Tateshina Oyashiyu Onsen, an inn established in 1926 for adults

Shinshu, a state with one of the highest rates of health and longevity, offers an abundance of delicious and healthy food.

How about a trip to experience the culture that has been preserved along with the delicious air and wonderful scenery?

In this issue, we will introduce in detail the charms, location, room features, and cuisine of Tateshina Oyayu Onsen in Tateshina, Nagano Prefecture.

Tateshina Oyayu Onsen Location

Tateshina Oyayu Onsen Location
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Tateshina Hot Spring Village is located near the Taki no Yu River from Tateshina Lake. One of them is Oyayu Onsen.
Visitors can admire the various expressions of the four seasons and soak in the hot springs of this highland resort.

One of the nearby tourist attractions is Lake Megami (Goddess of Mercy), a 25-minute drive from the inn. 
Known as a power spot, this is a place where visitors can experience the changing of the seasons and enjoy activities such as renting boats and canoes.

In addition, the “Venus Line” is a 5-minute drive away, and “Tateshina Kogen” is a 10-minute drive away, so a drive while enjoying the scenery is also recommended. It is recommended to take a drive while enjoying the scenery, and you will be healed by the scenery that you cannot see very often.

Tateshina Oyayu Onsen Attractions

Tateshina Oyayu Onsen Attractions
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The most attractive feature is the “Library Lounge” with 30,000 good books on display. With stylish chandeliers on the ceiling, sofas, chairs, and other furnishings, you can spend a relaxing time with a glass of whiskey or wine.
You may find a book you have missed or discover something new. It is truly a space for adults.

The inn’s large public bath is the “Ozashiki-buro.
The tatami-matted baths are non-slip and gentle on the feet, making them safe for the elderly and children.
The use of special materials to prevent corrosion caused by the hot spring water is also a reassurance.

Oyayu Onsen, located in the midst of nature, is a private hot spring known as “Takeda Shingen’s hidden hot spring.
The hot spring water, rich in beneficial properties, gushes out one after another and is poured over the large baths and open-air baths. The soft, slightly acidic spring water is said to be a beauty’s hot spring because of its smoothness. If you close your eyes while soaking in the hot spring, the sound of the mountain stream and the trees full of negative ions in front of you will make you forget your daily fatigue.

There is an open-air bath for women only, “Tenyo no Yu,” where you can enjoy cherry blossoms in spring, fresh greenery in summer, autumn leaves in fall, and snowy scenery in winter. It is a relaxing and healing time.

For those who want to have the spectacular view all to themselves, we recommend the “private open-air baths.
You can take a bath alone or as a couple.
When you stay at the hotel, you can use the bath for 30 minutes free of charge.

Tateshina Oyayu Onsen Room

Tateshina Oyayu Onsen Room
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In 2019, all guest rooms were renovated.

The special rooms, called “Tateshina Club,” are inspired by literary figures associated with the inn and remind us of the past. The interior is very modern and spacious, making you feel as if you were a literary figure.

Another special room is “Shinzan-tei” This room has an open-air bath.
It has an open-air bath in a tsuboniwa garden, and you can enjoy the hot spring anytime and as much as you like without worrying about anyone else. If you want to enjoy a luxurious holiday, how about this?

Tateshina Oyayu Onsen Cuisine

Tateshina Oyayu Onsen Cuisine
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Shinshu is famous for fermented foods such as miso and soy sauce, soba noodles, Tateshina beef, and Shinshu pork. In addition to these foods, you can enjoy delicious and healthy cuisine made with an abundance of mountain delicacies.

For dinner, you can enjoy “Tateshina Mountain Cuisine,” a creative Japanese dish based on French cuisine. The dishes served on stylish tableware are full of a resort atmosphere.
The generous portions of Tateshina beef steak, curry, and other dishes will satisfy even the most demanding of diners.

For breakfast, you can enjoy freshly harvested vegetables and hot tofu made with spring water from Mount Tateshina.
The plate is full of nutrients, and the fresh air makes for a refreshing start to the day.

Tateshina Oyayu Onsen Basic Information

Facility Name Tateshina Oyayu Onsen
Address 4035 Tateshina Kogen, Kitayama, Chino-shi, Nagano, Japan
Phone Number +81266-67-2020
Budget Approx. 32,000 yen for 2 persons (tax included)
Official website https://www.tateshina-shinyu.com


Tateshina Oyashiyu Onsen, which was once just a quiet therapeutic spa hotel, has been spread throughout the world by writers.

We hope that you will enjoy reading books here as if you were a literary master, be healed by the hot spring, and spend time as if you were transported back in time. You may even come across a precious book.