Enjoy a Southern European-style resort overlooking the Naruto Sea at Aoao Naruto Resort

Aoawo Naruto Resort is a southern European-style resort hotel representing Tokushima.

Enjoy an Awa local cuisine buffet and an open-air bath overlooking the Naruto Sea!

Heal yourself on a trip to Naruto while gazing at the sea sparkling in the sun during the day and listening to the waves lapping against the shore at night.

In this issue, we will introduce in detail the charm, location, room features, and cuisine of this Aoawo Naruto Resort in Tokushima Prefecture.

Aoao Naruto Resort Location

Aoao Naruto Resort Location
Source : https://www.aoawo-naruto.com/

Located about 15 minutes by cab from JR Naruto Station, Aoawo Naruto Resort is a southern European-style resort hotel representing Tokushima.

The surrounding area is full of tourist attractions such as the Otsuka Museum of Art and Uzushio Steamship.

The Otsuka Museum of Art features approximately 1,000 world masterpieces from the collections of more than 190 museums in 26 countries, ranging from ancient murals to modern paintings, reproduced in life-size on ceramic boards using special techniques.

There are also systematic exhibits of masterpieces by Michelangelo, Monet, Van Gogh, Picasso, and others along the path of art history, allowing visitors to experience the world’s art museums while in Japan.

And at Uzushio Steamship, visitors can enjoy cruising on a tidal boat that brings them up close to the whirlpools.

The size of the whirlpool varies depending on the season and weather, and the best time to visit is during low tide from spring to summer and high tide from fall to winter.

You can actually experience the roaring sound and powerful vortex tide as it rushes through the current.

The small size of the boat allows you to get close enough to the whirlpools to be splashed by the current, making the boat’s footwork very attractive. The open aft deck is a special seat!

Aoawo Naruto Resort Attractions

Aoawo Naruto Resort Attractions
Source : https://www.aoawo-naruto.com/

Aoawo Naruto Resort offers a full range of tennis and leisure facilities, as well as rental bicycles and a garden pool, so you can enjoy the resort life to the fullest.

And in summer, you can even try your hand at marine sports on the private beach!

At Aoawo Beachland, where you can play with the ocean and nature, we recommend trying your hand at fishing or cruising.

At “Awa no Kuni,” held every day, you can enjoy a fair and traditional Awa crafts on a street corner with a Showa-era atmosphere that will take you back to the old days.

In addition, enjoy a relaxing time in one of the four different open-air baths or observation baths overlooking the Naruto Sea.

Enjoy bathing in the atmospheric Japanese-style open-air baths built of rock and stone while watching the sunrise and moon rise over the sea.

Stretching your wings while gazing out at the ocean below will take your mind off your fatigue at once.

In the observation bath, there is a healing bath where seasonal citrus fruits from Tokushima, such as iyokan, hassaku, amanatsu, and sudachi, float in the water.

Feel the season, enjoy the fragrance, and spend your time as you wish.

On full moon days, you can see the path of the moon, and the beautiful moon of Naruto seems to beautify your mind just by looking at it.

Aoao Naruto Resort Rooms

Aoao Naruto Resort Rooms
Source : https://www.aoawo-naruto.com/

Aoawo Naruto Resort has 208 guest rooms of 15 types with a wide variety.

In the main tower, various rooms include deluxe twin rooms and Cote d’Azur suites.

The bright pastel-colored rooms overlooking the Naruto Straits will lead you to a mystical world where you can watch the path of the moon on a full moon.

And in the South Tower, high quality and relaxing rooms such as Superior Twin and Rizzota Rooms.

The Japanese Suite, a luxurious collection of Japanese chic, offers an elegant experience.

Rizotta Rooms also include kids and junior connecting rooms, a concept that is very popular with elementary school children.

It is great for children to be able to freely come and go between neighboring rooms from inside.

In addition, accessible rooms are located near the elevator, and all steps, including those between the room and the bathroom, have been eliminated, allowing wheelchair users to smoothly enter and exit the rooms.

You can spend an elegant day in the bathroom with an ocean view overlooking the Naruto Straits below.

Aoao Naruto Resort Cuisine

Aoao Naruto Resort Cuisine
Source : https://www.aoawo-naruto.com/

Aoawo Naruto Resort’s Awa Local Cuisine Buffet Awa Samai is loaded with Tokushima’s seafood.

Tokushima Prefecture has long been blessed with a rich variety of marine resources.

Seafood caught in the violent currents of the Naruto whirlpools in the Naruto Straits is very tasty and firm.

Other famous beef brands include Awa Beef, Awa Beef Chicken, and Awa Beef Pork.

In addition, the rich soil brought by the Yoshino River, the largest river in Shikoku, produces a wide variety of high-quality agricultural products throughout the four seasons.

Please enjoy the delicacies at any of our five restaurants, which you can choose according to your preference.

The limited family buffet offers steaks grilled right in front of your eyes to make your meal even more exciting.

The buffet is held only during GW, summer vacation, year-end and New Year’s holidays, so be sure to check it out.

You can also take out the breakfast buffet and enjoy it in your room.

Aoao Naruto Resort Basic Information

Facility Name Aoao Naruto Resort
Address 16-45 Tosadomariura Oge, Naruto Town, Naruto City, Tokushima, Japan
Phone Number +8188-687-2580
Budget Approx. 25,000 yen for 2 persons (tax included)
Official website https://www.aoawo-naruto.com/


This time we have introduced Aoawo Naruto Resort in Tokushima Prefecture.

Please fully enjoy the Awa local cuisine buffet, Tokushima’s seafood, and the open-air bath overlooking the Naruto Sea.

We hope you will visit Aoawo Naruto Resort, Tokushima’s representative southern European-style resort hotel.