“Keiryu Villa ITSUKI”, a very nice villa where you can enjoy glamping in Kumamoto.

Along the banks of a mountain stream in Kumamoto Prefecture, there is a wonderful villa called “Keiryu Villa ITSUKI” where you can enjoy glamping.

This is a place where you can relax in front of the Kawabe River, which has been the clearest river in Japan for over 10 years, and feel the seasonal mountain scenery, the sound of the river, wild birds, and the starry sky up close.

In this article, I’ll introduce the glamping facility “Keiryu Villa ITSUKI” in Kumamoto Prefecture in detail, from its charm, location, room features, and cuisine.

Location of Keiryu Villa ITSUKI

Location of Keiryu Villa ITSUKI
Source : https://keiryuvilla.com/

The Mountain Stream Villa ITSUKI, where you can fully enjoy glamping, is located in Hitoyoshi and Kuma in Kumamoto Prefecture.

Hitoyoshi/Kuma is a region rich in nature, with the Kuma River, one of Japan’s three rapids, flowing through the center of a perfect basin surrounded by mountains, and it is also a place recognized as a “Japan Heritage” site, as it was ruled by the Sagara clan for over 700 years from the early Kamakura period until the Meiji Restoration.

The area around Hitoyoshi and Kuma is also characterized by its many simple but attractive tourist attractions, such as Aso Aoi Shrine, Hitoyoshi Hot Springs, Kuma River, and Kusen Tunnel.

The charm of Keiryu Villa ITSUKI

The charm of Keiryu Villa ITSUKI
Source : https://keiryuvilla.com/

Keiryu Villa ITSUKI is a charming private glamping villa located in one of Japan’s best clear streams.

The villa is fully equipped with all the facilities you would expect from a glamping villa, including a Jacuzzi with a river view in the Teppei stone bathroom.

Guests can also enjoy free access to the hot springs at Gogi Onsen Yumeuta, located a two-minute drive from Keiryu Villa ITSUKI.

A variety of outdoor activities are available for you to experience each season, such as sap touring and kayaking, and the staff with extensive experience in the outdoors will be happy to assist you.

Rooms at Keiryu Villa ITSUKI

Rooms at Keiryu Villa ITSUKI
Source : https://keiryuvilla.com/

Unlike regular camping, the rooms at Keiryu Villa ITSUKI are glamping-style villas that do not require you to prepare your own tent.

The sound of the murmuring Kawabe River, the scent of the trees, and on clear days, the starry sky of Gogi Village, the best in Japan, create a relaxing moment.

Each room is fully equipped with twin bedrooms, Jacuzzi (shower), toilet, terrace, and glamping tent (terrace), so it is recommended for those who want to have a luxurious camping experience.

Also, since there is no need for you to make preparations yourself, many people use this place for girls’ parties.

Cuisine of Mountain Stream Villa ITSUKI

Cuisine of Mountain Stream Villa ITSUKI
Source : https://keiryuvilla.com/

The meals at Gorge Villa ITSUKI are grilled dishes, mainly using Dutch ovens.

On a sunny day, you can enjoy a pleasant dinner or a refreshing breakfast on the wooden deck while listening to the murmuring of the river.

A Dutch oven made of heavy cast iron has excellent heat retention properties, and while transferring the heat of an open flame directly to the ingredients, it does not lose important moisture and nutrients, so whether it is meat, fish, or vegetables, it will bring out the umami of the ingredients, allowing you to enjoy freshly prepared delicious dishes to your heart’s content.

At the Mountain Stream Villa ITSUKI, you will be able to make the most of the ingredients from the mountains and the river to create gorgeous, wild dishes that will surely become a habit.

Basic information about Keiryu Villa ITSUKI

Facility Name Keiryu Villa ITSUKI
Address 2859-7 Kou, Gogi-mura, Kuma-gun, Kumamoto Japan
Phone Number +81966-29-8055
Budget Approx. 50,000 yen for 2 persons (tax included)
Official website https://keiryuvilla.com/


In this article, I’ve introduced the charm of Keiryu Villa ITSUKI, a wonderful glamping villa located in Kumamoto Prefecture.

It’s popular among those who don’t want to make complicated preparations and those who want to enjoy a different kind of girls’ party.

If you have a chance to visit the area, please try it out.