The Lake Suite Kounosu” has an infinity design that allows you to become one with Lake Toya and be surrounded by all of Lake Toya.

In this article, I would like to introduce “The Lake Suite Ko-no-Su” from Lake Toya in Hokkaido.

This is a hot spring resort where you can fully enjoy the pride of Hokkaido, Lake Toya, which has been selected as one of the top 100 scenic spots in Japan.

The location, attractions, rooms, and cuisine are described in this article, so please refer to it.

Location of The Lake Suite Lake Dwelling

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The Lake Suite Lake Dwelling” is designed with an infinity lake view that allows you to overlook the infinite expanse of Lake Toya as one with the lake, freeing you from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

The surrounding area is dotted with various tourist attractions, such as “Manyo-tei” for gourmet food, “Toya Lake Cruise Ship” for nature, and “Showa Shinzan Bear Farm” for history.

By air, it takes about 90 minutes from New Chitose Airport via Chitose IC or Nihida Toya IC, and about 150 minutes from New Chitose Airport via JR Minami Chitose Station or JR Toya Station.

During the year, there are many events such as “Lake Toya Long Run Fireworks Festival”, “Lake Toya Hot Spring Illumination Tunnel”, and “TOKYO Manga/Anime Festa”.

The Lake Suite Lake Dwelling Attractions

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This is an infinity spot where you can enjoy an open view of the ever-expanding natural beauty of Lake Toya.

On a clear night, you can see a natural planetarium filled with the night sky.

The large bathroom is fully functional with a sauna and jet bath, so you can enjoy an extraordinary bathing experience at one with the lake.

The Lake Suite Lake Dwelling Room

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We are proposing terrace rooms with a sense of openness, where all rooms are equipped with an outdoor hot spring bath.

There are four different types of terrace rooms, including the basic terrace, garden terrace, universal terrace, and corner terrace.

All rooms have a lake view while soaking in the outdoor hot spring bath, so you will be able to spend elegant private time while feeling the beat of the lake and the breath of the wind.

The Lake Suite Lake Dwelling Cuisine

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You will be able to taste all the seasonal delicacies that are produced and consumed locally.

The Toya Restaurant is an extraordinary space that blends with the lake.

Enjoy the visual illusion of floating on the lake, and the refined Japanese luxury of craftsmanship and hospitality.

Information and summary of The Lake Suite Lake Dwelling

Facility name The Lake Suite Lake Dwelling
Address 7-1 Toyako Onsen, Sobetsu Town, Usu-gun, Hokkaido
Phone Number 0142-82-4121
Approximate budget Approx. 41,250 yen for 2 persons (tax included)
Official Site


What do you think? In this article, I have introduced The Lake Suite Lake Dwelling.

It is one of the top hot spring resorts in Hokkaido with a view of Lake Toya.

With the best rate guarantee, you will be able to stay at a price plan that will satisfy you.

We hope you will take this opportunity to visit The Lake Suite Kounosu.