Yumoto Fujiya Hotel, a trip to enjoy meals and hot springs while enjoying the scenery of Hakone full of greenery.

A long-established ryokan that can be used not only for overnight stays, but also as a day spa and for work vacations.

It is only a short walk from Hakone-Yumoto Station, and various plans are available.

In this article, we will introduce the Yumoto Fujiya Hotel in Hakone in detail, from its charm, location, room features, and cuisine.

Yumoto Fujiya Hotel Location

Yumoto Fujiya Hotel Location
Source : https://www.yumotofujiya.jp

If you are traveling from Shinjuku, Tokyo, the Odakyu Line Romance Car will take you to Hakone-Yumoto Station in 85 minutes, and from there it is only a 3-minute walk to the hotel. Yumoto Fujiya Hotel is conveniently located.

Between Hakone-Yumoto Station and the hotel is the “Hydrangea Bridge” over the Hayakawa River.
This hydrangea bridge contains a wish for the development of Hakone and is a popular photo spot along with the vermilion bridge. 

One of the nearby tourist attractions is the Hakone-Yumoto Ekimae Shopping Street. Here, you will find a variety of stores where you can buy many souvenirs that will make your trip memorable.
It is just a good place to wander around.

A rickshaw ride is also recommended to visit some of the best spots in the area. The rickshaw rides range from an easy 20-minute tour to a more leisurely 60-minute tour, guided by a handsome rickshaw driver.

Attractions of Yumoto Fujiya Hotel

Attractions of Yumoto Fujiya Hotel
Source : https://www.yumotofujiya.jp

Some people may be concerned that they may not be able to stay here safely with small children. However, this hotel is very considerate to family travelers.

For example, children’s meals are served earlier, and you can enter the restaurant with a stroller.
There is also a kids’ room with picture books and toys for them to play with. It is nice to spend time in the room, but a little change of scenery will keep them occupied and entertained. The free 30-minute private dining room is also a nice touch.

Collaboration plans and limited time plans are available.
The collaboration plan is in collaboration with Nishikawa, that famous bedding manufacturer, and will promise you a comfortable sleep with their special bedding set.
In the limited time plan, they will devise a menu that suits the season.

The hot spring water here is very soft to the touch, and you can relax in the open-air bath while fully enjoying the vivid green nature. You will surely be able to take away your daily fatigue in one fell swoop.

The men’s and women’s baths each have a spacious indoor bath and two types of open-air baths. There are a rock bath and a cypress bath. The abundant hot water is said to be highly effective in beautifying the skin.

There are also private baths and a low-temperature sauna, which are also popular.
The temperature of the sauna is 50 degrees Celsius, so even those who say that saunas are too hot to enter can take their time. Even those who cannot take a sauna because it is too hot can take a relaxing bath in the sauna.

Shino” souvenir shop offers a wide selection of Hakone’s local specialties as well as folk crafts, so you will never be at a loss for souvenirs. Local delivery is also available.

For entertainment, there is a karaoke room, a mah-jongg room, and a hot spring ping-pong table, which is a standard feature at hot spring inns, so groups of guests can enjoy themselves.

Yumoto Fujiya Hotel Rooms

Yumoto Fujiya Hotel Rooms
Source : https://www.yumotofujiya.jp

We have Japanese-style rooms, Western-style rooms, Japanese-Western-style rooms, and barrier-free rooms.
There are three types of Japanese-style rooms, both of which are clean and relaxing. You can choose according to the number of people.
There are 7 types of Western-style rooms. From standard rooms to stylish modern rooms, we have a wide variety.

The views from the rooms are superb.
Rooms with a train view will be appreciated by small children.

Cuisine at Yumoto Fujiya Hotel

Cuisine at Yumoto Fujiya Hotel
Source : https://www.yumotofujiya.jp

The greatest attraction is the choice of Japanese, French, and Chinese cuisine.
Japanese cuisine “Himesara” allows you to fully enjoy the season and offers authentic kaiseki cuisine with seasonal content. Breakfast is a colorful Japanese set meal.
Sushi kaiseki meals are also available, including sushi, and nigirizushi can be enjoyed at the counter.
Private rooms are also available here for small groups up to 12 people, allowing you to enjoy your meal in a relaxed atmosphere.

In French cuisine, a variety of a la carte dishes on white tableware will whet your appetite.
The menu preserves traditional flavors and uses ingredients of the four seasons.

And finally, Chinese cuisine. Authentic Cantonese cuisine can be enjoyed here.
In addition to course meals using shark’s fin and other premium ingredients, an a la carte menu is also available, so why not try it with a glass of Shaoxing wine or other alcoholic beverage?

Yumoto Fujiya Hotel Basic Information

Facility Name Yumoto Fujiya Hotel
Address 256-1 Yumoto, Hakone-cho, Ashigarashita-gun, Kanagawa, Japan
Phone Number +81460-85-6111
Budget Approx. 25,000 yen for 2 persons (tax included)
Official website https://www.yumotofujiya.jp


The reviews of Yumoto Fujiya Hotel introduced this time include “It is indeed a long-established hotel! It was just a very comfortable hotel! It is definitely worth a visit.

Enjoy the murmuring of the Hayakawa River against the backdrop of nature and soak in Hakone’s famous hot spring water. How about such luxury?

Enjoy a relaxing and functional resort hotel with great memories.