Luxurious 7-guestroom inn “Ryotei GUNRAI” with all suite specifications.

At Ryoteiwa Gunrai, where all seven guest rooms are suites, enjoy hot spring water, seasonal kaiseki cuisine, and nature to the fullest.

Ryoteiwa Gunrai is a hideaway ryokan where you can come to seek the extraordinary.

Enjoy the blessed nature, hot spring water from the source, and meals that make the most of the rich ingredients in the seven stand-alone guest rooms!

In this article, we will introduce in detail the charm, location, room features, and cuisine of this Ryokan in Esashi Town, Hokkaido.

Ryoteiwa Gunrai Location

Ryoteiwa Gunrai Location
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Located approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes by car from Hakodate Airport and JR Hakodate Station, Ryotei Gunrai is a secluded ryokan with a modern one-story wooden building surrounded by walls.

Ezashi, Hokkaido’s oldest town with a history of Oiwake.

The surrounding area is full of nature and history, with the Sea of Japan, Gull Island, Kaiyomaru, marina, and Rekimachi Kaido.

There are numerous events in Esashi that will enliven your time spent here.

In May, the “Spring Inishie Yume Kaido” is full of fascinating events such as the Hand Crafts Museum and a pottery exhibition.

In July, the “Esashi Kamomejima Festival” is held on Esashi’s symbolic Kamomejima Island, and “Live! Esashi Kaisen Minato Squid Sashimi Festival” where you can enjoy seasonal squid.

In August, “Ezashi Ubajin Grand Shrine Procession Festival,” the oldest festival in Hokkaido with a history of over 370 years, is held.

In September, “Ezashi Oiwake National Convention,” the oldest national folk song convention in Hokkaido, will be held.

In October, the “Autumn Inishie Dream Road” is a unique and vibrant event that makes the most of local products and regional resources, and makes the most of historical and cultural heritage and ancient townscapes.

In February, the “Winter Esashi “Mimi Hyakusai” Nabe Festival” will offer more than 40 kinds of nabe (hot pot).

Charm of Ryotei Gunrai

Charm of Ryotei Gunrai
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Tabiniwa Gunrai is a one-story house that suddenly appears along the coast facing the sea in Esashi.

You can feel the silent strength of the house as it quietly withstands the strong winds of the wild Sea of Japan.

The stylish and sophisticated exterior, the stone-paved garden, and the interior and design of the house all leave a strong impression, as does the view from the window.

The hot spring water gushes out from an ancient stratum 1407 meters below the ground, and is a sodium-hydrogencarbonate-sulfate spring (slightly alkaline hypotonic high hot spring), which softens the skin surface and exfoliates the skin due to the bubble (carbonic acid) effect.

The mildly alkaline effect is also effective for beauty.

The sulfate spring also lowers blood pressure, improves blood circulation, and is effective against high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis.

The refreshing feeling after taking a bath is exceptional because it stimulates the metabolism of the human body and releases waste materials, resulting in perspiration.

Ryotei Gunrai Room

Ryotei Gunrai Room
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The guest rooms at Ryotei GUNRAI are designed for an extraordinary experience.

The architectural design is by up-and-coming architect Makoto Nakayama.

The hotel has a limited number of 7 one-story rooms with a deck terrace and a spacious and relaxing atmosphere.

Each room is arranged like a detached house and surrounded by a garden.

The garden paved with stones was designed by Kan Yasuda, an internationally acclaimed sculptor, using the sea as a motif.

The space, which resembles an island, creates an extraordinary atmosphere!

The chic and relaxed atmosphere of the rooms, which consist of a Japanese-style room and a living room/bedroom with indirect lighting and a white, black, and dark brown color scheme, is a special space, and each room comes with a hot spring bath with free-flowing hot-spring water.

You can enjoy the hot spring as often as you like without worrying about anyone else, making your trip the most luxurious one yet.

The amenities in the rooms are also excellent, and the bathrobes and bath towels are generously sized.

The bed has a black light with a movable head, perfect for reading before bed.

The attention to detail is impressive, and it’s nice to spend some time on the wooden deck listening to the waves!

Ryotei Gunrai Cuisine

Ryotei Gunrai Cuisine
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The cuisine at Ryotei Gunrai features seasonal kaiseki cuisine that makes the most of the fresh local produce from the mountains and the sea, including Hokkai Jidori chicken and Suffolk sheep raised at the directly managed Takumi Farm, pesticide-free and organically grown vegetables and wild vegetables, and freshly harvested fish and shellfish.

The restaurant is blessed to have Takumi Farm, a directly managed farm, and the Esashi Port in front of the restaurant, so you can fully enjoy dishes that make the most of the flavors of the ingredients, both from the mountains and from the sea.

The Suffolk lamb raised on the farm is characterized by its refined flavor and lack of odor, and freshly laid eggs are a nostalgic surprise.

In addition, you can enjoy sea urchin and crab, which are unique to Hokkaido, as well as flatfish caught in Esashi.

For breakfast, you can enjoy a Japanese-style set meal in the exclusive dining room, where you can enjoy an elegant breakfast using fresh meals from Hokkaido.

Takumi Farm, a farm directly managed by Gunrai, which can be visited at any time, was started by the owner as a hobby.

Starting with 30 Nagoya Cochin, it is now a full-scale farm with 300 Hokkaido Jidori chickens, 10 cotton sheep (Suffolk breed), vegetable fields, and paulownia and wild vegetable gardens.

Whether before or after enjoying kaiseki cuisine, a visit to see the ingredients growing in the great outdoors will be a wonderful memory.

Basic Information on Ryotei Gunrai

Facility Name Ryotei Gunrai
Address 1-5, Ubagami-cho, Esashi Town, Hiyama-gun, Hokkaido, Japan
Phone Number +81139-52-2020
Budget Approx. 90,200 yen for 2 persons (tax included)
Official website


This time we have introduced “Tabiniwa Gunrai” in Esashi Town, Hokkaido.

Please feel the wonderful moments of history, culture, and climate here.

Please visit Tabiniwa Gunrai for an extraordinary experience.