Yusai Resort Kyoiki, a ryokan where you can enjoy a blissful time in the heart of nature that resonates slowly and comfortably.

Yusai Resort Kyoiki is a ryokan where you can enjoy a blissful time in the midst of nature that slowly and comfortably touches your heart.

The inn, where you can enjoy the magnificent Sea of Japan, feel the breeze, and enjoy the sunset, fishing fires, and starry sky, is a popular destination for many people from Japan and abroad.

In this article, we will introduce in detail the charm, location, room features, and cuisine of this luxurious ryokan in Kyoto, “Yusai Resort Kyoiki.

Yusai Resort Kyoiki Location

Yusai Resort Kyoiki Location
Source : https://hibiki.kyoto.jp/

Yuhisai Resort Kyoiki is located in Yuhigaura Kizu Onsen, Kyoto Prefecture.

Yuhigaura Onsen, a hot spring resort located on the Tango Peninsula in Kyoto, has the Sea of Japan stretching out before it, and the beauty of the sunset over the sea is so spectacular that it has been selected as one of the “100 best sunsets in Japan.” Many inns in the area overlook the sea and its magnificent sunsets.

There are many recommended sightseeing spots scattered around such Yuhigaura Kizu Onsen.

The “Yuhigaura Beach,” where you can see a beautiful sunset and where the beaches have an impressive blue color that is slightly different from the image of the Sea of Japan due to the wide, shallow waters; the “Beach Blanco Yurari,” where the contrast between the white beach, blue sea, and blue sky is extremely beautiful, which has become very popular as a photo spot in recent years; and the “Yurari Beach,” which is located at the tip of the Tango Peninsula and is the northernmost point of the Kinki region. The “Kabutoyama Observatory” offers a beautiful view of the oyster farms that line the surface of the water, which is a winter tradition in Kumihama Bay, as well as cute dolphin and sea lion shows. Kinosaki Marine World is an aquarium where you can play on the beach and interact with dolphins.

While staying at Yusai Resort Kyoiki, you can also enjoy sightseeing in the surrounding area to your heart’s content.

Yusai Resort Kyoiki is located in an ideal location for sightseeing in the surrounding area.

Yusai Resort Kyoiki Attractions

Yusai Resort Kyoiki Attractions
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Yusai Resort Kyoiki Rooms

Yusai Resort Kyoiki Rooms
Source : https://hibiki.kyoto.jp/

Yusai Resort Kyoiki offers a total of seven rooms, all with open-air baths.

All rooms have tatami mats and are furnished in a relaxed atmosphere, and offer the most spectacular view of Yuhisagaura.

Each of the seven rooms, named after the magnificent Sea of Japan and the scenery that can be seen from the rooms, has a large window on the ocean side for a sense of openness, and each room has an open-air bath and a bed in a Japanese-style room.

All of them are superb rooms where you can enjoy a special and relaxing time with your loved ones in Tango to your heart’s content.

Cuisine at Yusai Resort Kyoiki

Cuisine at Yusai Resort Kyoiki
Source : https://hibiki.kyoto.jp/

The cuisine at Yusai Resort Kyoiki is creative Kyoto cuisine that focuses on Tango ingredients and the seasons.

The chefs at Yusai Resort Hibiki offer a variety of truly delicious dishes prepared with a focus on local production for local consumption, using only the freshest fish landed at the local fishing port, which are carefully selected and served each morning.

Enjoy the seasonal seafood landed at the local fishing port in Tango, which is surrounded by the sea and mountains, and the local vegetables grown in the richly nourished land.

With all these luxuries, wouldn’t you like to stay at the Yuhigaura Kizu Onsen Inn?

Yusai Resort Kyoiki Basic Information

Facility Name Yusai Resort Kyoiki
Address 46-3 Hamazume, Amino-cho, Kyotango City, Kyoto, Japan
Phone Number +81772-74-0770
Budget Approx. 72,000 yen for 2 persons (tax included)
Official website https://hibiki.kyoto.jp/


In this issue, we introduced the charms of Yusai Resort Hibiki, a luxurious ryokan in Kyoto.

Yusai Resort Hibiki is a superb inn where you can spend a blissful time in the heartwarming nature, feel the wind in your face as the magnificent Sea of Japan spreads out before you, and enjoy the sunset, fishing fires, and starry sky.

It is not inexpensive, but it is the perfect place to make memories of your trip, so if you have a chance to visit the area, please stay there.