All rooms ocean view condominium style hotel UMITO VOYAGE ATAMI

UMITO VOYAGE ATAMI, where the collaboration between the sea and the moon gives you a special feeling of travel, allows you to relax while enjoying the view of the sea in the open-air bath, which is expected to be effective for beautiful skin.
Why don’t you enjoy the unobstructed view of the sea in Atami!

In this issue, we will introduce in detail the charm, location, room features, and cuisine of this UMITO VOYAGE ATAMI in Atami, Shizuoka Prefecture.


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Take the Tokai Bus Line 6 from Atami Station bound for Ajiro, get off at Akao Herb & Rose Garden, and walk 3 minutes to UMITO VOYAGE ATAMI, a condominium-style hotel with all rooms equipped with kitchen and laundry facilities.

We recommend that you first stop by Atami Station to enjoy sightseeing! The Heiwa-dori shopping street in front of Atami Station is full of specialty souvenirs and dining options.

Enjoy seafood and sweets, or take your time to browse through the various specialty items.

There are many stores that you can enjoy just looking around, such as Abe Shoten, which offers more than 100 kinds of tenugui hand towels and a wide variety of Japanese goods such as Gamaguchi, a popular store, Sakurai Hinomono, which offers various marine products such as sun-dried horse mackerels with light salt and fried fish cakes from Suzuhiro, and Izumiya, which makes and sells 10 kinds of manjuu (Japanese sweet buns) in all sizes.

There are also many restaurants that you will want to stop by, such as the eel specialty restaurant Unamasa, which specializes in domestically produced eels and serves live eels from Kagoshima, Miyazaki, and Shizuoka prefectures, which are sliced in the morning, and the Atami Ekimae Osakana-don restaurant, which serves kaisen teppon-don and kaisen-don using Amishiro mackerel and Atami cherry trout.


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At UMITO VOYAGE ATAMI, where you can feel the sea breeze and enhance your mood, a welcome drink is provided upon check-in.

In addition to juices, alcohol is also available, so you can choose what you like according to your travel mood.

The hot spring baths, which are expected to be effective for beautiful skin, are open-air baths where you can relax and enjoy the view of the ocean.
It is also nice to be able to enjoy a relaxing soak without worrying about being seen!

The unobstructed sea of Atami, the gradation created by the sunrise peeking over the horizon, the beautiful sunset, the star-filled sky at night, and the sound of the waves will soothe away your daily fatigue.

The hot springs can be enjoyed at any time while listening to the sound of waves in front of the seascape, making for a wonderful and luxurious time in a great location.

The collaboration between the sea and the moon will give you the most special feeling of your trip.

Many people say they are overwhelmed by the view, which is even more spectacular than they imagined, and some even come to UMITO VOYAGE ATAMI just to see the view!


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The rooms at UMITO VOYAGE ATAMI are suites with terraces overlooking the magnificent view of Sagami Bay.

All rooms have ocean views, allowing you to feel the passage of time as you watch the sea change its appearance from morning to afternoon and night.

All rooms, including those with open-air baths and infinity pools, are charming, and the fact that all rooms have terraces where you can enjoy the ocean is another reason for their popularity!

THESALON is a single building rental with an infinity pool and the sound of waves in front of the seascape.
This 171 m2 room can accommodate up to 6 people and has 2 semi-double beds, a king bed, and 2 extra beds.

There’s an inner terrace, complete with kitchen appliances, and an infinity pool that’s heated during the summer months, as well as during the spring and fall!

And the Luxury Suites are for up to 6 people with 2 beds, 1 extra bed, and a 51.8 m2 terrace out of 171.7 m2 with an open-air hot spring.

In addition, the Ocean View Suite has an in-room hot spring bath and is 75.2 square meters in size, of which the terrace is 15.9 square meters. This room sleeps up to 4 with 2 beds and 1 extra bed!

Both rooms are equipped with a hot spring, full kitchen, refrigerator, and washer/dryer in all rooms, perfect for spending time without worrying about your surroundings.


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At UMITO VOYAGE ATAMI, our proud chef prepares a full course French meal made with local ingredients.

Breakfast is served with fresh vegetables and egg dishes to start your day fresh.
Plus, the stylish serving platters will delight both the eye and the palate!

Of course, all rooms are equipped with a kitchen, so you can buy ingredients and enjoy cooking in the kitchen.

Whether you are a couple or a family, cooking and eating while looking out at the ocean is a special space where no one will disturb you!
Conversation will naturally be enlivened.

And you might as well have a bottle of wine or champagne on hand, an essential ingredient for a great time!

Dining while looking at the ocean will make you feel like you are in the Mediterranean.

UMITO VOYAGE ATAMI Basic Information

Address 1027-79 Kamitaga, Atami City, Shizuoka, Japan
Phone Number +81557-55-7008
Budget Approx. 256,000 yen for 2 persons (tax included)
Official website


We have just introduced UMITO VOYAGE ATAMI in Atami, Shizuoka Prefecture.

Enjoy the open-air baths and infinity pools in suites with terraces overlooking the majestic Sagami Bay!

Please visit the condominium-style hotel UMITO VOYAGE ATAMI, where all rooms have ocean views, at least once.