Hyatt Regency Naha, an extraordinary resort with a sense of Okinawan tradition

Feel the wind and water on your skin at Hyatt Regency Naha. Taste an extraordinary resort while feeling the traditions of Okinawa.

For those who want to spend a luxurious hotel suite where you can forget about everyday life while feeling the traditional space of Okinawa.

In this issue, we will introduce in detail the charm, location, room features, and cuisine of this Hyatt Regency Naha in Naha, Okinawa Prefecture.

Hyatt Regency Naha Location

Hyatt Regency Naha Location
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The Hyatt Agency Naha, based on the concept of “feeling the wind and water of Okinawa,” leads you to an extraordinary place with natural light streaming in from the babbling water. Upon entering the hotel, you will find a vaulted lobby and Ryukyuan artifacts filled with the artists’ thoughts and feelings spreading everywhere. It creates a relaxing and cozy Okinawan atmosphere.

Despite its proximity to the bustling Kokusai-dori Street, just a 3-minute walk away, this resort hotel is quiet and offers a sense of peace and tranquility.

It is located in the Sakurazaka area, which connects Kokusai-dori, the central street, and Tsuboya Yachimun-dori, a street with a deep history. It is a 7-minute walk from Makishi Monorail Station, and a 20-minute drive from Naha Airport.

This access is suitable for a wide range of needs from business to family.

Attractions of Hyatt Regency Naha

Attractions of Hyatt Regency Naha
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The outdoor swimming pool is a place to soak up the sun and cool off, and the traditional Okinawan scenery can be experienced from inside the hotel.

The hotel’s garden will make you want to stay forever and forget about everyday life.

The rooms are suitable for your precious vacation and the food is made from the finest ingredients. You will be able to spend a relaxing time.

We also offer original out-of-hotel activities to create a more fulfilling location. In the Kerama Islands, which are coveted by divers from around the world, you can experience snorkeling with colorful fish and sea turtles, and parasailing, where you can see the Okinawan sea from 50 meters above the ground, is a thrilling yet wonderful experience as if you have the contrasting azure sea all to yourself. All activities are available with private hotel transportation.

All activities are offered with hotel pick-up and drop-off for customers to create a one-of-a-kind experience.

Hyatt Regency Naha Rooms

Hyatt Regency Naha Rooms
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A total of 8 types of rooms are available, divided into the Standard Floor, where you can imagine the scenery of Okinawa, and the Club Floor, where you can relax on the upper floors with a subtle touch of Ryukyuan culture.

The rooms offer an unobstructed view of Okinawa from the surrounding buildings, and guests staying on the Club Floor can enjoy breakfast, Orion beer, and cocktails in the exclusive lounge on the top floor.

When you step out of your room, you can enjoy the variety of flowers that grow wild in Okinawa as artwork.

Hyatt Regency Naha Cuisine

Hyatt Regency Naha Cuisine
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Hyatt Regency Naha offers four restaurants and bars that are full of originality and use a variety of seasonal ingredients.

The 18th floor’s MILANO|GRILL and the bar offer a sparkling night view, while the chef prepares a top-quality dinner and cocktails using high-quality ingredients such as grilled Saga beef loin and duck foie gras bavarois to satisfy your body and soul.

The second floor “sakurazaka” offers seasonal breakfasts, such as freshly prepared vegetables and sausages from the prefecture, and a live kitchen serving freshly prepared dishes, while the first floor “the lounge” offers creative desserts created by the patissier and carefully selected coffee. The lounge is located on the first floor and offers a terrace with a pleasant breeze.

Enjoy our specialties in a comfortable space overlooking the magnificent scenery.

Hyatt Regency Naha Basic Information

Facility Name Hyatt Regency Naha
Address 3-6-20 Makishi, Naha City, Okinawa, Japan
Phone Number +81098-866-8888
Budget Approx. 15,200 yen for 2 persons (tax included)
Official website


In this article, we have introduced Hyatt Regency Naha, which is close to the bustling Kokusai-dori Street, but still has a quiet atmosphere.

Why don’t you spend an extraordinary hotel suite where you can feel the wind and water while experiencing the chef’s special gastronomy and Okinawa’s traditional culture?

Please take this opportunity to visit Hyatt Regency Naha.