A dignified inn in the midst of a landscape that shows the changing expressions of the four seasons, “Kurokawa Onsen Yamamizuki”.

In Kumamoto Prefecture, a mountain stream flows through the valley and the trees grow thick.

The inn offers creative kaiseki cuisine made with fresh mountain produce and a hot spring along a mountain stream, making it a perfect place to relax and feel nature close by.

In this article, I will introduce the charm of this inn in Kumamoto Prefecture, “Kurokawa Onsen Yamamiainoyado Yamamizuki”.

Location of Yamamizuki

Location of Yamamizuki
Source : https://www.yamamizuki.com/

Kurokawa Onsen Yamamizuki is located in Minamikokuni-cho, Aso-gun, Kumamoto Prefecture, in the midst of a landscape that shows the changing expressions of the four seasons.

The lush greenery, the chirping of birds, the murmuring of the river, and the mysterious space that seems to resonate with nature are all wonderful attractions that cannot be experienced in the city.

By car, from the Hita Interchange on the Oita Expressway via the Kyushu Expressway, take National Route 212 toward Kumamoto Aso, and from Oguni Town take National Route 442, which is about an hour and a half from the Kumamoto Interchange.

If you are not driving, take the bus directly to Kurokawa Onsen and get off at the last stop, Kurokawa Onsen, and you will be picked up.

The charm of Yamamizuki

The charm of Yamamizuki
Source : https://www.yamamizuki.com/

The location, the thoughtfulness of the inn staff, the meals, the baths, and the rooms will all satisfy visitors to the Kurokawa Onsen Yamamizuki.

This is a great place for couples and families who want to spend a relaxing time, where you can hear the murmuring of the clear stream, birds singing, and even the sound of the wind.

The open-air bath, where you can feel the mountain stream of the Oku Kurokawa River close by, is filled with floating flowers of hot water that seem to softly soak into your skin.

If you use the open-air bath at night, you will be able to see the stars in the night sky shining brightly, something you cannot see in the city.

Room of Yamamizuki

Room of Yamamizuki
Source : https://www.yamamizuki.com/

There are many types of rooms at Yamamizuki, including Japanese-style rooms, two-room rooms, three-room rooms, and rooms with baths.

You can choose from a moderately sized 10 tatami mat room where you can spend a relaxing time, to a room with an indoor bath that faces the courtyard and has a quiet, calm, and unique atmosphere.

Each room has its own unique layout and construction, so you can enjoy the warmth of tatami mats and wood in a space where you can talk with your friends and enjoy the time flowing slowly.

Yamamizuki’s Cooking

Yamamizuki's Cooking
Source : https://www.yamamizuki.com/

At Yamamizuki, you can enjoy seasonal delicacies from season to season.

As only an inn in the middle of the mountains can offer, we use a wide variety of natural ingredients to create dishes that will satisfy your appetite no matter what time of year it is.

Yamamizuki offers a variety of attractive dishes that will make you feel healthy while eating.

Basic information about Yamamizuki

Facility Name Kurokawa Onsen Yamanai no Yado Yamamizuki
Address Oku-Kurokawa Hot Spring, Minami-Oguni Town, Aso-gun, Kumamoto Prefecture Japan
Phone Number +81967-44-0336
Budget Approx. 20,000 yen for 2 persons (tax included)
Official website https://www.yamamizuki.com/


I have introduced the charm of Yamamizuki, an inn located in Kumamoto Prefecture.

Yamamizuki is a superb inn that satisfies visitors with its location, the thoughtfulness of the inn staff, the meals, the baths, and the rooms, all of which are located in a landscape that shows the changing expressions of the four seasons.

It has a mysterious charm that makes you want to come back once you visit, so if you have a chance to visit nearby, why not try it?