Enjoy a cruiser cabin with lodging and cruising at Sea Hotel Shimahana

Sea Hotel Shimahana has an exotic marina spread out before you, and the blue sea fills your body and soul.

Why not enjoy the taste of Awaji Island to the fullest and relax in the bath with a panoramic view of the Kitan Straits?

In this issue, we will introduce in detail the charm, location, room features, and cuisine of the Umi no Hotel Shimahana in Sumoto City, Hyogo Prefecture.

Sea Hotel Shimahana Location

Sea Hotel Shimahana Location
Source : https://www.shimahana.com/

Located about 20 minutes from the Awaji Island Chuo Smart IC, Sea Hotel Shimahana is easily accessible by various means of transportation.

It’s a seaside hotel overlooking a marina, and it’s called “a place close to the sea and the sky!”

The exotic marina spreads out in front of the hotel, offering a panoramic view of the Kitan Strait with its endless blue ocean.

Mikumayama is located 1.3 km from the hotel. Sumoto Castle, designated as a national historic site, is located on the top of the mountain, and from the castle tower at the top of the mountain, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the city of Sumoto.

The museum, located in a quiet atmosphere with the green mountains behind and the stone walls and walls of the castle in front, houses a collection of archaeological and historical materials as well as Awaji puppet theater, a nationally designated Important Intangible Folk Cultural Asset.

2.5 km from the hotel is Artisan Square.

This red brick building built in the Meiji era (1868-1912) is used as a facility to introduce Sumoto City’s industrial promotion, creativity, culture, and art.

Inside the building there is a café using Awaji Island ingredients, a barbecue restaurant, a general store, and a smartphone goods store, so be sure to stop by!

The stylish café has a relaxed atmosphere and offers beef bowls made with excellent Awaji beef.

It’s worth a visit to take a look at the historic, retro exterior!

Sea Hotel Shimahana Attraction

Sea Hotel Shimahana Attraction
Source : https://www.shimahana.com/

The charm of Umi no Hotel Shimahana lies in the fact that you can fully enjoy the famous Sumoto hot spring, which has its source at the foot of Mt.

On the top floor spa floor, there is a bath with a panoramic view of the Kitan Straits and a private Jacuzzi open-air bath, and a bedrock bath is also available in the private Jacuzzi open-air bath.

Furthermore, at Umi no Hotel Shimahana, you can use a special glass boat to experience a tour of the group hotels’ baths.

You can cross over to Awaji Yumesenkei to visit Yubinkaku “Tengu no Shizuku,” and also use “Awaji Tanada no Yu” and “Kuniumi no Yu” at Spa Terrace Suigetsu, which are connected by a corridor.

Outside of operating hours, a microbus is available to take you to and from the baths, and you can leave your yukata on when visiting the baths, so feel free to take advantage of this service!

After bathing, we also recommend thalassotherapy, a marine therapy born in France that uses the blessings of the sea.

Utilizing the resources of the sea, such as seawater, seaweed, and sea mud, it activates cells from within the body and enhances the body’s natural healing power.

Private room space experiences are also available, and men are welcome to use them, which is great for couples!

It balances the energies of the mind and body, and you can feel the deep effects through the five senses. Please come and experience it for yourself.

Sea Hotel Shimahana Room

Sea Hotel Shimahana Room
Source : https://www.shimahana.com/

Sea Hotel Shimahana is full of a variety of rooms with resort-like views.

The special concept room is a spa terrace room with an open-air bath and can accommodate four people in the same room. The spacious open-air baths will relieve all your travel fatigue in one fell swoop!

Another popular feature is the Grande Room, which is also equipped with a home theater and bedrock warming facilities.

Standard rooms are twin rooms that offer a resort-like atmosphere. Outside the window is a view of the calm inner bay and the exotic harbor.

The dock friendly rooms are favored as a space where you can relax with your dog.
The special villa building with an open-air bath has been very popular since it first opened!

And the cruiser cabins, where you can stay overnight and enjoy cruising, await you in hotel-like comfort.

On the main deck of the ship, there is a living space full of satisfaction and a mini-kitchen with cooking utensils to make your stay on board more comfortable.

Downstairs, on the cabin floor, there is a double bedroom and two children’s bedrooms, as well as two shower booths.

Families can enjoy a glamping stay at sea in peace!
This unique cruiser cabin experience is sure to be an unforgettable memory.

Sea Hotel Shimahana Cuisine

Sea Hotel Shimahana Cuisine
Source : https://www.shimahana.com/

The cuisine at Umi no Hotel Shimahana, where you can fully enjoy the tastes of Awaji Island, is full of colorful menus studded with the island’s seasonal vegetables.

At Restaurant Uminami, you can savor a course meal sprinkled with the flavors of the season.

The restaurant features an atrium that extends to the top floor, where you can enjoy seasonal kaiseki cuisine with fresh Awaji Island ingredients sprinkled throughout.

The charcoal-grilled grill Shimabara is popular for its charcoal-grilled course, which allows you to enjoy the whole appeal of the ingredients through all five senses.

Fresh seafood from nearby fishing ports and fresh vegetables from local farmers can be enjoyed over a charcoal fire that accentuates the original flavor of the ingredients.

At Natural Cafe Minamikazehana, you can savor healthy dishes made from locally produced and locally consumed ingredients.

You can enjoy tasty and healthy café meals made with wholesome ingredients by the poolside overlooking the yacht harbor.

And the alcoholic menu available during bar time only adds to the excitement of your night on the road!

Breakfast is a buffet featuring fresh vegetables and other locally grown ingredients, and the fluffy dashimaki tamago (rolled egg) carefully baked on Awaji Island is very popular.

In addition, you can enjoy your choice of about 40 Japanese and Western-style dishes, including fresh salads using fresh vegetables, grilled fish, fried dishes, and various side dishes!

Sea Hotel Shimahana Basic Information

Facility Name Sea Hotel Shimahana
Address 1277-5, Kojidani, Sumoto City, Hyogo, Japan
Phone Number +81570-079922
Budget Approx. 40,000 yen for 2 persons (tax included)
Official website https://www.shimahana.com/


In this article, we have introduced the Sea Hotel Shimahana.

Surrounded by the calm sea, this hotel is a soothing and healing place.

Please visit the Umi no Hotel Shimahana, where you can fully enjoy the resort-like scenery in a variety of rooms, including a harbor view overlooking the exotic marina, a south view facing the town in the marina, and an ocean view overlooking the Kitan Straits.