Naraya, a long-established Japanese-style inn with a rich historical atmosphere, located in the famous Yubatake area of Kusatsu Onsen.

Naraya, a long-established Japanese-style inn full of historical atmosphere, is located near the famous Yubatake hot spring field in Kusatsu Onsen.

The inn boasts a wide variety of room types to suit various travel styles and 24-hour running “Shirahata no Yu” (hot water with white flags).

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at this luxurious ryokan in Kusatsu, Gunma Prefecture, from its charm to its location, room features, and cuisine.

Location of Naraya

Location of Naraya
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Naraya is located in Kusatsu, Gunma Prefecture.

Kusatsu is well known for its hot springs and is ranked second in the ranking of popular hot spring resorts in Japan, but Kusatsu is more than just hot springs.

The Yubatake, where 4,000 liters of hot spring water gush out every minute, is the symbol of Kusatsu Onsen, and is a must-see when visiting Kusatsu Onsen. The Kusatsu Tropical Garden is a hidden gem in the hot spring town of Kusatsu Onsen, where you can see a variety of animals such as capybaras, marmosets, crocodiles, and snakes.

There is also Nishi-no-Kawara Park, a 10-minute walk from Yubatake, where you can enjoy free footbaths while enjoying the natural scenery of the hot spring area, as hot springs are gushing everywhere in the lush green park.

Naraya is the perfect lodging in the perfect location to see and explore all these sights.

The charm of Naraya

The charm of Naraya
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Since its establishment in 1877, Naraya has been welcoming guests to its location near Yubatake, the center of Kusatsu Onsen, with gratitude for the natural blessings of the hot spring.

It is said that the oldest source of hot spring water in Kusatsu Onsen, Shirahata no Yu, is unique in that it is drawn from a natural incline.

The freshly gushed spring water is adjusted to the optimum temperature, making it a comfortable bathing experience that lasts forever.

The hot spring water is carefully soaked to soften the strong stimulus that is characteristic of Kusatsu’s hot spring water and to make it gentle and smooth to the touch, so you can always soak in the best hot spring water.

The large baths are open 24 hours a day, so you can enjoy the hot spring water at your leisure.

Naraya’s room

Naraya's room
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A total of 36 rooms are available at Naraya, offering a space of elegance and relaxation.

The modern Japanese interior design, including rooms with distinctive beams on the ceiling and rooms where the color of the lighting reveals the room, creates a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere.

You can spend a higher grade of time at Sen-yu-tei, where you can enjoy each room with a different flavor.

One of the most recommended is the room named “Sen-yu-tei Iwakagami”.

This maisonette-type room with a semi-open-air bath overlooking a hot spring field is a spacious 90 square meters. The living room, dining room, bedroom, and Japanese-style room area are arranged in a large space without partitions, creating an open, spacious, and luxurious structure.

It is the perfect room to spend a special day with a special someone.

Naraya Cuisine

Naraya Cuisine
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Naraya’s cuisine treats you to a seasonal menu with plenty of local ingredients.

After relaxing in the hot springs of Kusatsu, you may also enjoy a colorful meal prepared with seasonal ingredients and the taste of Gunma.

Why not take your time to enjoy a luxurious meal in an elegant space designed for your comfort?

With all this luxury, wouldn’t you like to stay at a ryokan in Kusatsu?

Basic information about Naraya

Facility Name Naraya
Address 396 Kusatsu, Kusatsu-machi, Agatsuma-gun, Gunma, Japan
Phone Number +81279-88-2311
Budget Approx. 60,000 yen for 2 persons (tax included)
Official website


In this article, I introduced the charm of Naraya, a luxurious inn located in Kusatsu, Gunma Prefecture.

Naraya is said to be the oldest hot spring in Kusatsu Onsen, and you can enjoy the hot spring water of Shirahata 24 hours a day.

After enjoying the hot spring, you can enjoy a delicious meal at Naraya, so if you have a chance to visit the area, be sure to try it out.