IMGYA PALACE, a water palace surrounded by blue sea and sky

About 290 km southwest of the main island of Okinawa lies the subtropical paradise of Miyako Island.

It is here that you will find IMGYA PALACE, a water palace surrounded by the azure sea and sky.

In this article, I will introduce in detail the luxury hotel “IMGYA PALACE” in Miyako Island, Okinawa Prefecture, from its charm, location, room features, and cuisine.

Location of IMGYA PALACE

Location of IMGYA PALACE
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IMGYA PALACE is located in Miyako Island, Okinawa Prefecture.

Miyako Island is famous not only for its beautiful beaches, but also for its many activities and tourist attractions.

You can enjoy standard beaches such as Yonaha Maehama, Painagama, Sunayama Beach, Aragusuku Beach, Yoshino Beach, Sunset Beach, etc., as well as tourist spots such as the German Cultural Village in Ueno, the Miyakojima City Tropical Botanical Garden, the Shigira Kogane Hot Springs, and the Miyakojima City Experience Craft Village.

IMGYA PALACE offers easy access to all of these places, making it easy for you to explore the sights while staying at the hotel.

The charm of IMGYA PALACE

The charm of IMGYA PALACE
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IMGYA PALACE is a luxury hotel located close to the sparkling blue waters of the island’s southern coast.

Not only can you enjoy the privacy of your own home, but you can also enjoy a variety of activities in a location that allows you to run right out to the ocean and have a truly fulfilling and elegant vacation.

While enjoying the luxury of doing nothing in the comfort of your luxurious villa, you can also enjoy snorkeling or sea kayaking in the house reef where tropical fish such as clownfish live in the clear blue waters.

Stay at IMGYA PALACE and discover the mysterious world of the sea, another paradise of the ancient islands.


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IMGYA PALACE offers a total of 10 luxurious and private villas.

The windows of the villas open up to reveal the living room and private room, overlooking the clear blue waters of Imgya Beach, where you can spend all your time from sunrise to sunset watching the ocean.

All guest rooms have their own private pools, with deck chairs by the poolside, where you can spend your time undisturbed.

The luxurious bath space is made of marble. The bathroom, shower booth, and powder room are all separated by glass, creating an open and inviting space.


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The cuisine at IMGYA PALACE is Miyako cuisine that can only be found here.

From vegetables picked in the morning that are nurtured by the lush green nature of Miyako Island and bathed in the powerful sun, to seafood nurtured by the beautiful coral reefs of the sea, to Miyako beef and Agu pork, you can taste dishes that use an abundance of ingredients unique to this place.

The dishes that make the most of the ingredients of Miyako Island, a food paradise nurtured by the island, are exceptional in appearance and taste.

Wouldn’t you like to stay at an accommodation on Okinawa’s Miyako Island that is filled with such luxury?

Basic information about IMGYA PALACE

Facility Name IMGYA PALACE
Address 573-1, Aza Tomori, Jobe, Miyakojima City, Okinawa, Japan
Phone Number +81980-77-2770
Budget Approx. 60,000 yen for 2 persons (tax included)
Official website


I have introduced the charm of IMGYA PALACE, a luxury hotel located in Miyakojima Island, Okinawa Prefecture.

IMGYA PALACE is a luxury hotel located in the best location of Miyako Island, where you can enjoy the beautiful beach, activities, and sightseeing spots.

It will make your stay in Miyako Island more elegant, so if you have a chance to visit the island, please stay there.