Enjoy Kyoto-style kaiseki cuisine at the long-established “Sumiya Kempoan” inn, which emphasizes the seasonal flavors of Tamba.

Sumiya Kempoan is a long-established inn that is said to be the originator of hot spring baths in Yu no Onsen.

The thatched gate nestled in the mountains welcomes you with the warmth of a nostalgic hometown, and you can also enjoy guest rooms with open-air baths and Kyoto-style kaiseki cuisine that emphasizes seasonal delicacies.

In this article, we will introduce in detail the charm, location, room features, and cuisine of “Sumiya Kempoan” in Kyoto Prefecture.

Location of Sumiya Kemboan

Location of Sumiya Kemboan
Source : https://www.sumiya.ne.jp/

Located about 15 minutes by car from Kameoka Station on the JR Sagano Line, Sumiya Kameho-an is the original long-established hot spring inn in Yunohana Onsen.

In the nearby Heiwadai Park, a tower of peace has been built and numerous Someiyoshino cherry trees have been planted on the mountain surface.

From the observatory, you can enjoy a panoramic view of Kameoka City and see the beautiful cityscape in the distance.

Visitors can also enjoy forest bathing on the walking paths, and the large park with its moderate undulations is ideal for walking.

There are many other places to visit as part of your travel plans, such as Hozu River rafting, where you can experience a 400-year-old rafting tour, and Glass Studio, where you can try your hand at making glass containers.

The Hozu River rafting is not only thrilling, but the boatman’s stories will keep you entertained.

At the Glass Studio, the staff will take care of every detail, making it easy for even beginners to understand, and the experience for both parents and children will be a wonderful memory.

Charm of Sumiya Kemboan

Charm of Sumiya Kemboan
Source : https://www.sumiya.ne.jp/

The iron used in the library at Sumiya Kempoan is the work of an ironwork artist.

The warmth of the wood is accentuated by the iron material, giving the library space a stylish look.

The library has a retro-modern atmosphere and hosts seasonal concerts and wine events.

There are also about 500 books, and you can relax with a cup of coffee.

And in the lobby and gallery, the past, present, and future are interwoven with traditional techniques.

You will be able to feel a different time from your daily life.

In addition, the hot spring water that continually gushes out from the earth is soft and mineral-rich, and helps to balance hormones.

You can relax and heal in the open-air baths paved with green stones called Shikoku no Aoshiishi, or in the private open-air baths located at the end of a wooded walking path, designed in harmony with traditional Japanese design and new sensibilities.

In the bathhouse, you can enjoy the cool of the evening while listening to the murmuring of the river, or have a glass of Australian wine after your bath.

Sumiya Kemboan Room

Sumiya Kemboan Room
Source : https://www.sumiya.ne.jp/

Guest rooms at Sumiya Kempoan are Japanese-style spaces with a variety of relaxing styles to choose from.

Rooms with an open-air hot spring bath are 100 square meters and have a small tatami bedroom with a Japanese bed.

Enjoy the seasonal scenery in a room with an atmosphere reminiscent of an old private home.

And the room with a wooden deck is a quiet space surrounded by trees where you can spend a wonderful time with full of negative ions while listening to the sound of the wind.

We would like to heal your daily fatigue and cherish the time when you are at peace and do not think about anything.

In addition, rooms with both Japanese and Western comforts allow you to relax on the solid wood flooring, and you can also relax on the massage chair.

In a Japanese-style room with a 10-tatami mat room and a sunken kotatsu, you can enjoy the view of the four seasons in the mountains and feel the quiet flow of time.

This will surely be an unforgettable moment to remember.

Sumiya Kemboan Cuisine

Sumiya Kemboan Cuisine
Source : https://www.sumiya.ne.jp/

Sumiya Kempoan’s cuisine is Kyoto-style kaiseki, which makes the most of seasonal ingredients.

The seasonal bounty is cooked with full of nourishment, and the table is surrounded by dishes that are just right for your taste buds.

Local Kyoto vegetables, charcoal-grilled kaiseki, and seasonal specialties are all presented according to the season, and each dish has its own unique flavor.

The menu offers a variety of dishes, such as monthly kaiseki dishes and seasonal specialties.

The breakfast is a Kyoto-style obanzai breakfast served in a cute bean dish style.

Obanzai, which has been eaten daily since ancient times, is based on low-calorie, slow-food Japanese cuisine.

There is a wide variety of obanzai, all of which are well balanced and health-conscious.

They are best when eaten with freshly cooked rice from a warm okudo-san!

Plates designed with komon patterns and colorful bean plates with different atmospheres make choosing obanzai even more enjoyable.

Basic Information on Sumiya Kemboan

Facility Name Sumiya Kempoan
Address 25 Kakinohana Miyanooku, Hiedanocho, Kameoka City, Kyoto, Japan
Phone Number +81771-22-7722
Budget Approx. 57,800 yen for 2 persons (tax included)
Official website https://www.sumiya.ne.jp/


In this article, we have introduced you to Sumiya Kempoan in Kyoto Prefecture.

Enjoy the open-air bath and seasonal delicacies at this long-established inn, which is said to be the original hot spring spa.

We hope you will come to Suniya Kameho-an for a time of your own.