Legoland Japan Hotel, where the world of LEGO bricks spreads out from the moment you enter the entrance.

LEGO, the Danish brand of plastic toys, has established a solid position in Japan.

LEGOLAND Japan Hotel” is an accommodation facility where you can enjoy the world of LEGO.

It is a place where the charm of LEGO is condensed, so children and adults who love LEGO can enjoy it.

In this article, I will introduce you to LEGOLAND Japan Hotel.

Legoland Japan Hotel Location

LEGOLAND Japan Hotel
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From the moment you enter the entrance, the world of Lego bricks unfolds in “LEGOLAND Japan Hotel”.

If you take the train, it takes about 5 minutes to get there on foot from Kinjofuto Station.

Legoland Japan and Sea Life Nagoya are combined in this resort facility, so you will be able to experience an adventure you have never seen before.

Legoland Japan offers over 40 rides and attractions, while Sea Life Nagoya offers 11 different themed sea adventures.

Legoland Japan Hotel Attractions

LEGOLAND Japan Hotel
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The hotel is filled with Lego brick elements, and the excitement starts in the lobby.

Everywhere you look, you will find playful devices using Lego bricks, and even the elevators are designed to create a fun time.

Of course, there is also a Lego store in the hotel, so you can spend some time looking for your favorite Lego items to make your trip memorable.

Legoland Japan Hotel’s Playground

Playground at LEGOLAND Japan Hotel
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On the first and second floors, there is a play area for children alone or for parents and children to enjoy.

The second floor also has a playground titled Duplo, a game play area.

Enjoy to the fullest the one-of-a-kind games that LEGOLAND Japan can offer using LEGO bricks and other materials.

Legoland Japan Hotel Rooms




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The guest rooms have plans that match the theme of Lego bricks that tickle the fancy of children.

Specifically, there are “Pirates,” based on the theme of pirates, “Adventure,” based on the theme of adventure, “Kingdom,” based on the theme of a kingdom, and “Lego(R),” based on the theme of a base story.
All rooms have a children’s room and a treasure room.

All rooms have a children’s room and a treasure chest. If you solve the code of the treasure chest and open the contents, you can get LEGO goods with different designs for each room.
You can feel like a little treasure hunter.

Other amenities and services include amenity goods featuring Lego characters and Lego bricks, and free unlimited viewing of the Lego Movie.

Cuisine at LEGOLAND Japan Hotel

LEGOLAND Japan Hotel Cuisine
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The Brix Family Restaurant, where chefs in Lego-colored cooking outfits offer dishes made with local ingredients.

The restaurant’s design and interior are decorated in colorful tones reminiscent of Lego.

It is okay to watch and take pictures of the Lego models, so you will be able to have a fun dining experience with your Legos.

All plans include breakfast service, which you can have at the Brix Family Restaurant here.

Legoland Japan Hotel Information and Summary


Facility Name Legoland Japan Hotel
Address 2-7-1 Kinjo-Futo, Minato-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture
Phone number 050-5840-0505
Approximate budget Approximately 14,350 yen~ per person
Official website /


What do you think? In this article, I have introduced Legoland Japan Hotel.

First, let’s play at Legoland Japan and Sea Life Nagoya.

After you are tired from playing, staying at LEGOLAND Japan Hotel is the royal way to get some healing.

Please take this opportunity to visit LEGOLAND Japan Hotel.