All guest rooms and open-air baths at Shuhokaku Kogetsu offer a panoramic view of Lake Kawaguchi and Mt.

In this article, I would like to introduce “Shuhokaku Kogetsu” from Fujikawaguchiko, Yamanashi Prefecture.

Fuji, which has been registered as a World Heritage Site.

The location, charm, rooms, and cuisine are described in this article, so please refer to it.

Location of Shuhokaku Kohgetsu

Shuhoukaku Lake Moon Exterior
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The “Shuhoukaku Kougetsu” is a hot spring inn in Tensui where you can enjoy a variety of sightseeing, leisure, and events.

Fuji and Lake Kawaguchi from the rooms, garden and open-air bath.

By train, it takes about 60 minutes from Shinjuku Station in Tokyo to Otsuki Station by limited express train on the JR Chuo Line, and about 40 minutes from there to Kawaguchiko Station by limited express train on the Fujikyuko Line.

In the vicinity, there is a wealth of typical tourist attractions that bear the name of the area, such as the Kawaguchiko Herb Museum, Kawaguchiko Muse Museum, and Kawaguchiko Museum of Art, which can be reached in about 5 minutes by car.

The charm of Shuhokaku Kogetsu

Shuho-kaku Lake Moon Hot Spring
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Men can enjoy the elegance of the large bath “Fuji Cherry Blossom” and the open-air bath “Black Fuji”, while women can enjoy the elegance of the large bath “Virgo Cherry Blossom” and the open-air bath “Red Fuji” from different baths.

In the large baths, you can enjoy the view of Lake Kawaguchi and Mt.

Fuji from the open-air baths. After your bath, quench your thirst with a fresh beer and the delicious water of Mt.

Shuhoukaku Kogetsu Room

Shuhoukaku Lake Moon Room
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In addition to the three types of standard Japanese-Western rooms of 10 tatami mats or more that are easy to relax in, there are up to seven types of guest rooms with open-air baths and footbaths.

The rooms with outdoor baths and footbaths are located on the second floor, where you can enjoy the view of Mt.

Fuji and the surrounding area through the large horizontal windows, even in the standard rooms, the location is perfect.

Cuisine at Shuhoukaku Kougetsu

Shuhoukaku Lake Moon Cuisine
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You can enjoy kaiseki cuisine using carefully selected seasonal ingredients.

The menu changes a total of eight times a year, so each time you visit the restaurant, you can enjoy a different taste of the cuisine that Kogetsu is known for.

Another feature of the restaurant is that there are different places to eat depending on the occasion: room meals for 2-4 people, private dining rooms for 5 or more people, and buffets at the restaurant for breakfast.

Information and summary of Shuhokaku Kohgetsu

Facility name Xiufeng Youhu Yue
Address Kawaguchi 2312, Fujikawaguchiko-cho, Minamituru-gun, Yamanashi
Phone Number 0555-76-8888
Approximate budget About 44,000yen (tax) for 2 persons
Official Site


What do you think? In this article, I have introduced Shuhokaku Kohgetsu.

Fuji, it is a hot spring inn that is popular among foreign tourists.

Depending on your timing, you may even be able to see Mt.

Please take this opportunity to visit Shuhokaku Kohgetsu.