The Natural Rural Hot Springs Fukahori-tei, a ryokan in Fukuoka Prefecture, invites you to a scene that will make you forget your daily life.

Kurume City in Fukuoka Prefecture. As soon as you step through the gate, you will be greeted by the seasonal trees and fruit trees on the 4,000 tsubo (9,000 square meter) property, inviting you to a scene that will make you forget your daily life.

The main building is a reconstructed old house that has been handed down for 180 years, and the harmony of historical beams and modern design furniture creates an attractive space.

In this article, I’ll introduce in detail the charm, location, room features, and cuisine of this luxurious ryokan in Kurume City, Fukuoka Prefecture.

Location of Fuka-hori Residence

Location of Fuka-hori Residence
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The Fukahori Residence is located in Kurume City in Fukuoka Prefecture, in the middle of the Chikugo Plain, in the breadbasket region.

Kurume City is the center of commerce in the Chikugo area and is a convenient shopping town with various stores and malls.

The city has a lot of rich nature, and there are many temples, shrines, and festivals where you can experience history and culture.

There are many famous temples and shrines in Kurume City, which have been revered by many people throughout the ages. Suitengu, located near Kurume Station, is the head shrine of all the Suitengu shrines in Japan. The Chikugo River Fireworks Festival held every August is dedicated to Suitengu and has a history of over 360 years.

Also, since the Chikugo region is a land where numerous traditional crafts are still alive, visitors can observe and experience the “traditional crafts” and “monozukuri” that are passed down from generation to generation.

Fukahori-tei is a ryokan located in a great location that makes sightseeing in Kurume City a pleasant experience.

The charm of Fukaohori Residence

The charm of Fukaohori Residence
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Fukahori-tei is an old house that stands so quietly that you may think you have wandered into another dimension. It is an inn full of charm where you can feel the fresh breeze blowing through your body and the seasonal breath of life.

The inn, which has a story of weaving an old house with history into a hometown with many people, also has a hot spring where you can enjoy an unprecedentedly exquisite moment and a moist bath.

The inner bath uses Oita Prefecture’s natural mineral stone used in bedrock baths, and the outer bath uses radium mineral stone used in medical treatment. Both baths will keep you warm forever, and the water is soft and gentle on the skin.

There is also a rest room across from the main bath, with massage chairs and sofas, where you can relax after taking a bath.

Room of the Fukaori Residence

Room of the Fukaori Residence
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A total of five rooms are available at the Fukahori Residence, located through a green garden where birds sing.

Once you leave the main house, you will find yourself in a lush garden, where the sound of the wind, birdsong, and the scent of the trees will make you feel at ease.

With the garden at the center of the house, each of the separate rooms allows you to relax and spend your time freely. All of the private rooms are made of natural materials and are designed to be comfortable from the air you breathe to the way you sleep.

Each private room has its own garden and an open-air bath with natural hot spring water, so you can enjoy a moment of peace and relaxation in a space designed with care.

Cuisine at the Fuka-Hori Residence

Cuisine at the Fuka-Hori Residence
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The cuisine at Fukahori Residence is a natural kaiseki cuisine prepared using locally grown vegetables and seasonal natural ingredients.

The dishes are prepared simply and carefully without using any food additives and are “gentle to the body.

You can also taste the steak of Funakoya beef, a fantastic brand of beef from Chikugo, so please try it when you stay at the Fukahori Residence.

Wouldn’t you like to stay at a luxurious ryokan in Kurume City that has all these attractions?

Basic information about the Fuka-Hori Residence

Facility Name Fuka-Hori Residence
Address 655 Nishimuta, Mizuma-cho, Kurume-shi, Fukuoka, Japan
Phone Number +81942-54-6681
Budget Approx. 60,000 yen for 2 persons (tax included)
Official website


In this article, I have introduced the charm of Fukahori-tei, a luxurious inn located in Kurume City, Fukuoka Prefecture, called Natural Rural Hot Spring.

Fukahori-tei is a luxurious inn located in the middle of the Chikugo Plain in Kurume City, in the breadbasket region, and is in an ideal location for sightseeing.

In the inn, you can enjoy hot springs and exquisite cuisine, which will surely satisfy you.

If you have a chance to visit the area, please try it out.