Offering an extraordinary space! Urabandai Lake Resort Geihinkan Nekoma Rikyu

This time, I would like to introduce “Urabandai Lake Resort Geihinkan Nekoma Rikyu” from Urabandai, Fukushima Prefecture.

It will offer you an extraordinary space that you will never be able to touch in your daily life.

The location, charm, rooms, and cuisine are listed here for your reference.

Location of Urabandai Lake Resort Geihinkan Nekoma Rikyu

Nekoma Rikyu

The Urabandai Lake Resort Geihinkan Nekoma Rikyu is a luxury resort located on a plateau about 800 meters above sea level with a view of Mount Bandai.

Once you pass through the entrance, you will find an extraordinary and classical world where you will feel as if you have wandered into a museum, with art and artworks by famous people on display.

By car, it takes about four hours from the Tokyo area via Tokaido Highway, and about two hours from the Sendai area via Tokaido Highway.

The location is surrounded by the great nature of the national park, so you can enjoy the changes of the seasons.

The charm of Urabandai Lake Resort Geihinkan Nekoma Rikyu

Niji no Mori Onsen

If you visit Nekoma Rikyu, you can’t miss the Niji-no-mori Hot Spring, a hot spring with beautiful skin.

This hot spring was newly established in 2016 and has been loved as “golden hot water” for a long time, and is rich in natural ingredients.

An open-air bath is also available so that you can enjoy the seasonal scenery and the benefits that the Niji-no-Mori hot spring has to offer.

You can also enjoy the open-air hot spring “Hibarami no Yu” and the large bath “Aurora no Yu” from the Goshiki no Mori Large Bath in the main building.

Rooms at Urabandai Lake Resort Geihinkan Nekoma Rikyu

Luxury Suite
Luxury Suite

Lake View Suite
Lakeview Suite

Premium Japanese Suite
Premium Japanese Suite

Premium Villa Suite
Premium Villa Suite


The rooms are available in European style with classical design and interior design incorporated into them.

There are six types of suites with different interior spaces and views from the large windows, a spacious penthouse double room on the top floor, and a standard twin room with the elegance of a Western-style building.

All rooms are equipped with Simmons beds that will help you relax after a long day of travel, so you can experience the comfort of sleeping.

Cuisine at Urabandai Lake Resort Geihinkan Nekoma Rikyu


Japanese music

Hibara Dining
Hibara Dining


The restaurant offers a wide variety of dining options that are filled with first-class chefs’ dedication to their cuisine.

The main ones proposed are the French restaurant Maple, the Japanese restaurant Waraku, the buffet restaurant Hibara Dining, the cafe Urabandai Cafe, and the BAR Place Spot.

In particular, Maple is a special restaurant that can only be entered by a few couples per day, and you will be able to enjoy a full French course prepared by a renowned chef and the finest wines carefully selected by our resident sommelier while enjoying the seasonal nature of Urabandai through the large open windows.

Information and Summary of Urabandai Lake Resort Geihinkan Nekoma Rikyu

Facility Name Ura-bandai Lake Resort Geihinkan Nekoma Rikyu
Address 1171-1 Yuhirayama, Oaza Hibara, Kitashiobara Village, Yama-gun, Fukushima Prefecture
Phone number 0241-37-1111
Approximate budget Approximately 20,600 yen for 2 people (tax included)~
Official website niji/

How was it? In this article, I have introduced Urabandai Lake Resort Geihinkan Nekoma Rikyu.

I think it is a high-grade lodging facility in every way, including hot springs, food, rooms, service, and hospitality.

It is also a good location for those who want to be inspired by the abundance of art and artifacts on display.

Please take this opportunity to visit Urabandai Lake Resort Geihinkan Nekoma Rikyu.