Enjoy natural hot springs at “Tanigawa no Yu Asebino” located in a mountain village

Tanigawa no Yu Asebino, located in Yugashima Onsen in Izu, is a luxury ryokan with mountain village views and babbling mountain streams.

All 18 guest rooms have an open-air bath, and there are also four free private baths on the premises.

In this article, we will introduce in detail the charm, location, room features, and cuisine of Tanigawa-no-yu Asebino in Shizuoka Prefecture.

Tanigawa no Yu Asebino Location

Tanigawa no Yu Asebino Location
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Tanigawa no Yu Asebino is a natural private hot spring inn located in a mountain village about 2.5 hours drive from Tokyo.

In the surrounding area, there are many places to enjoy nature, such as Joren Falls, Amagisan Tunnel, and the Amagi beech forest, which will enhance your trip.

Joren Falls, one of Izu’s most famous tourist attractions, is a 25-meter-high, 7-meter-wide waterfall that spans a basalt cliff amid deep foliage.

Along the stream is a continuous wasabi field, a specialty of Amagi, and the basalt rock of the waterfall is covered with a colony of the natural treasure, Haikomochi ferns.

And the Amagisan Tunnel connecting Izu City and Kawazu Town is the longest stone road tunnel in Japan, with a total length of 445.5 m and arches and sides built entirely of hewn stone.

The Amagi Crossing Autumn Foliage Festival is held in November, and the lantern walk through the tunnel with Izu no Dancing Girls and lanterns is very popular.

Walking through the tunnel, you will feel as if you have stepped back in time.

In addition, the Amagi Beech Forest, one of the popular tourist spots in Izu City, is a virgin forest where you can relax surrounded by a lot of greenery.

Everywhere you go will be a page in your memory, so be sure to visit.

Tanigawa no Yu Asebino Attraction

Tanigawa no Yu Asebino Attraction
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Tanigawa no Yu Asebino heals both body and soul in an open-air bathhouse overlooking a beautiful mountain stream.

All of the fresh, smooth water is free-flowing from the source in the open-air baths.

The hot spring water at Asebino, which has five natural private springs, is a mixture of simple hot spring water and calcium sodium sulfate spring water, which removes excess oil and dirt from the skin and moisturizes it.

In addition, the calcium plaster component adheres thinly to the epidermis, leaving the skin smooth after bathing!

The baths are clear and colorless and have no peculiar medicinal effects such as arteriosclerosis, chronic skin diseases, neuralgia, indirect pain, and relief of fatigue.

The Seko no Yu baths in the main bathhouse are two large open-air baths that stretch long along the Nekogoshi River.

Please be filled with an overwhelming sense of openness and familiarity with the earth in these baths, which are full of natural beauty with river stones.

And the private open-air bath on the terrace of the 3rd floor, Kazahaya, a mountain hot spring, will impress you with its view of the forest, which is different from the riverside.

The sight of the green treetops and autumn leaves blending into the sawara bathtub is fantastic, and you will be able to enjoy both hot spring bathing and forest bathing at the same time.

The Kawanoyu Kawsemi and Yamasemi are half-open-air baths with a lattice fence in front of them.

The elegant and elegant atmosphere is perfect for bathing.

Tanigawa no Yu Asebino Room

Tanigawa no Yu Asebino Room
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Each guest room at Tanigawa-no-yu Asebino has its own private open-air bath.

Enjoy the natural hot spring water, which varies in size, with or without musomado windows, and other characteristics depending on the room.

The Japanese/Western-style “Kinokura” room on the third floor can be used as an indoor bath by closing the window, and the view from the terrace will give you the best time of your life.

The Hana-no-Kura, a Japanese/Western-style room on the second floor, is the closest room to the private baths of Kawayu and has a sunken kotatsu, which is very popular!

The Japanese modern space with solid wood such as local Amagi cedar is high quality, but not too formal, and is very natural and relaxing from the bottom of your heart.

The only Western-style room with a barrier-free design is wheelchair-accessible and can be used as a connecting room with the room next door.

Flowers are placed throughout the hotel, and you can enjoy a relaxing holiday surrounded by the sound of the mountain stream.

Enjoy a wonderful time with your loved one in each of these unique rooms.

Tanigawa no Yu Asebino Cuisine

Tanigawa no Yu Asebino Cuisine
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The cuisine at Tanigawa-no-yu Asebino is creative kaiseki cuisine that combines various genres along with Japanese cuisine.

You can enjoy the four seasons of Naka Izu expressed through the abundance of Shizuoka’s mountain and sea products and high-quality seasonal ingredients from all over Japan.

Shizuoka Prefecture is one of the best in the country in terms of variety of agricultural and marine products!

Surrounded by three oceans and with a mild and varied climate, the Izu Peninsula is a treasure trove of ingredients rich in the bounty of the sea, mountains, and rivers.

Seasonal seafood from the waters around Izu, such as tuna, sea bream, and lobster, as well as fine, high-quality Japanese black beef from Shizuoka Prefecture, are just a few of the delicacies available.

In addition to seafood from Sagami Bay, guests can enjoy carefully selected Izu delicacies such as wasabi and shiitake mushrooms grown in the clear waters of Mount Amagi, sweetfish from the Kano River, and other delicacies of the culinary capital of Izu.

For breakfast, you can choose between Japanese and Western-style meals to stir up your morning drive.

The Japanese-style meal includes dried local fish and tofu made from domestic soybeans, while the Western-style meal includes a salad of freshly picked organic vegetables, homemade bread, and a wide variety of other items.

Both evening and morning meals can be enjoyed in yukata or samue at the dining room on the first floor, “Shunko Dannin Futo Club.

All seats are in private chair seating rooms, and the relaxed atmosphere allows you to relax without worrying about anyone else.

Tanigawa no Yu Asebino Basic Information

Facility Name Tanigawa no Yu Asebino
Address 1931-1 Yugashima, Izu City, Shizuoka , Japan
Phone Number +81558-85-1926
Budget Approx. 63,800 yen for 2 persons (tax included)
Official website https://www.asebino.com/


This time we have introduced Tanigawa no Yu Asebino in Shizuoka Prefecture.

Enjoy the five natural private springs and creative kaiseki cuisine to the fullest.
Please visit Tanigawa no Yu Asebino where you will be healed by the mountain village scenery and the murmuring of the mountain stream.