The luxurious resort hotel “Takezensou” is located in the bosom of the Zao Mountains.

The luxurious resort hotel “Takezensou” is located in the bosom of the Zao foothills, a national park with a rich natural environment of about 20,000 tsubo.

The hotel is surrounded by a river, flowing waterfalls, bamboo groves, towering deciduous trees, and nature itself, making it a wonderful place to heal visitors.

In this article, I will introduce the resort hotel “Takezensou” in Miyagi Prefecture in detail, from its charm, location, room features, and cuisine.

Location of Takezensou

Location of Takezensou
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The Zao mountain range is a part of the Ou mountain range that runs along the border between Miyagi and Yamagata prefectures.

Starting with the emerald green crater lake “Ogama”, the base of the mountain is dotted with ski resorts and hot spring resorts, and Takezensou is located in this area that can be enjoyed as a tourist destination all year round.

The area is known for its Zao hot springs, which opened more than 1900 years ago, and the abundance of hot water means that most of the bathhouses in the inns in the hot spring town are free-flowing.

In addition, the Zao mountain range is an active volcano that is subject to constant observation by the Japan Meteorological Agency, so there is always the possibility of an eruption.

It is also famous for the famous “Okama”, the symbol of Zao, which was formed during an eruption in 1182.

Takezensou is located in such a place in perfect harmony with nature.

Attractions of Takezensou

Attractions of Takezensou
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Takezensou is an elegant resort hotel located at the foot of Mt.

The forest spreading out on the site of about 20,000 tsubo and the murmuring of a clear stream heal the body and mind of visitors.

In addition, the hotel’s art-flavored interior, abundant hot spring water from its own source, authentic Japanese cuisine, and excellent hospitality will make you a repeat visitor.

For 400 years since its opening, Togatta Onsen has been known and loved as “God’s Hot Spring” for its abundant hot water and excellent efficacy.

From the open-air bath on the wooden deck, to the traditional open-air bath overlooking the mountain stream, to the indoor large bath, you can enjoy a luxurious moment of relaxation and healing.

Room at Takezensou

Room at Takezensou
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Takezensou offers a total of 30 guest rooms with panoramic views of nature.

The Luxury Suite is a spacious room of over 100 square meters with a private outdoor bath and a private lounge.

Four types of rooms are available according to type, including prestigious interiors, so you will feel fresh no matter how many times you visit.

Check-in service in your room, welcome champagne and sweets, and organic bath amenities are also available to ensure a special stay.

Cuisine of Takezensou

Cuisine of Takezensou
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The cuisine of Takezensou is a unique and exquisite cuisine created by listening to the voice of the ingredients and using skill and sensitivity.

The meat is made from Sendai beef, the highest grade in Miyagi Prefecture, and the vegetables and seafood are carefully selected from all over the country, including Miyagi Prefecture, and are carefully handcrafted one by one to give you a sense of the seasons.

Also, at breakfast, you can enjoy dishes made with locally produced “Hitomebore” cooked in an earthenware pot.

In addition, local Miyagi sake and sake from small handcrafted breweries across the country are also available for your sustenance.

Facility Name Takezensou
Address 88-11 Uenohara, Togatta Onsen, Zao-cho, Kariya-gun, Miyagi Japan
Phone Number +81224-34-1188
Budget Approx. 70,000 yen for 2 persons (tax included)
Official website


In this article, I have introduced the charms of Takezensou, a luxurious resort hotel located in the bosom of the Zao foothills, a nature-rich national park of about 20,000 tsubo.

Takezensou is located in this area, which is dotted with ski resorts and hot spring resorts, and can be enjoyed as a tourist destination all year round.

It is a great place for those who want to forget about the noise of everyday life and relax in the great outdoors, so if you have a chance to visit the area, be sure to try it out.