SAGA modern inn with 80 years of history Ureshino Onsen Japan’s three best hot springs for beautiful skin Ryokan Yoshidaya

Ureshino Onsen Ryokan Yoshidaya, a SAGA modern inn with 80 years of history, is quietly located along the Ureshino River.

Stepping into the nostalgic atmosphere of this restful inn, you will be tickled by the aroma of tea and soothed by the sound of JAZZ.

In this issue, we will introduce in detail the charm, location, room features, and cuisine of Ryokan Yoshidaya, an inn where you can enjoy Ureshino Onsen, one of the three most beautiful hot springs in Japan.

Ryokan Yoshidaya Location

Ryokan Yoshidaya Location
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Ryokan Yoshidaya is located in Ureshino Onsen, Saga Prefecture.

Ureshino Onsen is a clear, colorless baking soda spring that is said to be effective in beautifying the skin. Because it contains a large amount of sodium, it has the characteristic of smoothing out keratinized skin and restoring it to a fresh, clean appearance.

Therefore, it is a popular hot spring among women, and many people visit Ureshino Onsen throughout the year to enjoy the hot spring.

Ureshino Onsen is not only a hot spring spa, but also a place where you can enjoy delicious gourmet food and experiences.

There is “Siebold’s Hot Spring,” a facility with a Taisho-roman style bathhouse and a citizens’ gallery, “Shida-yaki Museum,” where you can experience making your own ceramics, and “Souan Yococho,” a restaurant that serves excellent hot spring tofu, which is said to be the original hot spring tofu. There are many places you should visit.

Ryokan Yoshidaya is located in an excellent location for sightseeing in the surrounding area in comfort.

Attractions of Ryokan Yoshidaya

Attractions of Ryokan Yoshidaya
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Ryokan Yoshidaya is a SAGA modern hideaway with a history of more than 90 years.

This modern Japanese-style hideaway, with its soft indirect lighting and warm texture of clay walls and wood, has a nostalgic atmosphere, and the aroma of tea and the sound of JAZZ will make you feel as if you are in the heart of the city. It is an easy place to spend time where the mind is healed.

Only at Ryokan Yoshidaya can you enjoy Ureshino Onsen, known as one of the three best hot springs for beautiful skin in Japan, in the large baths of which we are proud or in the baths in your room.

Let the hot water soak into your skin and relieve your daily fatigue. Here, you will have a very special time.

Ryokan Yoshidaya Rooms

Ryokan Yoshidaya Rooms
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Ryokan Yoshidaya offers a total of 19 rooms of various types, including Japanese-style rooms, Japanese-style rooms, and Western-style rooms.

Each room has a different interior design, atmosphere, and layout, and each one offers a different taste and charm that will keep you coming back time and time again.

The private space also includes a guest room with a hot spring bath, so you can spend an exquisite time in this private space.

Among them, we recommend the “Japanese/Western room with black granite bath Suzukake” room.

It is a modern Japanese/Western style room with a Japanese-style room and a Western-style room, and has a black granite bath in the room, reminiscent of a water basin.

This is one room you will want to use for special occasions, as you can freely enjoy the 100% natural hot spring water.

Ryokan Yoshidaya Cuisine

Ryokan Yoshidaya Cuisine
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Ryokan Yoshidaya’s cuisine offers a variety of dishes that touch the senses, using Saga beef and seasonal ingredients.

Local production for local consumption” is a concept that insists on using local ingredients, such as rice from Ureshino and fish from the Ariake Sea.

The numerous creative dishes created based on this concept are sure to satisfy you no matter which one you try.

Why not take the time to enjoy the finest cuisine in the exquisite setting of Ryokan Yoshidaya?

Wouldn’t you like to stay at this luxurious inn in Ureshino Onsen, Saga Prefecture, filled with all these luxuries?

Ryokan Yoshidaya Basic Information

Facility Name Ryokan Yoshidaya
Address 379 Kou Iwayakawauchi Oaza Ureshino-cho Ureshino-shi Saga, Japan
Phone Number +81954-42-0026
Budget Approx. 20,000 yen for 2 persons (tax included)
Official website


In this issue, we introduced the charm of Ryokan Yoshidaya, an inn where you can enjoy Ureshino Onsen, one of the three most beautiful hot springs in Japan.

Ryokan Yoshidaya is a SAGA modern hidden inn that has been in business for more than 90 years.

The nostalgic atmosphere of this place is perfect for a relaxing stay away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

If you have a chance to visit the area, please stay at the inn as you will surely be satisfied with your stay.