“Nasu Betsutei Kai” is a Japanese inn located in a restful place surrounded by the magnificent nature of Nasu Highland.

In a restful place surrounded by the majestic nature of Nasu Highland, there is the Nasu Betsutei KAI, a ryokan where you can enjoy the warmth of hot water and seasonal ingredients.

In the garden that embraces Hui, you can feel the four seasons on your skin, and this place covered with dazzling greenery is full of charms that cannot be experienced in the city.

In this article, I will introduce in detail the charm, location, room features, and cuisine of Nasu Betsutei Hui, a ryokan located in the majestic nature of Nasu Highland.

Location of Nasu Betsutei

Location of Nasu Betsutei
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Nasu Bestei Kai is located in Nasu Highland in Tochigi Prefecture.

Located in Nasu-machi, Nasu-gun, Tochigi Prefecture in the northern Kanto region, Nasu Plateau is a very popular tourist spot for its rich natural scenery and healing properties such as Shiobara hot springs. The beautiful seasonal scenery on the plateau and the many gourmet farm foods attract many tourists from Japan and abroad.

There are many places that you should visit when you come to Nasu Kogen.

Nasu Highland Park,” a theme park with about 40 different attractions; “Nasu Rindoko Lakeview,” a leisure facility boasting a vast site centered on Lake Rindoko, the only lake on the Nasu Plateau; “Nasu Stained Glass Museum,” which features beautiful architecture reminiscent of medieval England; and the White Lion Stained Glass Museum. Nasu Stained Glass Art Museum,” which features beautiful architecture reminiscent of medieval England, and “Nasu Safari Park,” a safari park where you can meet about 700 animals, including tigers and giraffes, led by white lions.

Nasu Betsutei Kaitei is located in a good place for touring these sightseeing spots, so it is ideal for enjoying the surrounding sightseeing.

The charm of Nasu Betsudo Kaisei

The charm of Nasu Betsudo Kaisei
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Nasu Betsudo KAI is a superb inn where you can enjoy the warmth of hot water from the source and the taste of seasonal ingredients.

The feeling of slowly regaining yourself while receiving an aromatic massage to heal your body and mind is such a pleasant experience that it can only be experienced here.

Spending time in a guest room with an open-air bath or a remote guest room, surrounded by the magnificent nature of Nasu Highland, can be said to be a day of vitality that connects yesterday and tomorrow.

The hot spring water at Nasu Betsudo Kaisen is the clear, colorless “Daimaru Onsen,” which springs at an altitude of 1,300 meters on the east side of Mount Chausu, the main peak of the Nasu mountain range.

The warmth of the hot spring water of the same quality as that of the Nasu Imperial Villa, which is poured into all the guest rooms’ private baths, is a superb hot spring that gently relaxes not only the body but also the mind, along with the benefits of beautiful skin and recovery from fatigue, so it is recommended for those who want to fully enjoy the hot spring.

Nasu Betsudai Hui Room

Nasu Betsudai Hui Room
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Nasu Betsutei KAI offers a total of nine rooms that are filled with warmth and relaxation, with the smooth feel of tatami mats that you can lie down on.

With a balcony where you can feel the outside air, a living room where you can talk slowly, and comfortable features that create a rich time, these spacious rooms are comfortable and make you feel as if you are in a villa.

One of the most recommended rooms is the “detached room” that quietly stands in the courtyard of the times, which is limited to one group per day.

You can spend a relaxing time while listening to the murmuring of the stream flowing across the terrace. It is equipped with a private bathroom where you can feel the flow of nature and time on your skin, and food can be eaten in the private dining room.

Nasu Betsudo Kaiseki Cuisine

Nasu Betsudo Kaiseki Cuisine
Source : http://www.bettei-kai.jp/

The cuisine at Nasu Betsutei KAI is a richly colored Japanese cuisine created by encountering the seasonal ingredients nurtured by the land of Nasu.

The many exquisite dishes that pursue the deep depth and unending taste of Japanese food, which is the standard for Japanese people, are made with ingredients that include rice, miso, meat, fish, eggs, organically grown vegetables, and fruit.

The menu changes with the seasons, so no matter which season you visit, you will be able to fill your stomach to the brim.

Wouldn’t you like to stay at a ryokan in Nasu Kogen that is filled with such luxury?

Basic information about Nasu Bestei Kai

Facility Name Nasu Bestei Kai
Address 206 Yumoto, Nasu-machi, Nasu-gun, Tochigi, Japan
Phone Number +81287-76-3180
Budget Approx. 70,000 yen for 2 persons (tax included)
Official website http://www.bettei-kai.jp/


In this article, I have introduced the charms of Nasu Betsutei KAI, an inn located in the majestic nature of Nasu Kogen.

Nasu Betsutei KAI is a superb inn where you can spend a relaxing time in a room filled with warmth and relaxation, while being located in a great location that makes sightseeing in Nasu Kogen comfortable.

Once you stay here, you will want to come back. If you have a chance to visit the area, be sure to take advantage of the inn’s magical charm.