Attraction of “Ento” a complex facility that combines a hotel and a World Geopark base.

Ento is a base facility where you can stay at the Oki UNESCO World Geopark.

With the concept of “being on the earth, just a stone’s throw away”, you can connect with nature as it is, and ask yourself what is truly necessary! This is the perfect trip to spend some time asking such questions.

Why don’t you experience the charm of Geoparks to the fullest!

In this issue, we will introduce in detail the charm, location, room features, and cuisine of this Ento in Shimane Prefecture.

Ento Locations

Ento Locations
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Located a 3-minute walk from Hishiura Port on the Oki Kisen ferry in Nakanoshima (Ama Town), Shimamae, Ento is a complex facility that serves as both a hotel and a World Geopark base.

There are three modes of transportation from the mainland to the Oki Islands: Oki Kisen ferry, Rainbow Jet high-speed boat, and airplane.

The Oki Islands are a chain of 180 islands of various sizes. The scenery you see is the bare earth itself.

Ama Town’s watchword, which symbolizes the island life that has been spun out there, is “Nothing is missing.

It is somehow free, and makes us imagine the great power that can be created from this place.

And at “Underwater Observation Amambo,” a 5-minute walk from Ento, you can enjoy a 50-minute walk under the sea.

The Amambo is equipped with a semi-submersible observation ship for underwater observation, and visitors can enjoy the sight of schools of swimming fish and large seaweeds swaying in the water.

The night cruise, where you can also see mysterious noctilucent insects, is also very popular!

There is a guide on board who will explain the underwater attractions and trivia about fish and seaweed in an easy-to-understand manner.

Ento Attraction

Ento Attraction
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Ento, as the entrance to the Geopark, includes in one facility the functions of lodging, including guest rooms and hot springs, as well as the functions to maximize your experience of the Geopark’s attractions.

You will encounter unexpected encounters as you stroll through the museum!

The Earth was born 4.6 billion years ago, and the Oki Islands were born 6.6 million years ago. 30,000 years ago, humans migrated to the Japanese archipelago, and 1,000 years ago, Oki became a place of distant flow.

In 2013, the Oki Islands were certified as a Geopark World Park, and with the Oki Islands as a field, time to feel the earth can be felt without barriers inside and outside Ento.

When the stress of daily life prevents you from exercising your true potential, why not listen to the voice of your mind and body!

A trip to the Oki region will help you reset all your worries and guide you back to your true self.

A chance to be reborn in body and soul, overlooking the calm, azure, caldera inland sea, at this time and place!

What you touch and see here and there on the island is a major key.

The magnificent geoscape that spreads out before you will help you talk to yourself.

It is a place where you will surely find new values and new perspectives.

Ento Room

Ento Room
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Ento’s guest rooms consist of two buildings: the annex, newly built in 2021, and the main building, which carries on the history of the hotel.

All 36 rooms are oceanfront, allowing you to blend into the natural surroundings while enjoying the view of the Caldera before the island and the ships passing by.

The annex has a three-story building with the peaceful scent of wood, so that you can feel the magnificent view of the Geopark next to you wherever you are in your room.

At night, you can sleep while gazing up at the stars, and feel the ultimate in luxury.

There are also simple, compact, but cozy single rooms and barrier-free rooms that are safe and comfortable for wheelchair users and others.

In addition, wooden floored rooms with private terraces allow you to enjoy a lively time with your family and friends as if you were at a vacation home.

In the main building, all rooms are oceanfront, including Japanese/Western-style rooms with tatami mat space and standard Western-style twin rooms, and have all the features that make up the BASE of a trip.

You can spend your time as you wish in the guestrooms that correspond to various styles of stay.

Ento Cuisine

Ento Cuisine
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Ento’s meals feature fish, meat, vegetables, and fruits provided by the island’s producers, as well as seaweed and aromatic herbs that they gather with their own hands.

With the motto of “local production for local consumption,” the chef adds a touch of his sensibility to seasonal ingredients to create a seasonal course that can only be enjoyed on this island.

Iwagaki (rock oysters), sazae, white squid, hondawara, Oki beef, kosuyu miso, Fukugi tea, saki mandarin oranges, and other bounties of the Oki region are on the menu, so there is always something new to discover in the food.

Because it is a small island with limited land, the island’s dining culture is one of creating with one’s own hands and creating together what does not exist.

The island’s climate and traditions, combined with the ideas and experience of the staff, give each dish a warmth that can only be experienced here.

For breakfast, you can enjoy the gentle taste of rice produced in Ama Town, several kinds of side dishes, and warm soup to start the day while gazing out at the Oki Sea spread out before you.

Ento Basic Information

Facility Name Ento
Address 1375-1 Fukui, Ama-cho, Oki gun, Shimane, Japan
Phone Number +818514-2-1000
Budget Approx. 30,400 yen for 2 persons (tax included)
Official website


In this issue, we have introduced Ento, located in Shimane Prefecture.

By learning about the earth’s past through its geological heritage, we can envision and think about the future and how to act toward it.

Please take the time to have a dialogue with yourself on this trip.

We invite you to visit Ento to experience the charm of the Geopark.