Hazu Gassho” is a village nestled along the Makihara Valley with several private homes. Enjoy a slow life in a nostalgic atmosphere!

This time, I would like to introduce “Hazu Gassho” from Shinshiro City, Aichi Prefecture.

Hazu Gassho is a premium onsen ryokan where only a few couples per day can stay in a space surrounded by nature.

The location, charm, rooms, and cuisine are described here for your reference.

Location of Hazu Gassho

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Hazu Gassho” is a hot spring inn where you can spend a special private time in the great outdoors, where only five groups can stay per day.

It is a historical inn with a dignified architectural beauty that has been relocated from a 150-year-old gassho-zukuri structure in Ecchu-Yatsuo, and is loved by locals and tourists alike.

By train, it takes about 2 hours and 40 minutes from Tokyo by Shinkansen (bullet train) “Hikari” and about 2 hours and 40 minutes from Iida (Aichi) by express train “Iida Line”.

In the surrounding area, there are many sightseeing spots where you can enjoy the rich nature and history that Horai Town boasts, such as Horaiji Mountain, Horaiji Temple, Horaiyama Toshogu Shrine, and Yutani Hot Springs.

The charm of Hazu Gassho

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We have an open-air bath with medicinal hot water where you can view the natural beauty of the four seasons.

The Makibara Valley rises up in front of you, providing a great vantage point.

In the hinoki (Japanese cypress) bath, you will enjoy the beauty of the Gassho-zukuri structure, the scent of the hinoki, and the gentle breeze that passes through your body.

Hazu Gassho Room

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The rooms are designed with living rooms and bedrooms like independent villas and the history of 150 year old trees.

There are three room types to choose from: the “Western-style room” with the warmth of wood, the “Yamaboushi” to heal your body and soul, and the “Hanaikada” with an open-air bath.

The rooms are equipped with a bathroom, refrigerator, air conditioning, and the bare necessities of daily life.

Hazu Gassho’s cuisine

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This is a place where you can taste the creative cuisine of Shindo-Fuji, prepared by chefs who have studied in Kyoto and Nara.

We use ingredients that have medicinal properties to heal the body and soul.

Enjoy Japanese kaiseki cuisine that can only be enjoyed in the season.

Hazu Gassho Information and Summary

Facility name crescent moon
Address 18-1 Nanpei, Toyooka, Shinshiro City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan
Phone Number 0536-32-1211
Approximate budget Approx. 48,400 yen (tax included) for 2 people
Official Site http://www.hazu.co.jp/hazugassho/


What do you think? In this article, I have introduced Hazu Gassho.

It is a hot spring inn located in a location that is easily accessible from either Tokyo, Aichi, or Osaka.

Enjoy the open-air bath, Kyoto-style Kaiseki cuisine, and other hospitality that we are proud of.

Please take this opportunity to visit Hazu Gassho.