Gero Onsen “Yunoshima-kan” introduces its charm. Let’s stay at this registered tangible cultural property.

In this article, I would like to introduce Yunoshimakan from Gero City, Gifu Prefecture.

It is a hot spring inn located in Gero Onsen, one of the most popular tourist spots in Gifu, so it is a must-see.

Please take a look at the location, charm, rooms, and cuisine.

Yunoshimakan location

湯之島館 外観

Yunoshima-kan, a beautifully designed ryokan designated as a tangible cultural property, stands in the mountains on a 50,000-square-meter site overlooking the streets of Gero Onsen.

Since its construction in 1931, the unchanged appearance of the hotel will make you feel relaxed and at ease.

By train, it takes about three hours from Tokyo via the Shinkansen “Nozomi”, or about three and a half hours from Osaka via the Takayama Line “Wide View Hida”.

The romantic and nostalgic space of the early Showa era is a place of rest and relaxation, where you don’t even feel the concept of time, which does not exist in the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Yunoshimakan Attractions


The history and tradition of Gero Onsen is so deeply engraved that the Confucian scholar Lin Razan, who served under Shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu, wrote about it in an ancient book.

At Yunoshima-kan, you can relieve the fatigue of your trip in the Rō Onsen, which is known as one of Japan’s three major meisen springs along with Arima and Kusatsu.

The alkaline simple hot spring water is effective for various symptoms such as neuralgia, muscle pain, recovery from fatigue, and health promotion.

If you visit Gifu Prefecture, Gero Onsen is one of the places you cannot miss.

Yunoshimakan rooms


Yunoshikan offers a variety of accommodation plans, including the main building and annexes.

In particular, the main building has been designated as a registered tangible cultural property, and you can relax in your guest room to relieve the fatigue of your trip.

You will be able to enjoy the same classical modern flavor as when the hotel was founded in 1931.

In the annex, rooms with an open-air bath where you can rest your body gently while enjoying the atmospheric Japanese space are available.

Other rooms offer a view of the roof structure of the main building, which is designated as a registered tangible cultural property.

Yunoshimakan foods


Enjoy the hospitality in an atmospheric space and cuisine that has continued to build on its unchanging tradition and history since its establishment in 1931.

We offer creative kaiseki cuisine using seasonal ingredients from all four seasons in a room surrounded by nature.

We offer a wide variety of a la carte dishes such as teppanyaki, nigiri sushi, sirloin steak, and aji-shabu, all of which are made with the finest fat of Hida beef.

At breakfast, you can enjoy a morning-friendly meal made of Hida koshihikari.

Yunoshimakan Information and Summary

Facility Name Yunoshimakan
Address Yunojima 645, Gero City, Gifu Prefecture
Phone Number 0578-25-4126
Approximate Budget 20,000 yen per person
Official website /

What did you think? In this article, I have introduced the Yunoshima-kan.

If you visit this place, you will admire the shape and architectural style of the building, which is designated as a tangible cultural property.

It is the perfect onsen ryokan for learning about the charm of Gifu Prefecture for the first time, and its location is excellent.

Please take this opportunity to visit Yunoshimakan.