Travel plans to “NASPA New Otani” and enjoy the nature of Echigo-Yuzawa.

NASPA New Otani is a next-generation resort-style hotel filled with all the features of resort & leisure.

After enjoying the sightseeing facilities where you can feel the nature, why don’t you spend some time in the open-air baths and private baths with free-flowing spring water where you can feel the nature of Echigo-Yuzawa!
In this issue, we will introduce in detail the charm, location, room features, and cuisine of this NASPA New Otani in Niigata Prefecture.

NASPA New Otani Location

NASPA New Otani Location
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Located 5 minutes by car from the Yuzawa IC of the Kanetsu Expressway, NASPA New Otani is a next-generation resort-style hotel filled with all the features of a resort and leisure destination.

The surrounding area is full of tourist facilities where you can experience nature, perfect for planning your trip!

The “Naeba Dora Gondola,” the longest gondola in Japan at 5,481 meters, the Yuzawa “Kogen Panorama Park” with its magnificent view of the mountains, the “Forest of Beauty” with its 100-year-old beech trees, and the “Pond of Takikekubo,” one of the 100 best waters in Japan, with green grass growing at the bottom of clear water, create a fantastic atmosphere. The green grass growing at the bottom of the clear water creates a fantastic atmosphere.

If you enjoy other activities, a visit to “Forest Adventure,” where you can slide down a wire through the forest, or “Yuzawa Fishing Park,” where you can try mountain stream fishing with nothing but your hands will be a wonderful memory of your trip!

Sake lovers should not miss the Echigo Sake Museum “Ponshukan” where you can taste 93 representative brands of Echigo breweries, and “Shirataki Sake Brewery” where you can tour the brewery and sample sake for free.

Attractions of NASPA New Otani

Attractions of NASPA New Otani
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NASPA New Otani offers natural hot spring baths known as “beauty baths,” as well as open-air baths where you can feel the nature of Echigo-Yuzawa, and private baths with free-flowing hot-spring water.

The large public baths are natural hot spring baths of 250 tsubo each for men and women. The open-air baths offer seasonal views.

In addition, the open-air hotel swimming pool has an herbal mist sauna and Jacuzzi, and the 20-meter pool for leisurely swimming and the herbal mist sauna have about 6 kinds of herbs that are changed daily.

There is also a fitness room equipped with various training machines, so you can work up a nice sweat!

In addition, the relaxation facility offers expertly crafted techniques and careful treatment, and since men can also use the facility, couples can enjoy it together.

You can also experience beauty bone correction, which adjusts the distortion of the bones in more than 100 places throughout the body and leads you to a well-balanced and beautiful body.

Specialists with various qualifications will correct you from the inside out with comfortable treatment! Please take this opportunity to experience it.

Room at NASPA New Otani

Room at NASPA New Otani
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NASPA New Otani offers a variety of guestrooms to suit every style of stay.

The suites include a 74sqm Junior Suite on the upper floors, a 98sqm Executive Force in a corner room, a spacious 111sqm Luxury Western Suite and Royal Western Suite, and a special 150sqm Royal Japanese Suite on the top floor. The Royal Japanese Suite is located on the top floor.

Other standard rooms include the simple and relaxed Superior Twin Room, the functional Family Room, the corner Superior Force Room, and the Japanese-style rooms with 12 tatami mats and 20 tatami mats.

Concept Rooms offer a full range of lodging privileges, including original Pingu goods, a Pingu dessert plate as a gift at dinner, and original Pingu decorations in the room.

With a full range of room facilities and amenities, you are sure to have a comfortable resort stay!

Cuisine at NASPA New Otani

Cuisine at NASPA New Otani
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NASPA New Otani offers menus created by top chefs using seasonal ingredients.

Starting with “FONTANA” where you can enjoy the local Uonuma area and the delicacies of Niigata, “Senbazuru” offers sumptuous kaiseki cuisine. O’sDining” offers a buffet-style menu with roast beef, red snow crab, and a wide variety of other dishes.

The restaurant “Shougetsu” offers a spectacular performance, and “GARDEN LOUNGE” offers a variety of sweets. There is also “GARDEN BBQ,” a barbecue facility where you can enjoy your own barbecue.

There is also a bar where you can enjoy some of the world’s finest liquors and a karaoke room that you can use without hesitation in a private room, so you can spend a pleasant evening as well!

In addition, the hotel also sells boxed lunches and lunch boxes so that you can enjoy the hotel’s cuisine outside, so you can take them with you when you stroll around the neighborhood or take them home with you!

NASPA New Otani Basic Information

Facility Name NASPA New Otani
Address 2117-9 Yuzawa, Yuzawa-cho, Minamiuonuma-gun, Niigata, Japan
Phone Number +8125-780-6111
Budget Approx. 19,600 yen for 2 persons (tax included)
Official website


In this article, we have introduced “NASPA New Otani” in Niigata Prefecture.

You can feel the nature of Echigo-Yuzawa and enjoy activities, hot springs, food and drinks to the fullest.
Here is a resort and leisure facility where you can easily plan your trip!

Please visit NASPA New Otani to enjoy your trip to the fullest.