Enjoy a large open-air bath with a great view and seafood from the sea and mountains while savoring the spectacular nature of “Yashino-yu, Sukumo Resort.

This time, I would like to introduce you to “Yashino-yu,” a resort in Sukumo City, Kochi Prefecture.

The hot spring with a large view of the magnificent nature and the cypress baths will make your stay a luxurious one.

The location, attractions, rooms, and cuisine are listed here for your reference.

Shukumo Resort Yashi no Yu Location

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Shukumo Resort Yashi no Yu is a hot spring resort that continues to benefit from the sea, with a large terraced open-air bath with a view of Shukumo’s famous “Daruma Sunset” and fish landed in Shukumo Bay.

As a resort, you can enjoy not only the hot springs and food, but also the beauty treatments and activities that will heal you.

By car, it takes about 70 minutes from the Shimanto Town Central Interchange of the Highland Expressway.

With its excellent location, you can enjoy the view of Sukumo from a special seat, and the magnificent nature, sea, and mountain scenery will remain in your mind.

The Charm of Sukumo Resort Yashi-no-Yu

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At Sukumo Resort Yashi, you can relax in Shikoku’s first open-air bath with a large view of the rice terraces.

The terraced open-air bath is made of granite and consists of three tiers, each with a bed for sleeping.

There is also an open-air cypress bath where you can enjoy a different atmosphere from the large open-air bath with a view, as well as other hot springs such as a shoulder bath, a soaking bath, a foot bath, and a foot pressure bath.

Shukumo Resort Yashi-no-yu Room

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The rooms are equipped with both Japanese and Western style furniture, including soft beds, and are comfortable for both single guests and families.

Looking out the window, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the ever-expanding scenery of Sukumo Bay, making it a great location.

Cuisine at Yashino-yu, Sukumo Resort

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The Yashi restaurant is dedicated to fresh ingredients, including seafood caught in Sukumo Bay.

The restaurant offers a wide range of authentic dishes that can be prepared with the skills of a chef.

Not only do they have a menu for guests, but they also have a menu for day-trippers.

Shukumo Resort Yashi-no-Yu Information and Summary

Facility Name Sukumo Resort Yashi no Yu
Address 17-27 Oshima, Sukumo City, Kochi Prefecture
Phone Number 0880-65-8185
Approximate budget Approx. 19,360 yen for 2 persons (tax included)
Official Site https://yashinoyu.com/


What did you think? In this article, I have introduced the Yashi-no-yu Resort in Sukumo.

The hot springs and cuisine in an environment blessed with sea and mountains will wash away the fatigue of the day.

The price plan is reasonable even for two people, so it is perfect for a small luxury trip.

Please take this opportunity to visit Yashi no Yu at the Sukumo Resort.