Enjoy seasonal cuisine and an open-air bath surrounded by natural forest at Yagyu no Sho

All 15 rooms at Yagyu no Sho have different layouts and appearances, and you can enjoy the view of the garden and the sentiment of the satoyama from every room.

Why not enjoy seasonal cuisine that preserves the basics of cooking handed down from generation to generation and makes the most of local ingredients, and an open-air bath surrounded by natural forest!

In this issue, we will introduce in detail the charm, location, room features, and cuisine of this Yagyu-no-sho in Shuzenji.

Yagyu Sho Location

Yagyu Sho Location
Source : https://www.yagyu-no-sho.com/

Located approximately 30 minutes from the Tomei Numazu IC or the Shin-Tomei Nagaizumi Numazu IC, Yagyu-no Sho is a pure Japanese-style inn in the sukiya-style building.

Akagaeru Park, a four-minute walk away, is said to be named after the short story “Akagaeru (Red Frog)” by Kensaku Shimaki.

This small park by the Takishita Bridge on the western edge of Shuzenji Hot Spring Village is famous as a habitat for fireflies, and you can feel the comfort of the occasional breeze as you take a break on one of the benches.

Beyond that, in the bamboo grove path, there is a promenade that connects Kaede-dori, which runs along the side of the Katsuragawa River that flows through the center of the hot spring resort, to the Takishita Bridge upstream, where you will find a variety of nice stores, from general stores to restaurants and sweet shops. A stroll during lunch is also recommended.

The autumn leaves and bamboo grove are wonderful during the day, and the illuminated bamboo grove at night makes for a wonderful time.

This atmospheric place is sure to make your trip one to remember! It will make you realize that you are in Shuzenji.

Attractions of Yagyu no Sho

Attractions of Yagyu no Sho
Source : https://www.yagyu-no-sho.com/

The lobby of Yagyu-no-sho is a serene space in Honshu-sukiyaki, a traditional Japanese style of plastering branches. The interior is impressive in its meticulous attention to detail, and one feels a sense of luxury the moment one enters.

In addition to the aesthetic attention to detail that pervades everything, the stunning Japanese paintings by Fumiko Hori in the building are a sight to behold.

The baths are two spacious large open-air baths as shared baths, and
Musashi no Yu, where you can enjoy the seasonal scenery in the mountain village atmosphere surrounded by bamboo groves, and Tsu no Yu, where you can enjoy the colorful nature.
Each has soft, mildly alkaline water that is said to be good for the skin.

The sound of the waterfall of hot water cascading down from the rocks, the sound of the wind and its sound through the bamboo grove, and the maple trees seem to surround you.
The outdoor baths with the maple trees and bamboo grove lit up at night are the most luxurious experience you can have.

Both the bathhouse and the open-air bath are in an ideal shape in terms of cleanliness, beauty, and temperature control, and are a soothing space in every way.

After bathing, you can enjoy Shuzenji hot spring water, which promotes detoxification.
The amenities and attention to detail can be felt here as well!

Yagyu Sho Rooms

Yagyu Sho Rooms
Source : https://www.yagyu-no-sho.com/

Yagyu-no-sho has a total of 15 classically styled guest rooms. All rooms have different layouts and appearances, and from every room you can enjoy the garden view and satoyama atmosphere.

Rooms with a detached atmosphere surrounded by bamboo groves are equipped with a half-open-air bath, and you can feel the echoes of the stream that flows down to the pond and into the garden.

A single weeping cherry tree in the garden of the room with an open-air bath welcomes you with a magnificent view during the cherry blossom season.

The serene Sukiya-style detached house is the largest room at Yagyu-no-sho. You can enjoy bathing in the pavilion while gazing out at the garden with its reddish blossoms and maples.

Other rooms include a 10-tatami-mat room with a stately honma (main room), a room that leads from the main room to the next room with a coffered ceiling, and a room with a rich layout that includes a half-rotemburo (open-air bath).

You can immerse yourself in a luxurious time of tranquility without stepping out of your room.

You will also feel the attentive care of the room attendant, and the casual conversation will become one of the memories of your trip.

Cuisine at Yagyu no Sho

Cuisine at Yagyu no Sho
Source : https://www.yagyu-no-sho.com/

Yagyu-no-sho pursues the best of Japanese cuisine based on the authentic kappo-ryori and Kyoto-style kaiseki traditions of Yagyu, a ryotei restaurant in Shiba-Shirokane, Tokyo.

We follow the basics of cuisine handed down from generation to generation, making the most of our menu by keeping hot foods hot and cold foods cold, and by incorporating local and seasonal ingredients.

The dinner, which emphasizes the true taste of the ingredients and the spirit of enjoying the seasons, is colorfully prepared with traditional dishes passed down from generation to generation, such as hot stoneware and sesame tofu, as well as many other dishes that are unique to Yagyu!

It is no wonder that many reviewers say that the food at Yagyu no Sho, which is handmade with carefully selected ingredients, has maintained a quality over the years that is second to none and is excellent.

In addition, the attention to detail in the china is beautiful to the eye and adds to the conversation at mealtime.
Furthermore, the green tea served with meals is surprisingly delicious to everyone. The care taken in the temperature and brewing method is honestly felt and comforting.

For breakfast, you can enjoy seasonal flavors brought in from all over the country, using the best ingredients and high-quality seasonal products. The taste of freshly made miso soup will energize you in the morning.

Basic Information on Yagyu Sho

Facility Name Yagyu Sho
Address 1116-6 Shuzenji, Izu City, Shizuoka, Japan
Phone Number +81558-72-4126
Budget Approx. 82,000 yen for 2 persons (tax included)
Official website https://www.yagyu-no-sho.com/


In this issue, we have introduced “Yagyu no Sho” in Shuzenji.

Enjoy authentic kappo-ryori (Japanese cooking) and kyokaiseki (Kyoto-style kaiseki) cuisine, and take in the seasonal scenery in the mountain village setting surrounded by bamboo groves.

Come visit Yagyu no Sho and enjoy the seasonal cuisine and natural surroundings that only a long-established ryokan can offer.