques by a female bodywork therapist is very popular!

The at-home atmosphere and personalized treatment will help you feel beautiful from the inside out.

In addition, there are various popular activities depending on the season.

River trekking along the bottom of Mawarido Canyon and a tour of giant beech and laurel trees, which are power spots in Nishiwaga, are also popular.

Other recommended tours include Kinjukiko Kanjiki Snow Trekking in winter, and in spring, submerged forest and canoeing experience “Tour around the New Green Submerged Forest” and “Morning Mystery Experience Tour through the Light Paraffin”.


Source : https://yamado.co.jp/

Yamato -yamado- has a total of 12 guest rooms. You can spend a luxurious time in a quiet, calm, and private space.

All rooms are equipped with Simmons beds for your sleeping comfort.

The natural hot spring bath, which can be enjoyed 24 hours a day, is a half-open-air bath with free-flowing spring water that will heal both body and soul.

The private space like a hideaway will be a blissful time to savor the great nature and hospitality.

The “Foothill Flower Boy” with an elegant terrace is a luxurious room with a Japanese-style bed.

The “Rokujukabo” room, which is larger than usual, is surrounded by the cool and refreshing air of the stream.

Please spend an exceptional time in this sophisticated space.

In the maisonette type rooms, the living room is on the first floor, and the loft up the indoor stairs is a bedroom with soft light and a relaxing atmosphere.

The open atrium space allows you to relax and unwind as if you were in a second house.

The middle class Hollywood Twin room is an elegant retreat.

Enjoy a starry night while soaking in the exquisite hot water.

The terrace, where you can feel the nature, will soothe your mind with the moon and the emotional scenery of the four seasons.

Have a wonderful time surrounded by rich nature.


Source : https://yamado.co.jp/

Yamato Yamado’s cuisine is rich in flavor and uses an abundance of seasonal ingredients.

Our chef, who is well versed in local ingredients, collaborates with carefully selected local produce and fresh ingredients harvested from our own farms, and uses creative cooking methods to create these creative dishes.

Several gastronomic courses are available depending on the season, with main courses of seasonal fish and meat, adorned with natural ingredients.

Even peculiar wild plants and mushrooms are instantly transformed into a feast in the hands of a master chef.

Enjoy to your heart’s content the rich flavor of bracken, shidoke, iwadara, honna, ului, and other freshly harvested forest delicacies.

The bagna cauda (rockfish in anchovy sauce) shimmering in the mountain stream is an exquisite dish.

From mid-May to June, when they are in season, more than a dozen varieties of wild vegetables are on display.

Enjoy the refreshing aroma and bounty of the mountains.

For breakfast, freshly cooked rice, warm campagne, and fresh vegetables make for an elegant morning experience.

Enjoy your meal in a semi-private room-like space separated by partitions.

Basic information about Yamato

Facility Name -yamado-
Address 71-10, 52chiwari, Yugawa, Nishiwaga-cho, Waga-gun, Iwate, Japan
Phone Number +81197-82-2222
Budget Approx. 62,700 yen for 2 persons (tax included)
Official website https://yamado.co.jp/


This time we have introduced Yamato -YAMADO- located in Iwate Prefecture.

We hope you will enjoy our creative cuisine, which is a collaboration of carefully selected local ingredients and fresh ingredients harvested from our own farm.

We hope you will visit Yamato Yamado, where you can enjoy the nourishing flavors of the northeastern region of Japan.