The prestigious “Imperial Hotel Tokyo” with a view of the Imperial Palace in Hibiya, Tokyo.

The prestigious Imperial Hotel Tokyo overlooking the Imperial Palace in Hibiya, Tokyo.

Opened at the end of the 19th century, the Imperial Hotel Tokyo has a reputation for its thoughtful service.

In this article, we will introduce in detail the charm, location, room features, and cuisine of the Imperial Hotel Tokyo in Hibiya.

Imperial Hotel Tokyo Location

Imperial Hotel Tokyo Location
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The Imperial Hotel Tokyo is very well located, only a 5-minute cab ride from Tokyo Station. By train, it is a 3-minute walk from Hibiya and Uchisaiwai subway stations, so you will not have much trouble even when the weather is bad.

The building is adjacent to Hibiya Park, with a view of the Imperial Palace beyond. Seeing this oasis of greenery spread out between the buildings, you will be healed by the extraordinary space.

You can also walk to Ginza and Shiodome, so you will be able to fully enjoy shopping and sightseeing. The Imperial Theater and the Kabuki-za Theater are also nearby, so theater lovers can also enjoy themselves.

Marunouchi is also within walking distance, so it can be used for business as well. A short train ride will take you to Tsukiji and Akihabara for a stroll.

Tokyo Disney Resort is also only 30 minutes away. There are more leisure spots in the area than you can visit in just one night, so you will have a hard time deciding where to go.

Imperial Hotel Tokyo Attractions

Imperial Hotel Tokyo Attractions
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The Imperial Hotel Tokyo was founded in 1890 as a guesthouse to welcome guests from abroad. It is a prestigious hotel that has hosted numerous dignitaries since the Meiji Era.

Needless to say, the hotel was very important to Japan during the long period of national isolation. The large and magnificent “lobby flower arrangement” at the entrance is a highlight in itself.

The flowers change with the seasons, and many people come to enjoy them.

Furthermore, the idea is that “the inside of the elevator is also a guest room.

Rose buds are on display, and they are meticulously watered three times daily to keep them fresh.

If any of the roses deteriorate, they are immediately replaced. As a first-class hotel, not only is every corner of the hotel beautiful, but the staff who work there are also exceptional.

After the rooms are cleaned, there are more than 200 items to be rigorously checked. They carefully inspect the guest rooms to ensure that even the smallest thing does not cause discomfort to the guests.

The Imperial Hotel, which values the spirit of hospitality, is scheduled to be renovated to provide better service.

The hotel will be reborn as an even nicer hotel over a period of more than 10 years starting in 2024.

Imperial Hotel Tokyo Rooms

Imperial Hotel Tokyo Rooms
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The Imperial Hotel Tokyo has a main building and a tower building. The rooms in the Tower Wing are serviced apartments where you live for a certain period of time.

When they stay for a regular period of time, they will use the rooms in the main building. The main building is divided into two types: “Regular Floor” and “Imperial Floor.

The “Imperial Floor” refers to the special floors and is located on the 14th through 16th floors.

The rooms are perfect for those who want a more luxurious room. The luxurious rooms, designed by British designer Julian Reed, will make you feel enchanted just by entering the room.

The bedding is the Imperial Hotel’s original “Sleep Works,” and is sure to provide you with a quality night’s sleep. The bathroom is equipped with AYURA amenities, so you can enjoy a luxurious bath time.

If you stay on the Imperial floor, you will be assigned a full-time “Guest Attendant” who will provide you with various consultations. Check-in and check-out can also be done at the dedicated counter.

You will feel the heartfelt hospitality throughout your stay.

As the name suggests, “Regular Floor” means “regular floor,” and rooms are located on the 7th through 12th floors of the main building. They may not be as luxurious as the rooms on the Imperial Floor, but they are still Imperial Hotel rooms.

With light gray carpets and a bright, relaxing atmosphere, these rooms are sure to be a comfortable place to stay.

Imperial Hotel Tokyo Cuisine

Imperial Hotel Tokyo Cuisine
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The Imperial Hotel Tokyo has 17 restaurants and bars. With everything from casual diners and buffet restaurants to first-rate Japanese, Chinese, and Western cuisine, it is hard to decide which to choose.

For a casual meal, try the Imperial Pancakes with Strawberries and Vegetable Curry at Parkside Diner.

The Imperial Pancakes with Strawberries are three thinly pancaked pancakes neatly stacked on top of each other. The surface of the pancake is crispy, but the inside is soft and chewy, making it an exquisite dish.

The pancakes are served with strawberries and whipped butter for a different taste. It looks great, and no matter what angle you take a picture from, it will “look good” and you will end up taking many pictures of it.

The Vegetable Curry, as the name suggests, consists of a variety of vegetables spread on a bed of rice. Asparagus, eringi mushrooms, and other vegetables are piled on top of the rice, and the curry roux, which is served separately, is poured over the top of the vegetables.

The roux is an exquisite combination of various spices and has a deep taste that an amateur cannot produce. Another casual restaurant that should not be missed is Imperial Buffet Salle.

As the name suggests, this restaurant serves buffet-style meals.

In fact, this is the birthplace of Japan’s unique “buffet cuisine. Nowadays, when it is necessary to avoid being too dense, the style of serving has been partially changed to an order buffet.
While maintaining the traditional style of taking and enjoying as much food as you like, sanitation has been taken into consideration.

Of course, the food served here is exceptional, and you can enjoy everything from soup to dessert to your heart’s content. For those who want to enjoy authentic cuisine, the French cuisine “Les Saisons” seems to be the most popular.

The chef here has built up his skills as a chef at a first-class restaurant in the Champagne region. His signature dish is “truffle pie wrapped in pie,” a luxurious dish that spreads deeply in both aroma and taste.

Why not try it for an anniversary with your loved ones?

Imperial Hotel Tokyo Basic Information

Facility Name Imperial Hotel Tokyo
Address 1-1-1 Uchisaiwai-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Phone Number +813-3504-1111
Budget Approx. 60,000 yen for 2 persons (tax included)
Official website


In this issue, we have introduced the charms of the Imperial Hotel Tokyo, where you can immerse yourself in a luxurious atmosphere.

It is located close to Tokyo Station and has excellent access to sightseeing spots in the Tokyo vicinity. As one of the leading hotels in Japan, we found that the staff takes every care.

Not only the guest rooms but also the restaurant is excellent, and you can use it not only for sightseeing and business but also for your anniversary.