A no-line resort that pursues healing and blends into the nature of Hakone Tanosawa, “Kinnotake Tanosawa”

In a place that blends into the nature of Hakone Tanosawa, there is a no-line resort “Kinnotake Tanosawa” that pursues healing.

The luxury of daring to do nothing gently satisfies the senses and is popular among domestic and foreign tourists alike.

In this article, I will introduce the luxury ryokan “Kinnotake Tanosawa” located in Hakone Tanosawa in detail, including its charm, location, room features, and cuisine.

Location of Kinnodake Tonosawa

Location of Kinnodake Tonosawa
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Kinnotake Tanosawa is located in Hakone Tanosawa, Kanagawa Prefecture.

Also known as the Tonosawa Onsen, this place offers a relatively new source of hot spring water among the seven hot springs in Hakone, which opened in 1605.

There is also the Hakone Tozan Railway, a red and strong sightseeing train that climbs up the rugged Hakone mountains with an elevation difference of 445 meters, so you can fully enjoy sightseeing just by riding it.

In the surrounding area, you can also enjoy Forest Adventure Hakone, which is a natural forest with as few artificial structures as possible, the ruins of Tonomine Castle, which is located above Amida Temple and offers a spectacular view, and Fukazawa Zenarai Benzaiten, a famous power spot. There is also the famous power spot Fukazawa Zenarai Benzaiten.

The charm of Kinnodake Tanosawa

The charm of Kinnodake Tanosawa
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Kinnotake Tonosawa is a ryokan for adults where you can enjoy a luxurious, open space.

Blending in with the forest by day and hiding in the forest by night, this gem of a hidden inn is a place where you can spend a lovely time with your loved one, and where the sounds of nature will wash away the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The forest surrounds the two of you and gently fills your senses with time.

There are also a variety of facilities where you can relax and unwind in the forest of Tanosawa, such as the “Lounge” where you can enjoy the time flowing in the forest at night with candles and other lights, the “Forest SPA “Zen “There is also the “Onsen (hot spring) Bath,” where you can fully enjoy a healing moment with the special source of water only available at Tanosawa, and the “Hotaru-no-kawadoko (river bed of fireflies),” which is located along the Hayakawa River and where you can enjoy the dance of the native fireflies in early summer.

Kinnotake Tonosawa is a charming ryokan that is perfect for a relaxing stay with your loved ones.

Kinnodake Room at Tonosawa

Kinnodake Room at Tonosawa
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Kinnotake Tonosawa offers a total of 23 rooms, 8 types of rooms and 2 types of open-air baths.

All of the rooms are superbly designed to give you an extraordinary sense of freedom and pleasure in a space that melts into the forest.

All rooms have a terrace with few partitions and an outdoor hot spring bath that melts into the forest, where you can enjoy the “Kinnotake Hot Spring”, a private source of hot spring water that appears golden some days depending on the weather and temperature.

The open-air bath is smooth to the touch, and the spring water is gentle to the touch. “It is hypotonic and alkaline. It helps to remove unwanted keratin from the skin, leaving your skin smooth, moist, and warm from the core.

It is also recommended to enjoy the golden Kinonotake hot spring in your room while being embraced by nature.

Kinnodake Tonosawa Cuisine

Kinnodake Tonosawa Cuisine
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The cuisine at Kinnotake Tanosawa is a dining experience that slowly marks time.

At night, the deep indigo color outside the window creates a calm atmosphere, and in the morning, the soft light envelops you, allowing you to savor a meal in a slowly changing environment filled with the compassion of nature.

In the morning, soft light envelops you.

In the evenings, kaiseki cuisine is prepared by weaving together the traditions of Japanese cuisine with the tastes of today. In the morning, we offer Japanese and Western-style meals.

A variety of dishes prepared with carefully prepared soup stock and local ingredients a

Basic information about Kinnodake Tonosawa

Facility Name Kinnotake Tanosawa
Address 191 Tonosawa, Hakone-machi, Ashigarashimo-gun, Kanagawa Japan
Phone Number +81460-85-9800
Budget Approx. 80,000 yen for 2 persons (tax included)
Official website https://kinnotake-tonosawa.com/


In this article, I introduced the charm of Kinnotake Tonosawa, a luxurious ryokan located in Hakone Tonosawa.

Kinnotake Tonosawa is an adult ryokan where you can enjoy a luxurious open space, making it the perfect accommodation for you and your loved one to spend a relaxing time together.

The rates are not inexpensive, but once you stay here, you will want to come back, and it is full of mysterious charms, so please try it out when you are in the area.