Ryokan Beniau is a hot spring inn located on the shore of Lake Biwa, surrounded by nature. Feel the charm that haiku poet Sumio Mori loved and continued to write about

This time, I would like to introduce “Ryokan Beniyu” from Nagahama City, Shiga Prefecture.

The hotel features tatami matted corridors throughout, open-air baths in all rooms, and a location where you can enjoy the endless view of Lake Biwa from the bathtub.

The location, charm, rooms, and cuisine are described in this article, so please refer to it for your reference.

Location of Ryokan Kohayu

Ryokan Beni Ayu exterior
Source : https://www.ikyu. com/

The “Ryokan Benaiyu” has a location where you can see Chikubu Island floating on Lake Biwa.

It is characterized by its simple yet consistently homey hospitality.

By train, it takes about 3 hours from Tokyo Station via Shinkansen, about 2 hours from Osaka Station, and about 1 hour from Nagoya Station.

In addition to Chikubu Island, there are many other places of interest to visit such as Toganji Kannondo, Kinomoto Inn, and Kotani Castle.

The charm of Ryokan Beniyu

Ryokan Beni Ayu Hot Spring
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At Beniayu, you can heal your body at Onoe Onsen, a hot spring with soft, golden water.

We have chosen a sodium bicarbonate spring that is gentle enough for women to have a beautiful skin effect, so you will be able to polish your skin smooth and slippery.

Both the indoor and outdoor baths offer ocean views of Chikubu Island, so you can enjoy an extraordinary time while gazing at the horizon stretching far into the distance.

Rooms at Ryokan Beniyu

Ryokan Beni Ayu Room
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The hotel offers Japanese-style rooms, Western-style rooms, and special rooms with hot spring semi-open-air baths using “Hinoki no Yu.

In addition to the hinoki baths, the Japanese-style rooms have three types of semi-open-air baths: granite baths and Shigaraki-yaki baths.

All guest rooms are equipped with massage chairs to help you relax after a long day of travel, and the special rooms offer a panoramic view of Lake Biwa to put your mind at ease.

Cuisine at Ryokan Beniayu

Ryokan Beniayu Cuisine Ayu Cuisine
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There are 23 different types of kaiseki dishes to choose from, such as the “Kyoto-style kaiseki” and the “Omi beef zukuri kaiseki”, so you can indulge your taste buds.

The highest grade of Omi beef, A5, is selected for its tenderness and sweetness with just the right amount of marbling, which can be soaked in soy milk broth.

A variety of sake is also available to enhance the flavor of the kaiseki cuisine.

Ryokan Beniyu Information and Summary

Facility Name Ryokan Benaiyu
Address 312 Onoe, Kohoku-cho, Nagahama City, Shiga Prefecture
Phone Number 0749-79-0315
Approximate budget Approx. 50,000 yen for 2 persons (tax included)
Official Site https://www.beniayu.com/


What do you think? In this article, I have introduced Ryokan Beniayu.

As an inn on the shore of Lake Biwa, which was named after ayu (sweetfish), it is a hot spring inn filled with elements that allow you to feel the wabi-sabi that has been passed down since ancient times.

By visiting here, you will be able to free yourself from the hustle and bustle of daily life and find a new you.

Please take this opportunity to visit Ryokan Beniyu.