Introducing the charm of the Important Preservation District for Traditional Buildings “Kayabuki no Sato”. Let’s take a look at Miyama Town’s representative tourist spots.

This time, I would like to introduce “Kayabuki no Sato” from Nantan City, Kyoto Prefecture.

The traditional architectural style of the old houses has been handed down since ancient times, and you will find them to be quaint and full of flavor.

Please refer to this page for information on location, attractions, shopping, and accommodations.

Location of Kayabuki no Sato

Kayabuki no sato Fare
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Kyoto Kayabuki no Sato” is a village in Miyama-cho, Kyoto Prefecture, where you can learn about tradition and prestige from its old-fashioned streets.

In Miyama Town, which is known for the large number of existing thatch-roofed houses, there are 39 thatch-roofed houses in the “Kita” village alone.

By train, you can take the Nantan City bus from Sonobe Station on the JR Sagano Line or Hiyoshi Station on the JR Sanin Line and get off at “Kita”.

The location is excellent, with not only the village but also various facilities such as guest houses, cafes, museums, archives, and shrines.

The charm of Kayabuki no Sato

Kayabuki no Sato: Village of Kayabuki
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In Kyoto Kayabuki no Sato, which has been selected as an important traditional building preservation district, you can see many valuable buildings that use traditional techniques such as Kayabuki roofs.

The Kamakura Shrine, which is located in the village, provides a great vantage point from which to look down on the village.

The two guest houses, “Minshuku Matabe” and “Minshuku Hisaya,” offer a chance to experience the beauty of a traditional Kayabuki house and to taste the taste of the local cuisine.
It is the perfect place to learn about the history of the area firsthand.

Shopping at Kayabuki no Sato

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Inside Kayabuki no Sato, you can enjoy shopping at the souvenir shop “Kaya no Sato”.

There is a wide range of products from the Kitamura Millet Factory, as well as products made from local ingredients such as millet and millet cookies.

Stamp sheets and original postcards are souvenirs that will remind you of your time spent in Kayabuki no Sato.

Accommodation facilities in Kayabuki no Sato

Lastly, we will introduce facilities where you can stay around Kayabuki no Sato.

There is an abundance of lodgings using old houses that are typical of Kayabuki no Sato.


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Kigusuriya is an inn that uses an old private house and is limited to one group per day.

It is a must-see for its signature dishes such as kaiseki cuisine using ingredients produced in Miyama, Kyoto.

You can also indulge your taste buds in the gibier dishes that can only be found here.

Facility Name dry-goods store
Address 8-1 Imaan, Tsurugaoka, Miyama-cho, Nantan City, Kyoto Prefecture
Phone Number 055-263-2311
Official Site


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CASA MIYAMA” is an old private house built over 110 years ago that is rented out as a single building.

The high quality space does not show the depth of its age, and is decorated with furniture imported from other countries.

It is also in a good location, only a 15-minute drive from Kayabuki no Sato.

Facility Name CASA MIYAMA
Address 7 Takano Moto-buro, Miyama-cho, Nantan City, Kyoto Prefecture
Phone Number 055-263-2311
Official Site

Biyama FUTON & Breakfast&lt

Bishan FUTON&BreakfastSource :

The “Miyama Futon & Breakfast” rents out one roofed private house per day to one limited group.

The refined space, which pursues the beauty of a traditional Japanese house, allows even large groups to spend time in a relaxed atmosphere.

Experience a quiet and peaceful time that cannot be experienced in the city.

Facility Name Miyama FUTON & Breakfast
Address 52 Shimafox Rock, Misan-cho, Nantan-shi, Kyoto
Phone Number 055-263-2311
Official Site

Kayabuki no Sato Information and Summary

Facility Name Thatch roof village
Address Kita, Misan-cho, Nantan-shi, Kyoto
Phone Number 0557-81-8137
Approximate budget Adult 300yen High school student 150yen High school student 150yen Elementary school student 150yen
Official Site


What do you think? In this article, I have introduced Kayabuki no Sato.

It is a great location for those who want to see, know, and touch the traditional Japanese lifestyle.

In particular, staying in an old private house will give you a stimulation that you don’t usually get in your daily life.

Please take this opportunity to visit Kayabuki no Sato.