Enjoy time flowing slowly in the great outdoors at the luxury ryokan Manyonosato Hakuunso

Manyonosato Hakuunso will satisfy your travel needs with its healing hot springs and special kaiseki cuisine.

Why don’t you and your loved ones spend time flowing slowly in the great outdoors!

In this issue, we will introduce in detail the charm, location, room features, and cuisine of Manyonosato Hakuunso in Kanagawa Prefecture.

Manyo no Sato Hakuunso Location

Manyo no Sato Hakuunso Location
Source : https://www.hakuunsou.com/

Manyonosato Hakuunso, a luxury ryokan with open-air bath rooms built on the babbling brook of the Chitose River, is 30 minutes from the Ishibashi IC of the Odawara-Atsugi Road, off the Tomei Expressway at the Atsugi IC, via R135.
Turn left at the Kogome no Yu entrance, and the inn is located 800m away.

A 15-minute drive from the inn brings you to recommended spots such as the Museum of Living National Treasures and Manyo Park!

The museum, which displays masterpieces of living national treasures in one place, has a wide variety of excellent works on display, including ceramics, dolls, lacquer crafts, metal crafts, dyed textiles, and glass crafts.

Many people of all ages and both men and women enjoy viewing the works, and visitors can feel the enthusiasm conveyed by the works.

At the exit, visitors can enjoy powdered green tea served in a tea bowl made by a living national treasure, which will further increase the satisfaction of your trip.

And at Manyo Park, located along the Chitose River across a vermilion-lacquered bridge in the heart of Yugawara’s hot spring resort district, more than 80 varieties of flowers and grasses from the Manyoshu (The Anthology of Myriad Leaves) are planted.

Please spend a restful time at your leisure, looking at the thatched-roof Man’yo Pavilion or strolling along the river while listening to the murmuring of the stream.

There are stylish terrace seats here and there, and there are also footbath facilities where you can put your feet in the hot spring water and get a massage effect by stimulating the pressure points.

At the rest area with a café, you can try the famous red bean butter sandwiches!

A day-trip bathing facility is also located next door, making it the perfect place to stop by.

Manyo no Sato Hakuunso Attraction

Manyo no Sato Hakuunso Attraction
Source : https://www.hakuunsou.com/

Manyo no Sato Hakuun-so is located near the Chitose River, which flows into Yugawara, and you can feel the seasons with the murmuring of the river.

Enjoy free drinks in the lounge while enjoying the scenery of the four seasons! Enjoy the luxury of feeling in the midst of nature.

The large bathroom faces Sagami Bay with the Hakone mountains in the background!
The large windows give you a great sense of openness!

In addition, you can enjoy your private space as much as you like in the private baths, where you can also enjoy an open-air Jacuzzi bath in the grove of trees.

You can relax in the Asian-style half-open-air bath with the soothing sound of a babbling mountain stream.

You can also bring your own beverages and favorite music, making it the perfect place to spend a wonderful time with your loved one.

Enjoy Yugawara’s famous hot spring to your heart’s content.

The esthetic salon offers the ultimate in relaxation, where you can relieve your daily fatigue with an all-hand lymphatic treatment.
We offer a variety of menus, including body and facial treatments, so take advantage of this opportunity for a blissful time!

Manyo no Sato Hakuunso Room

Manyo no Sato Hakuunso Room
Source : https://www.hakuunsou.com/

Manyonosato Hakuunso has 17 guest rooms of 8 types, divided into guest rooms with and without open-air baths.

The 17 rooms include 3 detached rooms with an open-air hot spring bath, 7 rooms with an open-air hot spring bath, 1 room with an open-air hot spring bath, and 6 general rooms with an indoor bath.

Of these, the highest grade of rooms, which were renovated and reopened in July 2020, are elegant and luxurious with an open-air bath with hot spring water and a sauna.

You can enjoy the view of Sagami Bay through the open-air bath screen, and the murmuring of the Chitose River below is a pleasant sensation.

Other rooms include a tea-ceremony room that offers a taste of Japanese style, a room with a balcony along the river, and other rooms that feature the techniques of sukiya-style architecture.

There are also rooms with spacious open-air baths with hot spring water, sauna rooms with windows overlooking the green trees, and more.

The rooms are tailored to suit your individual style and will help you create wonderful memories of your trip.

Cuisine at Manyo no Sato Hakuunso

Cuisine at Manyo no Sato Hakuunso
Source : https://www.hakuunsou.com/

Dinner at Manyo no Sato Hakuunso is a Japanese kaiseki dinner that changes monthly in the Senkei dining room.

The kaiseki meals are prepared using the most beautiful and delicious ingredients of the season, including seasonal fish from Sagami Bay and locally grown vegetables, and are a delight not only in taste but also in appearance.

The attention to detail in the presentation of the dishes is evident in the attention to detail in the dishes themselves, and the ingenuity that goes into every detail.

The seven types of appetizers, which change monthly, are seasonal delicacies made with carefully selected seasonal ingredients.

Grilled dishes that maximize the flavor of fresh seafood are served with Koshihikari rice from Minami Uonuma, cooked in an earthenware pot! Here you will find the luxury of satisfaction.

Breakfast consists of a variety of comforting menu items such as Yugawara mandarin orange juice to wake you up, grilled dish, small bowl of cooked food, Rokka-bako, miso soup rice, and dessert.

There are many things to cheer you up at the beginning of the day, such as tasty seasonal dried fish and Odawara satsuma-age (fried fish cake).

Manyo no Sato Hakuunso Basic Information

Facility Name Manyo no Sato Hakuunso
Address 716-1 Miyakami, Yugawara-cho, Ashigarashita-gun, Kanagawa, Japan
Phone Number +81465-62-2341
Budget Approx. 39,292 yen for 2 persons (tax included)
Official website https://www.hakuunsou.com/


In this article, we have introduced Manyo no Sato Hakuunso in Kanagawa Prefecture.

A large bath facing Sagami Bay, private baths where you can enjoy your own private space, and even an open-air Jacuzzi bath in a grove of trees!

Please visit Manyo no Sato Hakuunso, a famous hot spring in Yugawara where you can feel the murmuring of the Chitose River and the seasons.