Introducing the charm of Shimablu, Shiman Onsen. Enjoy Japan’s first glamping experience with hot springs!

Shimaburo” in Shiman Onsen is the first place in Japan where you can experience glamping with hot springs. With the murmuring of the Shiman River in your ears, you can relax and forget about the hustle and bustle of everyday life as you soak in the outdoor hot spring.
Here, we will introduce the charms of Shimaburo, a hot spring resort in Shiman.

Shima Blue’s location

Shimablu Exterior
Shimablu is a glamping facility located in the Yuzuriha district of the Joshinetsu Kogen National Park.

The Shiman River flows nearby, and especially in early summer, the contrast between the vivid fresh greenery and the clear, crisp water will be a sight to behold.
You may also want to take a leisurely stroll along the river to Lake Okushimanko.

Shima Blue’s location in Shima Onsen is also attractive for its hot spring towns (Kirinokidaira Shopping Street and Ochiai Street) that remind you of the prosperous days of the Showa era.
You can indulge in the famous yakimanju (fried buns) and play smart ball at the same time.

If you are visiting Shimaburo from Tokyo, take the Joetsu Shinkansen to Takasaki Station, transfer to the JR Azuma Line at Takasaki Station, and get off at Nakanojo Station. From Nakanojo Station, take a local bus and get off at the Shima Onsen bus stop, then walk 12 minutes to the hotel.

Another option is to take the limited express Kusatsu-go from Ueno Station and go directly to Nakanojo Station.

Shimablu” at Shiman Onsen accepts free pick-up and drop-off at the Shiman Onsen bus stop.
Please contact the hotel at least three days prior to your reservation date and make a reservation in advance to have the bus pick you up.
You can choose between pick-up times of 14:40, 15:10, and 15:50.

The charm of Shimmer Blue

Striped Blue's Bath
One of the most attractive features of the Shimaburo hot springs is the dedicated hot spring baths for each guest room. There are seven types of open-air baths to choose from, all of which are worthy of being called “Gunma’s famous hot springs.

Safari Black Hot Spring Outdoor Bath

A bathtub made of mortar that resembles a wooden box is installed.
It is made with the utmost care and attention to detail, giving a sense of ruggedness and gentleness.

Honey natural hot spring outdoor bath

This is a washed-out type of bath reminiscent of a gourd.
You will be able to soak in the paved stone bathtub indefinitely.

Island Blue Hot Spring Outdoor Bath

This is a cylindrical tub made of Japanese cypress.
After washing off your sweat in the shower room, take a relaxing soak.

Maple White Outdoor Hot Spring Bath

A square, spacious cypress bath. Stretch out your arms and legs and relax.

Apple Orange Outdoor Hot Spring Bath

Similar to the Island Blue, this is a cylindrical open-air bath made of Japanese cypress.

Brown Premium Hot Spring Outdoor Bath

This is a spacious and relaxing mortar bathtub.
You can open the door and feel the breeze from the outside while surrendering yourself to the bath.

Little Garden Hot Spring Outdoor Bath

This circular outdoor bath is constructed of Japanese cypress.
While soaking in the moderate temperature water, you can also enjoy forest bathing.

Shima Blue facilities

Shimablu Interior View

The basic facilities at Shimablu, Shiman Onsen are as follows

Safari Black, Honey Natural, Island Blue
Maple White, Apple Orange
Brown Premium, Little Garden

First floor of guest room
Outdoor hot spring bath, wash space, bedroom

Second floor of the room
Wooden terrace with BBQ (barbecue) grill
Hammock on the terrace

It is assumed that two adults will be staying at the hotel (day trips are also possible).
Depending on the room, it may be possible to add one child to the group.

Cuisine at Striped Blue

Striped Blue Cuisine

There are the following types of food served at Shimablu, Shiman Onsen.


Mainly vegetables and meat from Gunma Prefecture are used.
Jyoshu beef ribs, Jyoshu barley pork, Akagi chicken, bell peppers, eringi mushrooms, etc.

You will be able to taste the dynamic and richness that only skewering can provide.

Other barbecue ingredients to choose from include bone-in sausages, eggplant, onions, shiitake mushrooms, and corn.

Don’t miss the rice cooked in a rice cooker with “Hanayukari,” Gunma’s Nakanojo brand rice, and a cup of GUNMA vegetable salad.

For those who like to drink, local beer and wine are also available.

Morning menu

You can choose to have either scrambled eggs with Harlan eggs (Gunma’s brand eggs) or fried eggs as your main dish.

Shima Blue Information and Summary

Facility Name Shima Blue
Address 4355-9 Shima, Nakanojo-machi, Agatsuma-gun, Gunma
Telephone number 0279-64-2155
Approximate budget One person: from 33,000 yen2 people using 1 room
Official Website

So far, I have introduced the attractions of Shimablu, a hot spring resort in Shima.

Shimablu is a glamping facility where you can enjoy not only the outdoor hot spring baths, but also the gentle flow of time as you read books or take a nap while swinging in a hammock.

Not only overnight stays, but day-trip plans are also welcome.
Please come and visit us.