The charm of Saginoyuso, a hot spring inn quietly nestled in the midst of rich nature

In this article, I would like to introduce “Saginoyu Onsen Saginoyuso” from Yasugi City, Shimane Prefecture.

It is famous for its hot springs, which have been handed down since ancient times, so hot spring lovers should check it out.

The location, charm, rooms, and cuisine are described here, so please refer to it for your reference.

Location of Sagi no Yuuso

Sagi no Yuusou Exterior

Saginoyuso is a hot spring inn quietly located in the midst of rich nature, about a minute’s walk from the Adachi Museum of Art, famous for its Japanese garden.

It is a reputable hot spring resort named “Sagi no Yu” (heron’s hot water), as there is a tradition that egrets used to heal their leg wounds in ancient times.

By car, it takes about 3 hours and 30 minutes from Osaka via the Chugoku Expressway, and about 2 hours and 30 minutes from Okayama via the Okayama Expressway.

Forget about the hustle and bustle of everyday life, surrender yourself to nature, and relax without worrying about your fatigue.

The charm of Sagi no Yu-so

Saginoyuso Hot Spring

At Saginoyuso, you can enjoy the hot spring water from the source at any time from check-in to 9 am the next morning.

In such hot springs, you can rest your body and soul in the famous “Saginoyu Hot Spring” of the San-in region, nurtured in a rich natural environment.

You can take a bath at any time of the day, not only before or after meals, but also at dusk or at sunrise, when you can see the location in front of you.

The private baths “Iwaro” and “Shiraro,” which require reservations depending on the time of day, can also be used for free, so be sure to take advantage of them when the time is right.

Rooms at Sagi no Yu-so

Tanokura/remote building
Rice storehouse / detached building

Ume / with outdoor garden bath
Ume / with open-air bath in the garden

Shirouto/Nagomi no Sato
White Rabbit/Nagomi no Sato

Company Hall
Hall of the Company


A wide variety of rooms with open-air baths and facilities such as footbaths are available, including a detached warehouse, guest rooms with open-air baths in the garden, and Nagomi no Sato.

All of the rooms feature modern taste and interior design.

The large windows offer an open view of the landscape in front of you, and the terrace is a great place to sit and relax.

Standard room plans with a good view are also available, so you can choose the plan that best suits you.

Saginoyuso’s cuisine

Sagi no Yuuso's Cuisine: Spring
Spring at Sagi no Yu-so

Sagi no Yuuso's Cuisine Summer
Saginoyuso’s Cuisine – Summer

Sagi no Yuuso's Cuisine Autumn
Autumn at Saginoyuso

Sagi no Yuuso's Cuisine Winter
Sagi no Yu-so’s Cuisine Winter

We offer traditional cuisine using local ingredients from all four seasons with great care and attention to detail in each dish.

In spring, you can enjoy the Sea of Japan Seafood Plan; in summer, the Shimane Japanese Beef Kaiseki Plan; in autumn, the Crab Zukuri Kaiseki Plan; and in winter, the Button Hot Pot Plan.

You will be able to spend an elegant time savoring the dishes with the taste of the seasons, while enjoying the Japanese garden and the atmosphere of the four seasons.

Saginoyuso Information and Summary

Facility Name Saginoyuso
Address 478-1, Furukawa-cho, Yasugi City, Shimane Prefecture
Approximate budget Approximately 27,500 yen for 2 people (tax included)~
Official website

How was it? In this article, I have introduced Sagi no Yuuso.

It’s a good location for those who seek healing blessed with abundant nature.

It is also a great place to soak in hot springs at any time.

Please take this opportunity to visit Sagi no Yuuso.