Attraction of “Hakone Hanamon” an inn where you can enjoy 10 types of hot springs and 100% free-flowing hot-spring water.

Hakone Hanamon boasts a rich natural setting and an emotional townscape, and offers 10 different types of hot springs and two private baths with 100% free-flowing hot-spring water.

Hanamon’s breakfast, which creates an atmosphere unique to Japanese-style inns, is such a delicacy that it won first prize at the National Breakfast Festival.

In this article, we will introduce in detail the charm, location, room features, and cuisine of Hakone Hanamon in Yumoto, Hakone.

Hakone Hanamon Location

Hakone Hanamon Location
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Located 5 minutes by car from Hakone-Yumoto Station and 30 minutes by car from the Tomei Atsugi Interchange, Hakone Hanamon is a hot spring inn where you can enjoy 10 different types of hot springs and kaiseki cuisine.

The surrounding area is full of Hakone’s attractions, including Lake Ashi and Owakudani Valley, wherever you go.

Lake Ashi, a long and narrow lake with a circumference of 20 km, was formed in the caldera of the Hakone volcano about 400,000 years ago, and from the cedar-lined road on its southern shore you can see the magnificent upside-down Mt.
And with rainbow trout, black bass, wakasagi, etc. inhabiting the lake, you can even enjoy fishing!

At Owakudani, visitors can also enjoy the view of the majestic Mt. Fuji with the Hakone mountains and the eruption sites that show the remnants of volcanic activity 400,000 years ago.

Owakudani’s specialty, black eggs, which are said to extend one’s life by seven years, are slowly boiled in the hot spring water at a temperature of approximately 80 degrees Celsius for about 60 minutes.

The porous shells are covered with iron from the hot spring water, which reacts with hydrogen sulfide to produce a black color. The blackened eggs are then transferred to a steamer and steamed for 15 minutes at approximately 100 degrees Celsius before being sold.

It is said that eating “Kuro-tamago” (black eggs) is said to prolong one’s life in accordance with a Jizo (guardian deity) named “Enmei-jizoson,” who is said to have been created by Kobo Daishi during the Heian period (794-1185) to prolong one’s life and raise children.
It seems to have some mysterious power, doesn’t it!

Charm of Hakone Hanamon

Charm of Hakone Hanamon
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The floor of the Hakone Hanamon is covered with tatami mats, creating an atmosphere unique to Japanese-style ryokan.

In the lobby, soft lighting creates a relaxing atmosphere, and the souvenir shop offers a wide variety of items that will make your trip memorable, including Hakone’s famous sweets and original Hanamon products.

In the hot spring baths, visitors can enjoy 10 different types of hot spring baths, including open-air baths, large baths, singing baths, lying baths, tub baths, cave baths, jar baths, box steam baths, saunas, and water baths, and cold drinks are available at the after-bath area.

Other popular features include an open-air bath and a stone bathtub, both of which feature the moist texture of ceramics and a teapot used for the spout, two private baths where you can enjoy 100% free-flowing hot-spring water, and a footbath under a blue sky where you can slowly warm your body from the feet up!

The amenities are also well stocked, and you can choose from a variety of colorful yukata (Japanese bathrobe) and kinchaku (purse). You will surely want to stroll the streets of Hakone in a yukata!

For those who cannot stay overnight, we also offer a one-day plan, so feel free to drop by.

Hakone Hanamon Room

Hakone Hanamon Room
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Hakone Hanamon has a total of 16 guest rooms. The spacious rooms with a second room are very popular with families and groups.

The elegant “Hana-no-sho” rooms, the “pure Japanese style” rooms with a Japanese atmosphere, and the special “Hanasakari” rooms with an open-air bath are all equipped with a sunken kotatsu and massage chairs for guests to relax and unwind.

The special floor on the top floor features a high ceiling reminiscent of a museum and fantastic lighting, and all rooms are equipped with an open-air bath with free-flowing hot-spring water.

The six “Rokka” guest rooms with open-air baths, which were opened in July 2012, are each themed around Kumiko, cloth, stone, clay, Hakone-zaiku, and bamboo, with careful attention paid to every detail.

In addition to the hot spring baths, guests can also enjoy a footbath in the room and feel the pleasant breeze on the terrace.
The espresso machine and air purifier with humidifier are also popular features.

You can even book a massage with a special bed in your room to make your time in the room even more enjoyable!

Hakone Hanamon Cuisine

Hakone Hanamon Cuisine
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The cuisine at Hakone Hanamon changes monthly, featuring items that have been carefully selected since the establishment of the restaurant.
Each month’s menu has been thoughtfully selected!

The fresh vegetables and fish, as well as seafood from the mountains and landed at the port, are prepared with the utmost care and freshness.

Kaiseki dishes that satisfy both the stomach and the mind are prepared using an abundance of local ingredients from Hakone, and we also put a lot of effort into the selection of the tableware.
The collaboration of each dish and its container will make your conversation during the meal more exciting than ever!

When making a reservation, you can also make requests for anniversaries and celebrations, and they can accommodate any food items you cannot eat or allergies you may have.

Furthermore, you can choose grilled fish or egg dishes for breakfast, and the homemade tofu and soy milk hot pot is superb. The dishes, which are made with an abundance of local produce, are such delicacies that they won first prize among more than 1,000 ryokans and hotels at the National Breakfast Festival.

Hakone Hanamon Basic Information

Facility Name Hakone Hanamon
Address 435 Yumoto, Hakone-cho, Ashigarashita-gun, Kanagawa, Japan
Phone Number +81460-85-5050
Budget Approx. 53,400 yen for 2 persons (tax included)
Official website


In this issue, we have introduced “Hakone Hanamon” located in Yumoto, Hakone-cho.

Take a stroll through the rich nature and emotional townscape, and enjoy the hot spring baths and kaiseki cuisine.

The unique atmosphere of a Japanese-style ryokan will make your trip even more memorable. Please visit Hakone Hanamon, where both overnight and day trip plans are available.