Le Vambert Kogo is located in Sarugakyo Onsen, Gunma Prefecture, and is blessed with the blessings of nature. Let’s enjoy the taste of the four seasons and the hot spring water from the source.

This time, I would like to introduce “Le Vambert Kogo” from Minakami-machi, Gunma Prefecture.

This ryokan offers a wide variety of hot springs, creative kaiseki cuisine, and a view of Gunma’s nature.

Here is a description of the location, attractions, rooms, and cuisine, so please refer to it.

Le Vambert Kogo Location

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Le Vambert Kosato is a purely Japanese-style inn surrounded by lush greenery by the lake.

It is a place of relaxation where you can enjoy the great nature that Gunma is famous for, along with the scenery that changes from season to season.

By train, it takes about 75 minutes from Tokyo Station by JR Joetsu Shinkansen and about 65 minutes from Niigata Station by JR Joetsu Shinkansen.

From every location, including guest rooms and dining rooms, you can enjoy the view of nature and relaxation.

The charm of Le Vamber Kogo

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Le Vambert Lakeside offers four types of open-air baths, all of which are free of charge and available for private use.

All of the baths are available for private use free of charge and are located in a location that offers a view of Lake Akaya below.

By choosing a mildly alkaline hot spring, you can expect to enjoy the benefits of beautiful skin as well as neuralgia and sensitivity to cold, which is great for women.

Le Vambert Kogo Room

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The hotel offers rooms with a floor plan of 10 tatami mats or more, including rooms with a view of Lake Akaya and spacious rooms with a broad greenery.

All the rooms are based on Japanese style, so you will be able to spend a relaxing time while feeling the atmosphere.

Each room has a large window with a great view of the city, making it an excellent location.

Le Vambert Lakeside Cuisine

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You can enjoy the chef’s signature Japanese and Western creative omelet dishes using local ingredients.

In addition to the kaiseki course, the restaurant also offers special order dishes such as “rockfish bone wine” and “Jyoshu beef steak” that lavishly use local ingredients.

All the dishes are handmade with the utmost care given to the ingredients.

Le Vambert Kogo Information and Summary

Facility name Le Vambert Kogo
Address 1731 Aimata, Minakami Town, Tone County, Gunma Prefecture
Phone number 0278-66-0880
Approximate Budget Approximately 12,500 yen per person (tax included)
Official website http://sarugakyo-kokyo.com/


What do you think? In this article, I have introduced Le Vambert Kogo.

Even from Tokyo, you can take the Shinkansen to visit this place with a simple short trip.

There are four types of private baths, and the view that spreads out before and below you is something to savor.

Please take this opportunity to visit Le Vambert Kogo.