An introduction to the charm of Minami Sanriku Hotel Kanyo in Miyagi Prefecture. Let’s stay at a hot spring inn with a view of the Pacific Ocean

In this article, I would like to introduce “Minamisanriku Hotel Kanyo” from Minamisanriku Town, Miyagi Prefecture.

The infinite view that stretches out before you and the hot springs that complement it are something that can only be experienced here.

The location, charm, rooms, and cuisine are described here for your reference.

Location of Minami Sanriku Hotel Kanyo

Minamisanriku Hotel Kanyo exterior
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The hotel “Minamisanriku Hotel Kanyo” is a place where you can enjoy the view of the Pacific Ocean and freshly caught seafood from Minamisanriku.

The hotel has been awarded three stars in the Michelin Guide Miyagi Special Edition, so you can be sure that the facilities and services are trustworthy and proven.

If you are driving, it takes about 90 minutes from Sendai Airport to get there.

The infinity hot spring is a unique location that combines an open-air bath with a view of the city.

The charm of Minami Sanriku Hotel Kanyo

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At Minamisanriku Hotel Kanyo, you can enjoy Minamisanriku Onsen, a hot spring that gushes out from the Pacific coast, which is rare in Miyagi Prefecture.

You can enjoy deep natural hot spring water gushing out from 2,000 meters underground in the open-air baths that jut out into the ocean.

In addition, there are four large baths and a sauna, so you will be able to return home after a long day of travel.

Rooms at Minami Sanriku Hotel Kanyo

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We offer three types of guest rooms: “East Wing Sea-side Japanese Style Room,” “South Wing Sea-side Japanese Style Room,” and “East Wing Quasi-Special Room.

All of these rooms are attractive because of their location with a view of the azure blue ocean in front of them and their spacious layout.

In the morning, you will be able to wake up with the sunrise, and you will also be able to capture the beauty of the sunrise reflected in the sparkling sea.

Cuisine at Minami Sanriku Hotel Kanyo

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Fresh seafood imported from Abenaga Shoten can be enjoyed at the Seaside Restaurant, Shiosai Japanese Restaurant, BBQ Seafood Restaurant, and other restaurants.

Located right in the middle of the Golden Highway, you can indulge your taste buds in dishes made with seasonal ingredients that Minamisanriku is proud of.

The menu includes special order dishes that use fresh seafood sparingly, and the restaurant also has a club, snack bar, karaoke box, and other places to suit any occasion.

Minamisanriku Hotel Kanyo Information and Summary

Facility Name Minami Sanriku Hotel Kanyo
Address 99-17 Kurosaki, Shizugawa, Minamisanriku-cho, Motoyoshi-gun, Miyagi Prefecture
Phone Number 0557-81-8137
Approximate budget Approximately 7,700 yen per person (tax included)
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What do you think? In this article, I have introduced Minami Sanriku Hotel Kanyo.

The hot spring that juts out into the sea is a fantastic location where you can become one with the atmosphere.

As it is facing the sea, the food menu is also highly recommended.

Please take this opportunity to visit Minami Sanriku Hotel Kanyo.