Enjoy the changing scenery of Hakone at “Aura Tachibana” a natural hot spring ryokan that is gentle on the skin.

The large bathroom, which was renovated in July 2020, is equipped with an open-air bath, indoor bath, sauna, and Jacuzzi, and three private open-air baths with a view are available.

Why not soak in a natural hot spring that is gentle on the skin and enjoy the ever-changing scenery of Hakone?

In this issue, we will introduce in detail the charm, location, room features, and cuisine of “Aura Tachibana” in Hakone.

Aura Tachibana Location

Aura Tachibana Location
Source : https://www.aura-tachibana.com/

Located a 15-minute walk from Hakone-Yumoto Station on the Odakyu Line, Aura Tachibana is an onsen ryokan easily accessible from Tokyo. It is located on high ground in Hakone-Yumoto and is approximately 85 minutes from Shinjuku to the gateway to Hakone.

The surrounding area is full of tourist facilities that make it easy to plan a trip, including Forest Adventure Hakone, a glass art experience studio, and the Honma Yosegi Museum of Art.

Forest Adventure is an adventure facility in the forest!
The canopy course, which can be experienced from 110 cm in height and up, can be enjoyed by the whole family, from small children to adults.
For those who want a more authentic tree climbing experience, there are dynamic adventure courses that take advantage of Hakone’s natural beauty, including a zip slide over 100 meters long.
It would be a good idea to try this special experience as a memory of your trip.

At the glass art workshop, visitors can try fusing colorful Venetian glass and sandblasting their favorite pictures onto glass.

At the Honma Yosegi Museum, visitors can view marquetry works and display shelves from the Edo period to the early Showa period, and try their hand at making marquetry coasters with traditional patterns.

Aura Tachibana Attraction

Aura Tachibana Attraction
Source : https://www.aura-tachibana.com/

At Aura Tachibana, the zeolite in the pale green Oya stone emits negative ions and far-infrared radiation from the high quality lobby that makes the most of the Japanese atmosphere.

The select store sells popular glass duplex glasses and other items, and the library space provides a space where jazz music is played.

We also have a selection of books and other items, so why not spend a relaxing time while listening to great music!

And there is a natural hot spring with the Hakone mountain range spread out before you, as well as an open-air bath on the rooftop and an open-air bath with a view attached to the Sky Terrace.

The large bathroom, which was renovated in July 2020, is equipped with an open-air bath, an indoor bath, a sauna, and a Jacuzzi, and the partitions between the washing areas and the comfortable high chairs show the fine care taken.

In summer, the open-air and indoor baths are connected to create an open space. The clear, colorless alkaline simple hot spring is a natural hot spring that is gentle on the skin.

The low component count and gentle nature of this spring means that no matter how many times you bathe in it, it won’t be too much of a burden on your body!

In addition, three private open-air baths with a view are available for you to enjoy the changing scenery of Hakone.

It’s the most special part of your trip!

Aroma massage, which can be booked in advance, includes a full body course, as well as face and head massage courses, to relieve your daily fatigue.

Aura Tachibana Room

Aura Tachibana Room
Source : https://www.aura-tachibana.com/

The guest rooms at Aura Tachibana include the main building “Morinokan,” which offers spacious and simple pure Japanese-style rooms and Japanese-style rooms with beds, and the annex “Kaze no Yakata,” where all rooms have an open-air bath with natural hot spring water.

Each has a different concept, each with a different calming effect.

The Morinokan has a pure Japanese style guest room and a Japanese style room with 12.5 tatami mats plus a twin bed room, with a calm layout. The bright washroom with a large mirror and casual furnishings create a relaxing atmosphere, and the windows offer a view of the Hakone Old Highway.

Kaze no Yakata has Japanese/Western style rooms, stylish modern twin rooms, and deluxe twin rooms with an outer living room, all with an open-air natural hot spring bath.

You can always feel the nature of Hakone’s mountains and enjoy the magnificent view from the open-air bath! Spacious shower rooms and powder rooms also enhance the luxurious experience.

Aura Tachibana Cuisine

Aura Tachibana Cuisine
Source : https://www.aura-tachibana.com/

The dishes at Aura Tachibana are prepared using seasonal ingredients, and are designed to be visually pleasing as well as tastily presented.

The creative dishes based on Japanese cuisine can be enjoyed with a different flavor each season, and are reminiscent of the beautiful images that are unique to Aura Tachibana.

We are also happy to offer a variety of optional services to make your trip even more memorable!

These include grilled abalone from Minami-Izu, known as one of the best fishing grounds in Japan, assorted sashimi made from seafood whose contents change depending on the day’s purchases, and tai meshi (sea bream rice) cooked in an earthen pot using a single local Sagami Bay sea bream.

In addition, additional dishes can be ordered separately to make special occasions such as birthdays and wedding anniversaries extravagant, such as seasonal fruit platters and anniversary cakes.

Flower arrangements can also be ordered, which is a great way to surprise guests.

For breakfast, we offer a wide variety of items such as Kinuhikari rice directly from contracted farmers, miso soup with blue crab, and bagna cauda using fresh vegetables!

Basic information about Aura Tachibana

Facility Name Aura Tachibana
Address 574 Yumoto, Hakone-cho, Ashigarashita-gun, Kanagawa, Japan
Phone Number +81460-85-5541
Budget Approx. 31,460 yen for 2 persons (tax included)
Official website https://www.aura-tachibana.com/


In this issue, we have introduced “Aura Tachibana” located in Hakone.

This ryokan boasts a natural hot spring with the Hakone mountain range spread out before you and an open-air bath with a view attached to the Sky Terrace.

Please visit Aura Tachibana once to relax from the fatigue of daily life.