Hotel New Awaji with attractive guest rooms in Villa Paradise where you can spend your time like home

Hotel New Awaji is a popular hotel with guest rooms in Villa Paradise, which is particular about spending time like home.

In the Japanese suite, which has an open-air hot spring bath in all rooms, you can spend a blissful time on the terrace with an open-air bath while feeling the sea breeze.

This time, we will introduce in detail the charm, location, room features, and cuisine of this luxury hotel “Hotel New Awaji” in Hyogo Prefecture.

Location of Hotel New Awaji

Location of Hotel New Awaji
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Hotel New Awaji is located in Sumoto City, Awaji Island, Hyogo Prefecture.

Awaji Island is an island recommended for sightseeing that can be reached on a day trip from the Kansai area, and is an island with a circumference of about 150 km.

There are many recommended sightseeing spots on Awaji Island, so the place to stay is very important for efficient tours.

Hotel New Awaji is located in Sumoto, which is also the best location for sightseeing in Awaji Island, so you can rest assured.

The key point “Sumoto Castle”, which was once said to be the largest fortress in western Japan, “Wellness Park Goshiki”, a complex facility in Takadaya Kabei Park, which was created by Takadaya Kabei, a shipping company from Sumoto City and Goshokucho, is about. The facility “Awajishima Monkey Center” where you can see 350 wild monkeys coming from the mountain in the morning and returning to the mountain in the evening, also known as Awaji Fuji, is built on the summit of Sakiyama to create a solemn atmosphere. Good access to famous sightseeing spots that you should visit when you visit Awaji Island, such as “Sakiyama Senkou-ji”, “Awaji Island Tachikawa Suisenkyo”, which is located on a hill at the eastern end of Sumoto City and overlooks the sea. is.

Attractions of Hotel New Awaji

Attractions of Hotel New Awaji
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Hotel New Awaji is a luxury hotel located on the east coast of Awaji Island, in a great location overlooking the Kitan Strait and Osaka Bay from all guest rooms.

“Awaji Tanada no Yu” featuring a three-tiered bath that resembles the original scenery of the island, “Kuniumi no Yu” that uses a lot of natural rocks and trees with the motif of national mythology, and Awaji Yumesen, a group hotel. You can enjoy the two hot springs of Sumoto Onsen and the privately-owned Nigori-yu by visiting the three full-fledged hot spring facilities of the maisonette-type hot spring “Tenkyu no Shizuku” in the spring view.

In addition, there is also a full-fledged relaxation facility “Treatment Spa Komoe” that is pleasing to women, so you can experience the finest treatment using the high-class anti-aging cosmetics “Celcosme” from Switzerland.

Hotel New Awaji Room

Hotel New Awaji Room
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Hotel New Awaji has 117 Japanese suites with open-air hot spring baths of 80 square meters or more.

The guest rooms of Villa Paradise are centered around Japanese-style rooms, with a living-dining room with bright light and a calm bedroom, and a terrace with an open-air bath boasting a view where you can relax while feeling the sea breeze.

From the large living room to the observation terrace, and the connection to the magnificent sea and the vast sky, you can feel a sense of unity.

However, since it is a very popular hotel, even if it has 117 rooms, reservations are filled up to several months in advance, so it is important to make a reservation early according to your purpose.

Hotel New Awaji Cuisine

Hotel New Awaji Cuisine
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At Hotel New Awaji, you can enjoy a delicious time to eat the seasons of Awaji.

Awaji Island, the land of food, is blessed with many ingredients, along with Wakasa and Shima, with the rich ocean and blessings of the earth that have not changed since the days of Manyo.

You can enjoy a variety of dishes studded with the blessings of the selected mountains and seas grown on the water, soil and air of Awaji Island, centering on the fresh seafood that rises in the fishing port of the island.

Would you like to stay at a hotel in Awaji Island that is packed with such luxury?

Basic information about Hotel New Awaji

Facility Name Hotel New Awaji
Address 20 Orodani, Sumoto City, Hyogo, Japan
Phone Number +81799-23-2200
Budget Approx. 70,000 yen for 2 persons (tax included)
Official website


This time, we introduced the charm of the luxury hotel “Hotel New Awaji” in Hyogo prefecture.

Hotel New Awaji is located in Sumoto City, Awaji Island, and is in the best location to make sightseeing around Awaji Island comfortable.

In the hotel, you can enjoy the finest cuisine in a comfortable room while enjoying the various hot springs prepared, so please use it when you visit nearby.