Aman Kyoto, a hotel secretly nestled in a secluded forest garden that provides spiritual peace.

Aman Kyoto is located in a secluded forest garden that has been nurtured over the years by its former owner, who dreamed of creating a textile museum.

Aman Kyoto is a popular hotel that welcomes many guests from Japan and abroad to enjoy a moment of tranquility in the sanctuary of its forest garden, which provides a sense of spiritual peace.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Aman Kyoto, a luxury hotel in Kyoto, from its charm to its location, room features, and cuisine.

Aman Kyoto Location

Aman Kyoto Location
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Aman Kyoto is located in Takagamine, Kyoto Prefecture.

Takagamine is located on the outskirts of Kita-ku, about 15-20 minutes by bus from Kitaoji Bus Terminal Station.

The area is also home to the World Heritage sites of Kinkakuji Temple and Daitokuji Temple, making it a good place for sightseeing in the surrounding area.

The area is also famous for its autumn foliage, which attracts many visitors in the fall.

Particularly popular spots are the autumn leaves along the approach to Koetsuji Temple and the paved autumn leaves at Joshoji Temple, which are Takagamine’s pride and joy.

It is also a good idea to enjoy sightseeing in the area while staying at Aman Kyoto.

The charm of Aman Kyoto

The charm of Aman Kyoto
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Aman Kyoto is a hotel full of charm, creating another world in a tranquil location away from the hustle and bustle of the city center, with its gently bypassing mossy cobblestones, the rustling of the mountain foliage trees growing on them, the murmuring of the streams coming from the mountains, and the chirping of birds.

Natural hot springs are also available, and Aman Kyoto’s hot spring baths, both open-air and indoor, are said to help relieve fatigue, improve muscle pain, and also beautify the skin.

Aman’s spa offers a variety of treatments and programs to help balance the mind and body, leading to a healthy body and mind.

You can enjoy walking in the forest, meditation, yoga and other exercises in the spacious grounds, as well as natural wellness to heal your body and mind with treatments unique to Kyoto.

Aman Kyoto Room

Aman Kyoto Room
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Aman Kyoto offers a total of 26 guest rooms that incorporate the traditions inherited from Japanese ryokan.

Each room, sublimely modernized and built with the utmost respect for the natural landscape, offers the warmth of wood, and the minimalist interior is a quiet and serene space flooded with natural light.

In the rooms of the building that blends into the forest, you can enjoy the view of the forest and garden from the wall of windows, and the maple and cedar trees and the nearby mountains from the pavilion on the hill.

From the pavilion on the hill, you can enjoy the view of maple trees, cedar trees, and the nearby mountains. It is also a good idea to spend some time in the tranquil space with tatami mats and alcoves, soaking in the hinoki cypress bath and enjoying the gentle flow of time in the ancient city.

Each guest room invites you to a relaxing and extraordinary experience, and they are all superb rooms that you will want to use on a special day with someone special.

Aman Kyoto Cuisine

Aman Kyoto Cuisine
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緑が美しい森の庭を一望する「ザ・リビング パビリオン by アマン」では、「Land to Table」をコンセプトに京都近郊の食材を基調とする料理を。荘厳な石門の外側に位置する日本料理「鷹庵」では、総料理長おまかせのテイスティングメニューで日本文化の本質に触れならが極上の料理を楽しむことができます。



Aman Kyoto Basic Information

Facility Name Aman Kyoto
Address 1 Ookita Yamashimine-cho, Kita-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, Japan
Phone Number +8175-496-1333
Budget Approx. 150,000 yen for 2 persons (tax included)
Official website


In this article, I introduced the charm of Aman Kyoto, a luxury hotel in Kyoto.

Aman Kyoto is located near Kinkakuji Temple, a World Heritage Site, and is well positioned for sightseeing in the area.

The hotel has a wide range of facilities, and you can enjoy Aman’s spa, eat delicious food, and relax in your room. The hotel has a wide range of facilities, and you can spend a luxurious day enjoying Aman’s spa, eating delicious food, and relaxing in your room, so please try it out when you visit the area.