Enjoy a blissful time at “Kaiseki Inn Suihoen” where you can savor highly satisfying kaiseki dishes that change monthly.

Kaiseki Inn Suihouen is a quiet inn located on a hill where you can enjoy monthly kaiseki dishes.

Why not enjoy Gero’s hot spring water in the large public bath, the open-air bath with a view, or a private open-air bath while enjoying the view of Gero’s townscape?

In this issue, we will introduce in detail the charm, location, room features, and cuisine of this Kaiseki inn Suihoen in Gifu Prefecture.

Kaiseki Inn Suihoen Location

Kaiseki Inn Suihoen Location
Source : https://www.e-onsen.co.jp/

Kaiseki Inn Suihouen is located about 60 minutes from the Nakatsugawa IC of the Chuo Expressway via R257, and is a quiet inn nestled on a hill.

The former Oto Family Residence, located a 5-minute walk from the inn, is a sightseeing facility with 10 gassho-zukuri private homes, including a nationally designated Important Tangible Folk Cultural Property that was relocated from the World Heritage Site of Shirakawa-go.

The house was dismantled and relocated for preservation and exhibition during the construction of the Mimogai Dam, located south of Shirakawa-go Village, and is a valuable gassho-zukuri building.

Not far from the park is “Yunomachi Amejo Park,” a spacious park on both sides of the Atano Valley.
With a well-maintained promenade, it is the perfect place for a leisurely stroll!

The Atano Valley, which extends upstream of the Atano Valley and runs through the center of the park, is a clear stream flowing from the foot of the mountains in Gero.

Visitors can enjoy the colors of the season, take a walk while listening to the murmuring of the river, or enjoy playing in the water in summer.

A short walk away is the Gero Onsen Museum, one of the few museums in Japan that specializes in hot springs and introduces hot springs from both a scientific and cultural perspective.

The museum is filled with exhibits that anyone can enjoy and learn about in an easy-to-understand manner.
There is also a footbath, so it is a good idea to stop by to enjoy the desire to walk as well.

Kaiseki Inn Suihoen Attractions

Kaiseki Inn Suihoen Attractions
Source : https://www.e-onsen.co.jp/

At the Kaiseki Inn Suihoen, you can enjoy Gero’s hot spring water in the large bath, the open-air bath with a view, and private open-air baths while enjoying the view of Gero’s townscape.

The mild and slippery spring water will give you a comfortable and pleasant time.
From the open-air bath, you can see the star-filled sky, the majestic Gero Fuji in front of you, and the magnificent view of the town of Gero below.

In the large “Yume no Yu” bath, you can fully enjoy the hot water that flows out of the bathhouse, and in the open-air bath, you can enjoy the microbubbles. The white fine particle bubbles are not oppressive, and the negative ions will relax you.

In addition, the private open-air baths for the exclusive use of guests can be used at any time from check-in to check-out!

You can relieve your travel fatigue and daily weariness at once without worrying about anyone else.

Kaiseki Inn Suihoen Rooms

Kaiseki Inn Suihoen Rooms
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Nine of the 17 guest rooms at the Kaiseki Inn Suihoen have an open-air bath.

The main building’s suite room, Butterfly Orchid Room, is the only barrier-free guest room that can be entered without steps from the entrance via a ramp.

There is also a dining room and a twin bed room in a 10-mat Japanese-style room with an indoor and outdoor hot spring bath, and a massage chair is permanently installed.

Meals are also available in the dining room for breakfast and dinner, and you can even enjoy the night view of the Gero Onsen district while you eat!

In addition to the Yoibakusa-no-Ma, Narcissus-no-Ma, and Junior Suite with open-air bath, the main building also has the Oshiwu-no-Ma, Yugan-no-Ma, Hosenka-no-Ma, and Himeyuri-no-Ma guest rooms with open-air baths.
In addition, there are two types of standard guest rooms, Japanese-style room A and B.

In the annex, Yukatei, there are the Yukyu-no-Ma, Kaetsu-no-Ma, and Junior Suite with garden open-air bath, as well as the standard guest rooms Shikumo, Zuikou-no-Ma, Tenshin, and Fuga-no-Ma.

All rooms have Ferr-Wifi, and we’re happy to offer a full range of amenities!

Kaiseki Inn Suihoen Cuisine

Kaiseki Inn Suihoen Cuisine
Source : https://www.e-onsen.co.jp/

At Suihoen Kaiseki Inn, you can enjoy monthly kaiseki meals.
The kaiseki is named “Yojo Kaiseki Ryori,” meaning that it will remain in your heart forever, and you can enjoy Hida beef, which has established itself as the best brand of Wagyu beef in Japan, and Gero specialty rice, which won the Grand Prix at a national rice competition.

Hida beef, a specialty of Gero Onsen, is very tender and has a melt-in-your-mouth marbling.

Gero’s specialty rice, Gin-ni-mikazuki, has a high water content and when cooked is chewy and sticky like glutinous rice, and is about 1.5 times larger than Koshihikari rice.

The rice is cooked in an earthenware pot in each room at the main building, and in the annex, Yukatei, the rice is cooked in a kamado (pot) and served at dinner.

The monthly kaiseki course includes an aperitif of Tenryo doburoku from the Tenryo Sake Brewery in Gero City, an appetizer, an appetizer, soup, mukozuke, grilled dish, simmered dish, Hida beef, hot dish, rice, soup, pickles, and sweets, all of which are different each month.

The dishes are so satisfying in both taste and appearance that they are sure to make you want to visit again.

In addition, for breakfast, we offer a variety of Japanese pickled radish and rice in addition to dashimaki tamago (rolled egg) made with eggs freshly caught in the morning in our garden in Gero.

Kaiseki Inn Suihoen Basic Information

Facility Name Kaiseki Inn Suihoen
Address 2519-1, Mori, Gero City, Gifu, Japan
Phone Number +81576-25-2288
Budget Approx. 49,500 yen for 2 persons (tax included)
Official website https://www.e-onsen.co.jp/


In this article, we have introduced Suihouen, a kaiseki inn located in Gifu Prefecture.

The restaurant offers a wide variety of dishes from Hida beef to fresh sashimi, and its signature rice is exquisite in terms of appearance, texture, and crunchiness.

Please visit Kaiseki-Yado Suihoen!