Hotel Nanpuro, a seaside inn located in Shimabara Onsen, a city of water overflowing with pure spring water

Hotel Nanpuro is a seaside inn located in Shimabara Onsen, a water city overflowing with pure spring water.

Located in a prime location overlooking the azure Ariake Sea, Shimabara Bay, and a 1,000-tsubo garden, the hotel also offers Shimabara’s best open-air hot spring bath with free-flowing hot-spring water.

In this article, we will introduce in detail the charm, location, room features, and cuisine of Hotel Nanpuro, a seaside inn in Shimabara Onsen, Nagasaki Prefecture.

Hotel Nanfuro Location

Hotel Nanfuro Location
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Hotel Nanpu-Ro is located in Shimabara Onsen, Nagasaki Prefecture.

The Shimabara Peninsula in the southern part of Nagasaki Prefecture is one of the most famous hot spring peninsulas in Nagasaki. Shimabara Onsen, located on the east side of the Shimabara Peninsula facing the Ariake Sea, is easily accessible from Kumamoto, and Shimabara is only a 30-minute high-speed boat ride from Kumamoto Port.

It is known for its abundant “Shimabara Onsen” hot springs, as well as the springs in Obama Onsen on the western side of the peninsula, Unzen Onsen in the center, and Shimabara City, the “Water Capital” on the eastern side of the peninsula.

The hot spring resort area is lined with inns that offer views of Mount Unzen Fugendake and Kujukushima Island, as well as seafood from the Ariake Sea, and is characterized by the culture of the area.

Shimabara Onsen is a relatively new hot spring resort among the hot springs in the Shimabara Peninsula. Shimabara, which had no hot springs at the time, began drilling for hot spring development in 1935, and finally dug the source in 1967.

Today, it is a place that has developed into a hot spring resort that attracts many visitors, not only for sightseeing, but also for its high-quality hot spring water.

Hotel Nanpu-Ro is located in an excellent location for seeing the Shimabara Onsen area.

Hotel Nanfuro Attractions

Hotel Nanfuro Attractions
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Hotel Nanpuro is a seaside inn located in Shimabara Onsen, a water city overflowing with pure spring water, where you can enjoy a variety of hot springs such as “Open-air bath in the sky – Ariake Sea” and “Panoramic view of Shimabara Bay – Golden Hot Spring”.

The view of the sunrise from Kumamoto on the other side of the bay is popular by word of mouth as a spectacular power spot, and is one of the sights you should see when you visit here.

The natural hot spring water that flows out of the hot spring is known for its moisturizing and skin beautifying effects.

The sunrise over the horizon makes for a wonderful travel scene and an unforgettable memory.

Hotel Nanfuro Rooms

Hotel Nanfuro Rooms
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Hotel Nanpuro offers a total of 94 rooms in a variety of styles to meet the needs of our guests.

Whether you are looking for a casual stay or a luxurious one, there are a variety of room types to suit your travel style, so you can choose the room that best suits your needs.

Of these, we especially recommend The Grand Oceans “guest rooms with open-air baths,” which boast a spectacular ocean view.

These rooms are designed in the image of a sky suite on a luxury cruise ship that blends in with the horizon, allowing you to feel the pleasant sea breeze and the scent of the ocean filling your body.

The room is a superb one, where you can enjoy the feeling of floating on the sea from the living room and the bedroom, not to mention the open-air hot spring bath.

Cuisine at Hotel Nanfuro

Cuisine at Hotel Nanfuro
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At Hotel Nanpuro, you can enjoy high-quality, creative Kyoto-style kaiseki meals that are all handmade.

The chef himself carefully selects seasonal ingredients, with a focus on fresh seafood from the Ariake Sea and nutritious vegetables grown in the rich soil of the Shimabara Peninsula, to create healthy Kyoto-style dishes.

Each dish is a satisfying one-of-a-kind masterpiece, created to bring out the true taste and flavor of the ingredients themselves.

Wouldn’t you like to stay at a hotel in Shimabara Onsen that is filled with such luxury?

Hotel Nanfuro Basic Information

Facility Name Hotel Nanfuro
Address 2-7331-1 Benten-cho, Shimabara-shi, Nagasaki, Japan
Phone Number +81957-62-5111
Budget Approx. 20,000 yen for 2 persons (tax included)
Official website


In this issue, we introduced the charms of Hotel Nanpu-Ro, a seaside inn nestled in Shimabara Onsen, Nagasaki Prefecture.

Hotel Nanpu-Ro is a seaside inn located in Shimabara Onsen, a city of water overflowing with pure spring water.

We recommend this hotel to those who want to enjoy the best of Shimabara Onsen at a leisurely pace, so if you have a chance to visit the area, please be sure to take advantage of it.