Enjoy an exquisite lodging experience at the high-class Shimonoseki Onsen Kaze no Umi

A natural hot spring and a gourmet cuisine surrounded by the sea on three sides can be enjoyed in all 32 guest rooms.

Why don’t you enjoy the view of the strait where many ships come and go, and get away from the daily routine?

In this issue, we will introduce in detail the charm, location, room features, and cuisine of Kaze no Umi at Shimonoseki Onsen in Yamaguchi Prefecture.

Shimonoseki Onsen Kaze no Umi Location

Shimonoseki Onsen Kaze no Umi Location
Source : https://hotel-kazenoumi.co.jp/

Located a 10-minute drive from the Shimonoseki Interchange on the Chugoku Expressway, Shimonoseki Onsen Kaze no Umi is a high-class ryokan where you can enjoy time away from everyday life.

Nearby are Sekimidai Park, Chofu Garden, and Toyokou Shrine, where you can spend time in a relaxed atmosphere.

At Sekimidai Park, you can climb up to the ruins of the castle tower on a small hill to see Kyushu across the straits, and on a fine day, you can see the beautiful sunrise in the early morning.

The castle is also known as the short-lived residence of Mori Hidemoto, and it is a wonderful time to think about the history of the castle.

In the Changfu Garden, there is the Sun Yat-sen Lotus, which was sprouted from an ancient Chinese lotus that Sun Yat-sen gave to Changfu when he came to the city.

In addition, the Toyokong Shrine is a shrine associated with Mori Hidemoto, and anyone can ring a small bell.

It is also recommended to view the two islands of Mitsuju and Hiyoshu owned by Imamiya Shrine off the coast of the Seto from the observation deck.

Shimonoseki Onsen Kaze no Umi Attraction

Shimonoseki Onsen Kaze no Umi Attraction
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Shimonoseki Onsen Kazenoumi’s lounge is bright and simple, with white as a base color to take advantage of the scenery.

Tea and sweets are available as soon as you arrive, and you will feel the spirit of hospitality.

In the library, stocked with books and the latest magazines related to Yamaguchi Prefecture, you can enjoy a luxurious time flowing leisurely with the sound of waves as background music.

You are sure to find something special for yourself in the gallery store, which carries carefully selected Yamaguchi-related handicrafts and affordable souvenirs.

At “Relaxation Jun-uru,” a completely private spa, you can experience the reliable techniques and hospitality of internationally licensed therapists while feeling close to the sea.

The body care treatment uses oil-free massage to relax your muscles, and oil treatment is also recommended for those who want to relax.

Shimonoseki Onsen Kaze no Umi Room

Shimonoseki Onsen Kaze no Umi Room
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Shimonoseki Onsen Kaze no Umi has 32 rooms of 5 types, each with a different flavor in Japanese and Western style.
All rooms have a hot spring bath with a panoramic view of the ocean, allowing you to enjoy a relaxing time.

The view from the rooms is reminiscent of a cruise ship, allowing you to spend a relaxing time without worrying about the time while watching the ships passing by, dominating the Kanmon Straits.

The sight of a large cargo ship piled high with containers coming toward the hotel from beyond the horizon is like a modern-day version of a treasure ship.

And while in your room, you can enjoy the natural hot spring at any time of the day, as much as you like, and enjoy your private space to the fullest.

The entire inn is filled with a gentle fragrance, and the color of the piping and the lovely Azzurro blue pajamas will also help you sleep comfortably.

Each room has a different bath design and size, so you will discover something new each time you visit.

The hot spring water is a chloride cold mineral spring, which is effective for coldness, neuralgia, and convalescence, and the warmth of the body continues after the bath.

Shimonoseki Onsen Kaze no Umi Cuisine

Shimonoseki Onsen Kaze no Umi Cuisine
Source : https://hotel-kazenoumi.co.jp/

Shimonoseki Onsen Kaze no Umi offers specially selected kaiseki cuisine using an abundance of seasonal ingredients.

Surrounded by the sea on three sides, guests can enjoy a wide variety of seasonal delicacies including fresh seafood from all four seasons.

Fukuro, a representative local delicacy, can also be enjoyed throughout the year.

Ito Hirobumi once tasted the fuku of Shimonoseki, and the fuku-eating culture is famous for its ban on fuku.

Please enjoy the sashimi, which is filled with the persistence and craftsmanship of the great man.

Enjoy the beauty, texture, and aged flavor of each dish with all your senses, and it will be the best memory of your trip.

The special Japanese and Western kaiseki dishes that use an abundance of fuku sashimi and seasonal ingredients, and the special kaiseki dishes that allow you to enjoy a full course meal of Shimonoseki’s bounty.

Enjoy the ultimate kaiseki cuisine that can only be found here.

And for breakfast, we offer a variety of carefully selected Japanese set meals, such as fuku (fugu) marinated in salt and pepper, and special dashimaki tamago (rolled egg).

Shimonoseki Onsen Kaze no Umi Basic Information

Facility Name Shimonoseki Onsen Kaze no Umi
Address 2-1 Chofu Tonoura-cho, Shimonoseki-shi, Yamaguchi, Japan
Phone Number +8183-241-1180
Budget Approx. 32,500 yen for 2 persons (tax included)
Official website https://hotel-kazenoumi.co.jp/


This time we have introduced Kaze no Umi, a Shimonoseki hot spring located in Yamaguchi Prefecture.

Enjoy hot springs and gourmet food to your heart’s content at this natural hot spring resort hotel facing the straits.

Please come to Shimonoseki Onsen Kaze no Umi for a special view of the straits that have played an important role in Japan’s history.