Spend time feeling the dynamic nature at “Storm Watching Inn: Oyado The Earth”.

Storm-watching Inn Oyado The Earth is a ryokan where you can feel the dynamic nature such as the sound of storm winds blowing from the sea, large waves crashing on the cape, and lightning striking the sea.

Surrounded by a virgin forest of 54,000 tsubo, you can feel the greatness of the earth through the sound of wind and waves.

In this article, we will introduce in detail the charm, location, room features, and cuisine of this storm-watching inn in Mie Prefecture.

Storm Watching Inn Location of The Earth

Storm Watching Inn Location of The Earth
Source : https://www.the-earth.in/

Located about 35 minutes by free shuttle bus from Kintetsu Toba Station to Yuuki-no-Sato, the storm-watching inn, The Earth, is a ryokan with an open-air bath in every room, built at the tip of a cape in Toba.

Whenever a typhoon originating in the Pacific Ocean moves northward along the Japanese archipelago from July to October, it passes through the Shima Peninsula in Mie Prefecture. During the typhoon season, visitors can feel the dynamic nature of the sound of the storm blowing from the sea, the big waves hitting the cape, and lightning striking the sea in the exclusive lounge while staying at the ryokan.

From the observatory on the cape covered with virgin forest, you can see the vast blue sea and starry sky, and enjoy the spectacular view regardless of the season.

In the surrounding Toba Observatory, monuments to Ichiro Toba and Yutaka Yamakawa are displayed.

It is also nice to have lunch at a restaurant while enjoying the view. I highly recommend their popular local burgers!

A pleasant breeze blows in from the ocean, and the spectacular view includes, on a clear day, Mt.

The charm of the storm-viewing inn, The Earth

The charm of the storm-viewing inn, The Earth
Source : https://www.the-earth.in/

The interior of the storm-watching inn Oyado The Earth is unified in Japanese and modern styles, creating an atmosphere of nostalgia and warmth.

The space library south wind that makes you feel The Earth upon arrival, the sound of the wind and the observatory of the special space where you can feel the earth as it is, and the promenade where you can see the ocean spreading out from the cove through the pathway of trees.

The variety of spaces will heal you from the fatigue of your trip at once.

The hot spring baths, which are open 24 hours a day, use “Ryu-no-Su Onsen,” a private hot spring source, and offer an ever-changing view of the ocean from the bathtubs.

The open-air bath using low-temperature carbonic acid has whitening and fatigue-relieving effects, and is relaxing for both body and mind.

The private bath, Healing, will refresh your body and soul, and you will want to take it again and again.

In addition, the esthetic salon “Mio” offers an exquisite experience that you can feel with all five senses.

You will experience a deeper relaxation with the all-hand massage, which is based on the image of the ocean and the movement of waves in the great outdoors.

Rooms at The Earth, a storm-watching inn

Rooms at The Earth, a storm-watching inn
Source : https://www.the-earth.in/

The 16 guest rooms at Oyado The Earth are all 61 square meters or larger, and the view of the Pacific Ocean and virgin forests through the wall of windows is like a picture.

Seven types of suites, all with open-air baths, allow you to choose the style of travel that best suits the occasion of your stay.

The Presidential Suite is the largest room, boasting an area of 125 square meters.

In addition to the living room and bedroom, there is also a 12.5-mat Japanese-style room, and you can even watch the sunrise on a clear day from the open-air bath leading from the large deck.

In the separate Relaxation Suite, you can spend a relaxing time reading a book or other leisurely activities.

The Forest Suite allows you to enjoy the luxury of time while overlooking the magnificent ocean from between the virgin forests beyond the deck terrace.

Universal Suites welcome you with their own spacious rooms, some with sunken kotatsu-style tables and others with Western-style spaces.

The Premium Suite is a 99-square-meter room with a Japanese-style room, an open-air bath, a dining room, and a private kitchen.

The Ocean Suite features a simple design and is close to the ocean, so you can feel the calm of the cove and the crash of the waves up close.

The maisonette suite has a staircase leading to the second floor inside the room. The first floor has a living room with a vaulted ceiling and a Japanese-style room, while the second floor has a bedroom and an outdoor bath.

Feel the ultimate in luxury in these open-plan guest rooms.

Storm-watching Inn Cuisine at The Earth

Storm-watching Inn Cuisine at The Earth
Source : https://www.the-earth.in/

Dinner at Oyado The Earth, an inn where you can watch the storm, is a Japanese-style kaiseki dinner combining seasonal ingredients from Ise-Shima and other regions.

Enjoy your meal while feeling the serenity of the endless ocean in the superbly located dining room “Arashi”.

Dishes that make the most of the characteristics of the ingredients in each season, bringing out their true flavors and aromas, surround the table with items that are carefully seasoned, arranged, and served in dishes of the finest quality.

Dishes that reflect the changing seasons of Japanese cuisine will delight both the eye and the palate.

In addition to the platter of plump sashimi, abalones, and meats, the chef’s recommendation of crow’s feet is so exquisite that word of mouth has it that you will want another serving.

The bar Nanpu MAZE is a night bar where you can enjoy an adult time at night with a variety of drinks including wine.

In addition, the breakfast menu, centering on Japanese cuisine with delicate flavors and exquisite dishes that will charm you, will energize you from the morning.

The Earth, an inn to watch a storm.

Facility Name Storm Watching Inn The Earth
Address Nakanoyama Ryunosu, Ishikagami-cho, Toba City, Mie, Japan
Phone Number +81599-21-8111
Budget Approx. 92,400 yen for 2 persons (tax included)
Official website https://www.the-earth.in/


This time, we have introduced this storm-watching inn, Oyado The Earth, located in Mie Prefecture.

Enjoy the dynamic nature, the open-air bath using low-temperature carbonic acid, and the Japanese-style kaiseki cuisine combining seasonal ingredients.

We hope you will come to the “The Earth,” an inn for watching the storm, to feel the greatness of the earth.