Enjoy the golden spring water of the famous Arima Onsen at “Hyoue Kouyoukaku” with 700 years of history and tradition.

With 700 years of history and tradition, “Hyoue Kouyoukaku” helps make your trip more enjoyable with a variety of hospitality services tailored to your needs.

The warm, casual, and friendly service with a smile is one of the reasons why there are so many repeat customers.

In this issue, we will introduce in detail the charm, location, room features, and cuisine of Hyoue Kouyoukaku in Hyogo Prefecture.

Location of Hyoue Kouyoukaku

Location of Hyoue Kouyoukaku
Source : https://www.hyoe.co.jp/

Located approximately 30 minutes by train or bus from Sannomiya and Shin-Kobe, Hyoue Kouyoukaku is a long-established ryokan that has been in business for 700 years.

Within walking distance are “Kin-no-yu,” where you can enjoy the gold spring of the famous Arima Onsen, and “Gin-no-yu,” where you can enjoy the colorless carbonic acid spring and radium spring, making it a great place to visit one of the most popular hot springs in Japan.

In addition, it is also recommended to stroll around “Nenbutsuji Temple,” the oldest building in Arima, which was rebuilt in 1712, and “Yusen Shrine,” where the three gods of Kumano Kusumi no Mikoto are enshrined.

A short drive takes you to the summit of Mt. Rokko!
There is also a ropeway where you can enjoy sightseeing boats from the top of Mt. Rokko to Arima, and Rokko Farm where you can get in touch with animals and nature.

A further drive will take you to Kobe Meriken Park, where you can see Kobe’s symbolic Port Tower and BE KOBE monument, and the Kobe City Suma Seaside Aquarium, where you can meet cute sea otters.

Kobe Sanda Premium Outlets and Universal Studios Japan (USJ) are also conveniently accessible, so you can visit them, too!

Attractions of Hyoue Kouyoukaku

Attractions of Hyoue Kouyoukaku
Source : https://www.hyoe.co.jp/

With 700 years of history and tradition, Hyoue Kouyoukaku places great importance on hospitality with a smile.

As the saying goes, the warm and casual service can be felt everywhere, and there are many word-of-mouth reviews of the excellent response and care of the staff at all locations and at all times.

The spacious souvenir shop offers a wide variety of Kobe sweets and Hyogo Prefecture specialties, including Arima Onsen’s famous soda rice crackers, and the lobby lounge offers cold drinks and aromatic coffees for meeting up or after checking out.

There are nine baths in three bathhouses, including “Ichi-no-yu” and “Nii-no-yu,” which change daily for men and women, and “San-no-yu,” a hot-spring cure-style bath, all of which offer the famous “Kinsen” hot spring water.

Each of the large baths offers an open-air view, and the private open-air bath with a garden where you can enjoy Kinsen to the fullest is very popular!

The bathhouse between the three baths is spacious, and you can enjoy a free drink while looking at the carp and the garden.

There is also a relaxation room where you can relax after taking a bath.
In addition to the common amenities, we are happy to offer a full lineup of amenities for women and baby goods.

Hyoue Kouyoukaku Room

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At Hyoke Koyokaku, you can choose from a variety of room types to meet your needs, including Japanese-style rooms, Japanese-style and Western-style rooms, and rooms with an open-air bath.

The elegant Japanese-style room with a garden and a half-open-air kinsen bath, a bed room, and even a private dining room, is a luxurious space, and is the only one in the East Wing that is a guest room.

In addition, on the top floor of the west wing, there is an open-air guest room with an open-air bath and massage chairs.

There is also a large room for groups in the south wing and a guest room with a secondary room in the north wing!

From high-grade guest rooms with magnificent views to rooms for relaxation, you can see the elegant townscape of the hot spring resort and the Rokko mountain range, which changes its appearance from season to season.

The refined Japanese-style rooms with a view unique to the Kansai region’s backyards will help you relax after a long day of travel.

The rooms are fully equipped with amenities and two room keys! In addition, cots and chairs can be prepared with advance notice.

You will be able to feel the attention to detail and spend your stay comfortably.

Cuisine at Heihe Xiangyang Pavilion

Cuisine at Heihe Xiangyang Pavilion
Source : https://www.hyoe.co.jp/

At Hyoke Koyo Kaku, we create a special feeling of travel with Japanese cuisine that is conscious of the changing seasons.

Using mainly seasonal ingredients, we prepare the most delicious foods of the season.

Four different styles of cuisine are available for various occasions, each with a popular menu in a dining room full of charm.

At the main dining room “Ran,” guests can enjoy seasonal kaiseki meals in a bright, open space facing the garden. You can also enjoy colorful dishes unique to Arima, Hyogo Prefecture, which is blessed with abundant ingredients, in your room!

And in the calm and serene “Ajisai,” which is partitioned off into a private room, you can enjoy charcoal-grilled Kobe beef and other seasonal delicacies as well as charcoal-grilled kaiseki meals with exquisite hot pot dishes.
Kobe beef is a brand that Kobe boasts to the world!
It is a title of deliciousness given only to Tajima beef born and raised in Hyogo Prefecture that has passed strict standards.
Please take this opportunity to taste it. We have 19 private rooms of various sizes with sunken kotatsu, where you can spend a relaxing time.

In addition, the buffet restaurant “Hana-no-Mai” offers a buffet-style buffet of about 50 dishes arranged from Japanese, Western, Chinese, and traditional kaiseki cuisine in a spacious area.

Basic Information on Hyoue Houyoukaku

Facility Name Hyoue Houyoukaku
Address 1904 Arima-cho, Kita-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo, Japan
Phone Number +8178-904-0501
Budget Approx. 33,160 yen for 2 persons (tax included)
Official website https://www.hyoe.co.jp/


In this issue, we have introduced “Hyoue Kouyoukaku” in Hyogo Prefecture.

The smiling hospitality, Arima’s famous hot water, and Kobe’s world-famous brand of Kobe beef will make your trip a most satisfying one!
The surrounding facilities are also excellent, making it easy to plan your trip.

Please visit Hyoue Kouyoukaku once to create your best memories.